Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Though it shows I joined this forum mid July, I’ve actually been reading through a lot of post on this site since back in early June. (Lurking?) But I guess my first register didn’t take/work? But I’ve found this forum to be an excellent source of information and overall a great site, with a group of great people. (which is not always easy to find)

Anyhow, after reading through other’s threads, I decided that maybe I should go ahead a create my own thread too. One that I can come back to, update and simply create a history, etc.

My background:
Basically I grew up as the husky or chubby kid in the group, and always thought of my self as that person, even if it wasn’t always that way. So I also think this can become a mindset as well? I remember thinking that I was even overweight in high school. But from looking back at pictures, and having my wife tell me that I wasn’t that big, I think that maybe I just always felt overweight. … Here’s two images from back in 1983, which was the first year my wife and I started dating… Sorry they are old pictures.

But as far as my weight, it increased along with the years. I started out in construction and worked very hard every day. Even when I became an equipment operator, I still worked hard doing construction. It wasn’t until 1991 that I was pulled into the inspection division, and activity levels started dropping more and more with each year. … I started working with computers, and soon became someone that they would constantly rely on and assign any large scale, specialty or important projects. This simply tied me up in front of computers for days or weeks at a time, and activity levels just slipped further away. … _Though I’m self-taught in computers and pretty much anything else I do (which I do take pride in) I’m now still the only person performing these kinds of task, such as GIS so I am often inundated with projects that keeps me behind a computer all day. - Not only helping the IT division when it comes to servicing my departments computers, I’ve been doing all GIS related duties for nearly 20 years now. And have pretty much become the data source for all our departments, as well as our 3 or 4 sister agencies.(Hence the name, Digital Dave) Though I also do digital artwork, and go by the same name, a few fellow inspectors started calling me that, since most would call me before the IT department when they had issues.

So I’ve been with the Government for over 34 years. - As the Chief Inspector, I now oversee the inspection staff, but also the computer related stuff has never stopped. (Mostly GIS, Excel and PowerPoints) I’m relied upon even more now, and though I’ve been trying to pass along my experience and basically get other folks into this type of work, I pretty much am behind a desk every day, all day.

Also, as I’ve read others mention, I myself have never been a person to try a bunch of different diets. At most I tried to eat foods I thought were better for me such as fruits and vegetables, (Which I’m now learning are also high in carbs) or occasionally used Slim Fast to replace meals. But this was more due to not liking to eat many times a day, So I love that I can only eat once a day now, and it works due to eating Keto-Friendly foods.

So my best guess as to my weight over the years is:
High School - around 185-190
Around 30 years old - 240-250
Around 40 years old - hit 290 and pretty much stayed between 290 - 300 for the next 10-12 years. Bouncing back and forth between those numbers.
But in the past year, with activity levels at an all-time low, I gained an additional 20 pounds, putting me at my all-time high of 320 lbs. (And I was really starting to feel it for the first time)

So my starting weight before Keto was 320 lbs. and today at 12 weeks in and being a weigh in day, (Sundays) I’m presently at 274 lbs. and counting.

When I was at 8 weeks in and 40 lbs. down, my wife said I should have been taking photos to document my loss. (And she was probably right) but I never did, though I wish I had. I reminded her that there was one picture I took within a couple weeks of starting, and I was probably 315 - 320, so this will be the only image I have as a before image. … I will find it and post it later once I do.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention again how great this site is, and I have learned so much already. I don’t belong to a lot of community sites, but I can’t image they get any better than this one, full of a bunch of amazing people. I’m very glad I found this community. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long post. :slight_smile: I tried to keep it short…

What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

Oh, and I know I’ve mentioned this on this forum as well. But I learned of the Ketogenic Lifestyle, after watching the Netflix documentary, “The Magic Pill” … I turned it on basically because I thought my wife would like to watch it. But as it turns out, we both found it quite informative, and I decided to give it shot that very next day.

I’ve had no cheat days since starting, and simply cut out the few things I was doing such as the occasional soda, or snack. But everything else was easy, since I was already doing most that was needed. And of course, not all the foods I was eating were completely Keto-Friendly, but I have done nothing else since.

(Jane) #3

Nice to hear a success story!

You are off to a great start and I can wait to see where you are on your one-year anniversary.

(Terence Dean) #4

Great thread Dave, your story is similar to what happened to me, going from a physically active job to a desk-job. Wouldn’t it have been great to know about Ketogenics years before now? I’m sure your story will ring true with a lot people and is a great example of what is possible when we have access to the right information. I echo your comments about this community, the people here are well informed, friendly, helpful and also a lot of fun. All the best with your journey and Keto on!!

(Jane) #5

So true of many of us in our careers. I am an engineer and used to spend a whole lot more time climbing around on structures and such. But now I am paid for what I know and spend a lot more time in front of a computer… or sitting on my ass in a car, airport, airplane, etc since I travel a lot too for my job.


@Janie @tdean - Many thanks. And yes, I wish I knew about Keto many years ago! Though I’ve picked up my weight over the years, it never slowed me down. I can work all day with no issues, from sun-up to sun-down, it’s just that I sweat a lot, but I always have. (some of my neighbors have even mentioned they’re surprised that I even am as big as I am, since I work so much in the heat and around the house) Say they get tired just watching me. :slight_smile: I’m known to my neighbors as the guy with the sweat towel, that I ring out constantly, which looks like I just dipped in the pool! (I always have one with me)

And same here, Janie. When I’m on site walking around scoping and engineering designs, at least I’m out and about. And yep, climbing hills, exploring structures, pipe systems, etc. (I actually oversee all our SWMF’s, channels, storm drain systems, flood control areas, levees and pumping stations) - But anymore, I’m usually only called out when we have a complete road failure or something else dramatic occurs. (Then I’m the one they want on site) But the rest of the time they need me to pull all the pertinent data for numerous projects from my desk. (on my ass as you say :slight_smile: )… Though I understand this need, one of the things I enjoyed about getting into engineering and inspections was that I was in the field just as much as in the office.

(Jane) #7

Ah… so you got the sweat gene, too!

I used to be much heavier (way before keto) and I was the fittest fat girl you ever saw. I could work circles around thinner people but lordy - did I sweat!

And still do. Always have - not related to my weight. My old boss used to tell me I had “an efficient cooling system” LOL

When I was in China a few weeks ago it was extremely hot and humid and I was sweating buckets with it dripping down my face. I was buying a souvenir for my DIL and noticed none of the Asians were sweating at all.

An older lady came up to me and stuck a hand held battery operated fan in my face and kept patting on me. I bowed and thanked her in Chinese and started to walk away. She pulled at my arm and stuck the fan in my hand! I’m sure she thought this poor American woman who can’t speak Chinese (only know a few words) is going to pass out on us and THEN what will we do with her!!! I couldn’t tell her I was fine and this was normal for me.


That’s too funny! … And yes ma’am, I do indeed have that gene. :slight_smile: … and the same here about working circles around folks. I don’t mind sweating, and also don’t like to stop once I start doing something. I find most others constantly run to the shade and take a hell of lot of breaks!

Similar to your story, last night my neighbor Charlie (who lives across the street from me) texted me to come outside and get a new key to his pool house, since his original one broke. (I watch his house, feed his cats and take care of his pool when they go on vacation) … So of course, not 12 seconds after stepping outside, I started sweating. - But then his wife came out to chat, and then my wife came out a few moments later, and we all ended up standing there chatting in the front yard for the next 90 minutes or so.

Well, the entire time it was quite cloudy, but was very humid. So I was just standing there dripping with sweat and it was just dripping off my chin and my shirt was soaked through, front & back. A few moments later they both then said there was something different, and almost at the same time exclaimed, 'You don’t have a sweat towel!" (it’s very rare I don’t have one) … I just laughed and said, well, I actually thought I was just coming out real quick to get the key. Didn’t know I would be out so long.

(Jane) #9

Finally someone who understands me!

I can sweat in sub-zero weather if I start doing any work. People around me just shake their head and think something is wrong with me. My oldest son inherited it also (but not my youngest - he is normal lol). Parents used to think I was a “bad mother” because my kid was running around in short sleeves at a cub scout campout in the late fall when all the other kids were bundled up in jackets, gloves and hats. If I made him wear all that he would be sweating like a fiend!

This weekend in Houston it was typical August - hot and high humidity. I walked from the air conditioned hotel across a small parking lot and into an air conditioned car. I was wiping sweat off my face as we drove away. I don’t bother with base makeup because I sweat it off the first 5 minutes! Or mascara. Has to be a fancy party and then I have to keep my face stuck in the A/C vent in the car on the way. Daily I wear just a little eye shadow that I can wipe away if I need to.


Yep, no mascara or makeup for me either. :flushed: …but for obviously other reasons! :smile:

My wife gets on me all the time, because I usually walk outside in shorts and short-sleeve shirts in the middle of winter. Cold is when I feel the best. … And unless I’m at work, No Shoes!


Well, having a peachy weekend. While cutting my grass yesterday and before starting my neighbors, which I’m watching his place. I had something bite the hell out of my ankle @Shortstuff - was either a horsefly or just a large fly, but it caused me to yank my foot off the clutch and my riding mower lurched forward, slamming into the side of my concrete car-port. … Well, ended up busting an axle bearing, which I fixed an hour later purchasing new bushings, but the front end is still jacked up, and not driving right and will probably need to put in the shop. The wheels are definitely not in line, and I probably bent a rod or something, throwing off the alignment. :angry:

Actually went out shopping for a new one today, and if anything will sell the older one once I fix it. Still looks new, but I’ve had it 12 years or so. Guess it’s just my excuse to pick up a new one. :slight_smile:

Weighed in this morning, but didn’t show any loss for this week. I’ve actually been feeling somewhat bloated, or actually, I’ve felt backed up some for a few days? Like my food has been sitting heavy in the upper part of my stomach? Just a weird feeling. … Haven’t been over eating anything, and still OMAD with the occasional lunch to mix things up. But I’ve also been having some issues with a hernia I’ve had for a few years. Almost felt like I had a blockage for a few day, or something similar. … Feel ok now, but the past few days just didn’t feel the same.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #12

Hope you start feeling better !

(Jane) #13

What she ^^^ said - feel better soon!

(Jane) #14

I thought I broke my riding lawn mower this morning. Decided to mow the trail down to the creek and got it stuck. Tried in reverse to back up - nada.

I walked across the creek bed and it wasn’t mushy (we need rain so bad here) so I slammed my foot on the accelerator and it lurched when it came loose and bolted across the creek and up the bank on the other side.

I turned around and headed back over the creek never slowing down and made it back to the main drive.

But the engine was too quiet. Something was wrong. I engaged the mower and disengaged and it didn’t sound right. Crap, I thought. Must have busted something underneath keeping the mower from engaging.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

Then I looked over at the throttle. It was all the way down to minimum. Must have bumped it when it came free and lurched on me. I raised it back up and mower roared to life like normal



Thank you ladies. I actually did feel better today, but still a slight feeling of bloated-ness. I can only say that it honestly felt as though my food was getting stuck half way through my system, but simply locking up for those few days, like sitting in the upper portion of my stomach? Felt like my stomach was pushing outward too, like I was swelled up some? I will keep an eye on it this week. The hernia I’ve had for about 6-8 years felt a little tight the entire time, which isn’t the norm. So I need to make sure nothing has changed. - I do plan to have it looked at.

@Janie Funny story, but also glad to hear it turned out ok for ya. And yep, I’ve had my throttle pushed back many times, when cutting around bushes or low hanging tree branches. That’s a fix I can handle. Mine it still workable, but the front end will definitely need some work to re-align the wheels. Doesn’t want to turn right presently.

Two of the three places that I went to today, didn’t have the mowers I wanted to look at. And of course, the one store that was the furthest from me, wasn’t even open when I got there. :roll_eyes: So I guess I will continue to do more research on them and try to check them out this coming week.

Thanks again, and hopefully fasting this week will help straighten some things out.

(Allie) #16

Oh nasty @Digital_Dave! I hope you’re able to fix it and that you feel better soon.


Thanks kindly. - Yep, I’m sure I can get it sorted. Just need to find out what exactly got damaged. And also feeling much better, thanks.

Just thought I’d mention it, since what you recently went through. Which I’m hoping you’re also feeling much better now as well. My ankle didn’t swell, but it sure bit the hell out of me. … I hate flies

(Allie) #18

Lots better thanks, still being careful but slowly rebuilding my normal level of activity :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it. :slight_smile:


Well, today marks that I’m officially 3 months in to Keto. And my Sunday weigh-in is tomorrow morning.

Also, I actually made my first FatHead pizza tonight, which I’ve been wanting to make for a while. (It was a big hit too, and the wife and son loved it) Might fool around later with it, and see if I can tweak it some. It was good, but if I can manage to work on it some, who knows? Here’s a GIF of it, if I can get it to work.


And I also picked up these little guys, or should I say they were delivered today. I’m going to have some fun with the little buggers. Not only use them for testing cheesecakes recipes, but I’ve been having thoughts run through my head of all the other things I can make in them. (And the wife asked me to get some for a while)