Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Yikes! That’s a tough call. :astonished:
But that’s like, what, four meals? :wink:

Where you live, Dave, you should have two or three backup fridges, so if one goes out you just transfer to the other one. Go ahead, make it happen. You’ll thank me later.

Seriously though, losing a fridge is the worst. Sorry you had to deal with all this. Never fun.

(Susan) #1365

I hope that things improve around there for you Dave. I am sorry about the food you lost =( that is very frustrating! I am glad that your leg is doing better and that it was just a minor bug you all had, and not Covid. Take care.


@islandlight Thanks, Laurie. :slight_smile: They gotta get better. :+1:

@dlc96_darren Yeah, 4 or 5. :smile: … Just sucked throwing them all away. Felt like such a waste, but I just didn’t want to chance it. I usually keep plenty on hand, but V ran up and picked one up for today.

As to the fridge, I actually had two, plus a deep freezer. But the one in the basement started making a noise a while back, so I just un-plugged it since it was getting old and being downstairs, I didn’t want something to happen and us not know it until it got bad. So the new one will go down there if I can get the one upstairs sorted. It’s over 9 years old itself, but it did run me 3K, so would like to get it running.

@Momof5 Thanks, but it was just me, and just sinus and head congestion. But It’s that time of year and we have been getting the bouncing cold to hot temps, so it’s not unusual for me. :slight_smile:

(Virginia ) #1367

Well done on the 3 pound loss, WTG.:kissing_heart:


Thanks, at least puts me back to the previous week before last. :kissing_heart:

(What else is there to talk about?) #1369

You are the cutest Keto couple. I love it!

(Virginia ) #1370

:slight_smile: Awe, thank you. :slight_smile:

(Susan) #1371

Sorry about all your troubles Dave.

My mom used to leave eggs on the counter for half a day or more when she was doing her Christmas baking. At the cottage they were never in the fridge.


Thanks, Susan. … The one thing I’ve read about Eggs, is that once refrigerated, they need to stay that way until used. From my understanding, mostly from cooking and reading about them, if you don’t put them in the fridge to begin with, like when first retrieved if you have your own Chickens, that they don’t require refrigeration so they can stay out such as on a counter, until used. … I just didn’t want to take any chances. I mean, we have enough craziness to deal with in these times, so don’t need to add to it.

:slight_smile: … I’m guessing @Janie or @Shortstuff could probably concur if I’ve got that right. But it did suck to have to toss them all out. - But the new fridge is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, so it’s all good.

(Allie) #1373

AS long as the eggs are not washed, they do not need to be refrigerated at all as they have a natural protective bloom on the outside of the shell. But, if washed, they must be refrigerated and will still not last as long as unwashed eggs. Mine are never washed or refrigerated at all, but if necessary I will wash the outsides right before use.


Thanks, Allie. I knew that I had read about letting them sit out after collecting without refrigerating, but didn’t know about the washing part. :+1: … Guess that’s why some use those Egg “spirals/carriers”? to keep them on the counter until needed. The ones that I tossed were not kept constantly cool after the fridge broke down, so I didn’t want to take the chance using them after the long period of time.

(Allie) #1375

Yes I have an egg spiral for mine Dave, very useful to keep them in date order.

You could do the “float test” for eggs, its very reliable.


(Bob M) #1376

In Europe (parts of? all of? I know at least in Sweden and France), they don’t refrigerate their eggs. When we stayed in Sweden, we had eggs on the counter. This is also why French cookbooks do not say anything about heating eggs to room temperature, although some recipes require this.


Yeah, I wouldn’t mind doing that myself but from my understanding once you purchase Eggs that are already refrigerated, you need to keep them refrigerated. Would guess some places may sell them as unrefrigerated, but don’t recall ever hearing of any in my area though? … So I just looked it up again to make sure I was recalling all that correctly, and this is what came back from a quick search on-line…


Thanks Allie, I will have to check that out. - I know I’ve heard of the ‘float test’ before, but don’t recall us ever trying it ourselves? … Then again, Eggs don’t usually last very long around me. :smile: :+1:


Thanks again for the link, Allie. Nice article, and very informative too. … Before getting to the end, I already got the impression it was more ‘fresh egg’ based, but it does make one think having some fresh eggs around would indeed be quite nice. Not to mention the Garden could be kept bug free to boot! - But just don’t tell the Wife I said that!!! :pleading_face: She already wants to get some Goats, Mini Horses, Lambs, Lamas… well, she simply wants a farm for us to have all those critters. :smile:

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #1379

We don’t refrigerate eggs here in subtropical China (even in western grocery stores like Walmart eggs are always on the shelf, not in the fridge,) nor did we in Guyana, which is tropical. But yeah, the sweating on the shells that comes with refrigeration does the same thing as washing the eggs, removing the natural sealant. Which makes sense… eggs don’t go bad before the baby develops in there all cosy and warm under mum’s bum.


Well, I sure am wanting to try them to say the least. … I know my pics of meals show some, but some folks wouldn’t believe just how many eggs we actually go through. We collectively save all the cartons and give them to one of our neighbors that works with a couple Amish Families daily, taking all of them places, etc. and has been for many years. She gives them all the cartons we provide (usually dozens at a time) and they use them to put their fresh eggs in for sale. (At least they finally stopped trying to drop off a boat load of desserts to us now though!) :smile: She used to pull up to the house and open the trunk, where she would have a load of all sorts of cakes, sticky buns, breads, etc., etc. (All home made) and just said take what you want. But of course, we don’t eat that stuff anymore, so… But maybe asking for some fresh eggs might be worth a try? … Thanks again folks.


Week 127: Well, since Thursday, I’ve been getting up at 3:30am to shower, gear up, grab my Bow and Backpack and head out to the woods. Since I hunt a farm just across the way, I simply walk from the house. (So yes, this doubles the distance) This is also over half a mile to get to where I hunt, and this morning I had to also carry my Decoy. Something I haven’t used in many years. But I had a Giant Buck come in on me Friday morning, and unfortunately I had one big branch that literally blocks my view of the back of the field, so he was able to get well within bow range before grunting and letting me know he was there, behind the branches and leaves. I had been watching a huge Doe prance around for 20 minutes, with the first 10 before legal shooting light. So I never got a good chance at her and simply watched her walk away. The Buck showed just 20 minutes later and was extremely close too, but the winds were swirly, and he got spooked and dashed across the field. (He was extremely large and definitely one of the largest Bucks I’ve seen, top 3 at least.) But it just didn’t work out and I won’t take chancy shots. … But the walk in, along with carrying my stand in the first day, and the Decoy today, has got my knee a little sore to be honest. But it’s not too bad… yet. But for the next week it should be a little better, being just my Bow and backpack, which is enough for this walk, not to mention it’s through some really thick Soy-Beans. It’s like walking through 3 feet of snow in some areas, and not the easiest to get in quietly. (Pretty much impossible really), so I’ve been getting to the stand about an hour before shooting light to help with this. … Had a little spike come visit this morning, feeding pretty much under me, and then saw a 6 Point or so running along the field edge on the other side from me. But it was quite hot for this time of year, so headed out a few hours before dark, pretty sure Deer would be bedded up with the temps nearly 80°. So I’ve been pretty much just eating OMAD, since I’m hunting most the day, and simply eating when I get home. I actually forgot to weigh in this morning, but I checked when I got home around 2pm, and it’s pretty much unchanged from last week. - Not sure if soreness weighs anything, but I’m definitely feeling these trips in an out of the woods… but in a good way. :slight_smile:

(Virginia ) #1382

Happy 34th Wedding Anniversary to one amazing hard working man, the love of my life, Love you more than words could ever say… You’re the best. Looking forward to 34 more years, I LOVE YOU.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::heart::heart::heart:


(Susan) #1383

Happy Anniversary to you Virginia and Dave.