Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


The phone I currently have is the iPhone XR. … It is my work phone, but seems to work quite well. Many years ago they said they wanted me to carry a County Phone at all times. So I told them if so, it would then be my personal phone as well since I won’t be carrying more then one, and mine would be shut off… Never looked back and couldn’t tell ya how many years it’s been since I had a cellphone bill

Also, my Son just purchased V a new phone, since she’s on his plan. It’s actually the iPhone SE 2020, and he just happened to walk into my office as I was typing this to you. So I borrowed his County phone and took a quick shot of the two side by side. I personally like smaller phones, but the iPhone XR is a bit large for my taste. V’s new one is on the left, and guess you will be seeing it before she does! :smile: But if you need any additional information on it, we might be able to provide some.

(Doug) #1324

Thanks for that amazingly fast reply, Dave. :raised_hands: It may also be the lighting in your place, but your food pictures always look so ‘right’ with color balance, etc.; they made a big impression on me right away.

Never had a cellphone bill here - my employer has provided since they were a thing. Then again, I was using a flip-phone until a couple years ago. :smile: I took a break from work due to the virus in late March… and here I am, not going back. Won’t even be 62 until next March, and would have likely worked another 3 years or so, but **** it - now I’m picturing myself at age 70 or 75, and maybe these immediate years right now will seem quite precious.


Don’t blame ya one bit there. :slight_smile: … I’m just 54 myself, be 55 in October. But I have over 36 years of service in the County Government. And yep, had a Flip-Phone a while myself, and didn’t mind it a bit. Especially since I use a phone… as a phone. I am quite computer savvy, self taught in GIS, Photoshop, etc. and I do a lot of the IT work for my office as well. But I always work on larger scale platforms. I hate having to use a phone or small device to perform the work I do. So I use the phone for calls, and computers for others. Believe me, I wish I could retire and just enjoy life for a while. But I suppose I would miss the work just the same. I do enjoy what I do mostly though, which is a big plus.

(Doug) #1326

Over 36 years - ain’t it amazing, how fast the time goes? 36 years in here myself (after being a bricklayer for 7). I hear you on the computer versus phone thing - while I’ve seen people be nearly ultimately creative and savvy with their phones, laptops are ‘part’ of me.

I called my boss this past Monday, and it was a hard call. He really thought I’d come back eventually; virus vaccine or something would happen… And I will dearly miss the people I worked with. This was almost entirely ‘on the road’ - you work with people 12 hours or more a day plus drinking and eating with them, driving, flying, traveling, walking in and sitting down at the bar… You get to know people.

But it’s a 700 mile/1100+ km drive from home to my employer’s base, and I am tired of that ****. I met my wife-to-be in 1996 and we’d never been together as long as 4 weeks until last December-January. Then pretty soon WHAMMO here comes Covid-19 and now I’ve been home since March 20. We actually get along really well. :smile:


Week 119: Down another -2.5 lbs. this week, but I also did two more Fast as well, a 45 hr. and a 42 hr. - Since I stopped Fasting back in November/December of last year, I have missed it some, but I just need to watch I don’t start overdoing it, wanting to Fast at times more than actually eating meals. (which it seemed to get to at times back then…) I do think it helps in that it lets my system rest between meals, and I think that is something very good. - But it also doesn’t help with me staying or being more regular either, which is something I’ve always dealt with personally. Unfortunately I’ve never been one of those folks who goes daily or even every other day, but sometimes being many days in between. Even much as nearly a week at times. I know this doesn’t help, but then Fasting seems to add to this at times too

(Virginia ) #1328

Way to go Honey. You are doing good getting back on track losing those pounds… proud of you. Keep it up.:grin:


Thanks Hun… :kissing_heart:

(Virginia ) #1330

You’re welcome. Be careful out there today if you are in any flooded areas.:kissing_heart:


Week 120: Been a long week, and kind of a tiring weekend. And down another 2 lbs. But hopefully the weather is breaking for us some here. Shows temps to be in the 70’s, and even highs in the 60’s next weekend. So it will be nice to get away from the heat and humidity. May even try to get some early season hunting in? Have to see how the week goes. I generally wait until a little later, usually sometime in October due to heat and bugs, but this may be a nice opportunity coming.

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You two are a very adorable, loving couple, and it really warms my heart so much to see this. I just had to mention that.

I wish you and your family the best always, you are a lovely couple.


Thank you, Susan. :slight_smile:

(Virginia ) #1334

Yes please, I need some :deer: …lol.

Good job.

(Virginia ) #1335

Thanks Susan.


Week 121: Woke this morning with some bad swelling in my legs, namely the left one, which has some pain with it. I must have done something to it while working in the basement yesterday. I actually got my hunting clothes washed up and shot the bow some, but also moved some stuff around. So I may have torqued it somehow. So hunting was out of the question, was actually thinking about heading out this evening just to see how thing were looking. Plus, it was extremely cold for this time of year, and that in itself would have Deer on their feet. … But instead, iced my knee and laid up all day. But it’s still early and the season just started, so that’s cool. I just hope staying off the knee and icing helps it. … So I showed a .5 gain this week, but can’t say that wasn’t expected the way I felt when I woke this morning.

(Susan) #1337

Ouch =( --I hope that this is temporary and that it will be okay and heal quickly.


Thanks, Susan. Mainly my left knee. Not sure what I did, but it felt better when I first got to work, but it didn’t last long and ended up leaving a few hours early and back to icing it, along with Advil. …Thanks.

(Susan) #1339

I feel badly for you and your lovely wife both going through all these struggles; I hope and pray that you will both be feeling better and pain free soon. Take care.

(Virginia ) #1340

You are still doing good Honey. So sorry your knee is giving you so much pain, I wish I could take it away for you.:kissing_heart:

(Virginia ) #1341

Thanks Susan. :slightly_smiling_face: I also hope all is getting better for your family.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Susan) #1342

Hehe, not yet – but such is life and “the sun will come out tomorrow!!” – =).