Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Yep, it is not always easy to see what’s happening or understand just how things work. - I’m sure there are many variables that come into play and the body’s ability to adapt I’m sure is a big part of it as well.

I mean, there are folks who stay to very strict feeding regimens, and then incorporate different elements such as routine exercise, etc. and will still see results fluctuate. For me, I know inactivity plays a part at times too, but not always. I sometimes see the same results regardless of recent activities. So I record weekly just for recording purposes, but do find it strange at times. As far as activity my job unfortunately dictates that most of the time, and over the years it has minimized to where I don’t get the opportunity to get out and be as active as much as I would like. … But at home that’s more on me, of course, but that too can also be dependent on many variables, including mood, season, etc. … But this doesn’t ensure I see results in any one direction either. But I can usually feel the difference within myself though.

So for me, I mostly enjoy this WOE for how I feel overall and track just for recording purposes. But it is strange to see different results when you’re doing pretty much the same thing, and it would be nice to know the cause and effect for those results. Though I’m not doing it to just lose weight solely, it is a nice bonus. - If I were doing it strictly for weight loss, it would probably bother me. I would also probably just set up a meal plan on the minimal end of the scale for daily requirements, or simply go back to fasting quite regularly like I was doing. But to be honest, I actually found that I may have enjoyed Fasting too much at times, and thought to give it a break for a while. :+1: …Thanks