Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

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Love it!


Thanks, Susan. Hoping it won’t take me too long to finish.


Week 112: Well, not much to report, just doing the same as usual. Feeling fine, but boy is it getting hot as of late. I don’t mind, but I had to take a break from all the Sun-Burn I’ve been getting. Spending most the weekend out in the Yard/Garden, etc. is always enjoyable to me, but I’m soaked through not 5 minutes in and just de-water the entire time. :smile: But I’ve always said I don’t mind sweating when I’m earning it. But when just sitting around watching TV, or not doing much, etc. now that’s a pain.

So I have been doing a bit of Art here lately, and that’s been great. I do miss it, but can also get lost in it while I’m doing it. But I guess that leads to the old adage, when you’re having fun! :wink: … But along with my Chart, I’ve attached the latest WIP (Work in Progress) on the new image. It’s getting there, but there’s still quite a bit of work needed. But I’m finally tackling the hair, which I’m sure will be one of the biggest chores on this one. (Probably step away from it for a few days to come back with fresh eyes)

And here’s the latest on the new image…


On a side note… If anyone uses Liquid Stevia, and it happens to be this brand. It seems along with the bottle, they may have changed the ingredients as well? I can’t say for sure, and I have reached out to them. Especially since we’ve been using this for nearly two years and I swear, it takes more than twice the amount to do what it use to. So I can’t say if it was just the batch, or they switched up so you need to use more? Either way, if this is how it will be now, I will be looking elsewhere for another brand. … Don’t get me wrong, I don’t use it a whole lot, but do like to sweeten my Tea during meals at times, and V also uses it for some recipes. But with the reduction of sweetness, it’s going to take much more to do what it used to, and that just makes this product now twice the cost overall. … Below an image showing what the old bottle used to look like, as well as the new. I’ll report back once I hear back from the folks who manufacture this product. It’s already about $17 dollars for this, and again, I do like it better then powdered Stevia, or Truvia, but they are not the other folks who sell it and I will be looking to change.

Image they post on Amazon, showing the old and new…

The new bottle seems to pour better, so I like the newer top they use, but it’s definitely not the same.


Also went out to the Garden today to pick the Cherry Tomatoes that were ripe, but ended up having to go though the entire Garden. I’ve still been getting produce out every few days, but the Cherry and Yellow Tomatoes are going nuts, as well as the Cucumbers. For only having 3 plants to survive out of the lot, they are definitely making up for the others. There were Cucumbers stacked on top of each other.

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You’re getting back on track… great job. And the picture is awesome as with all you work. Love ya.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:


Thanks, and love ya too… :kissing:


Week 113: Was a pretty long week… Had a ton of meetings, and other task that kept me staring at the computer screen, but that’s mostly been the norm for me here lately. Had quite a few rainy days too, so working outside wasn’t on the menu as much after work, and didn’t get out to do much at work either, but still trying to at least go out and walk some here & there during the day, just to get some activity in.

Also still working here and there on the image I’m working on… Been putting in some time later in the evenings, and a few times when the rains stopped any outdoor activity. Almost ready to call it done, but might go ahead and add some color, but will keep both versions…


Just throwing in an update, after adding some color to the image last night…

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Awesome job, Honey.:kissing_heart:


Thanks, Hun. :heart_eyes:


Well, took the day off to do some stuff & spend the day with V, since she has a procedure she’s having done tomorrow and will probably be laid up for a few days. Of course, sleeping in even a little was out of the question, since at 4:15am this morning we got hit once again by another storm! :exploding_head: So I’ve been up since, with the Pups having fits due to the thunder. (I really hate this time of year…) Luckily it didn’t last too long, and was out of the area a couple hours later. … Sadly, below are some images of some the damage the Hurricane did in my home area, while I was a couple counties away, manning pumping stations… cleanup is still on-going all over, and some roads washed out completely.

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Wow! Just a few hours of storms for that? Or a continuation?

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Oh my!! Beautiful pictures except for the flooding.


@monsterjuice - Yeah Ashley, this was just about, or a little under 4 hrs. total when Hurricane Isaias came through the area. They say we got 9" and that Southern Maryland seem to get the worst of it. We still have roads washed out and folks displaced, these were just some of the flooding images shared.

@bjane - They’re not my images, but were simply shared on FB. If I knew the person, I would definitely had acknowledged them since they are quite nice. But, of an unfortunate situation.

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It’s crazy how quick a storm and wash out a town and cause disruption! Luckily it didn’t hit close to you! I’m assuming your more inland?


Yes Ma’m, indeed. Unfortunately, I know this all too well. - The past 30 of my 36+ years has been in the Storm Drainage Maintenance Division, overseeing/handling Pumping Stations, High Hazard Dams, all Ponds, Channels, Storm Drain Systems, etc. (Anything stormwater related) So yep, I’ve seen my share of flood waters and all the damage they can produce. Doesn’t take long for one to develop a very deep appreciation of just what flood waters can do, once witnessed up close and personal. … And believe me I feel for any and all who unfortunately find themselves taking the brunt of any of this damage. Usually meet a lot of these folks in the aftermath, or during the events, and it sucks…

Well, it actually did. It hit the entire area where I live. There were/are roads flooded out in ever direction, and it’s been complete hell just trying to get back home or get out at times. Tuesday, I ended up having to drive an additional 35-40 minutes or so, circumventing my way home through what roads were open. After I was at one point, less then 5 minutes away when I was detoured. And some roads completely washed out and it will be some time before they get those repaired, but there are also some roadways still under water presently. The area/s in the photos are just minutes south of me, where I used to hunt. And the tornados that hit, did so south and West of my location, but only by a couple miles, so not that far away indeed. The one fatality that we know of, happened just where I was detoured Tuesday when a large tree fell, damn-near cutting the vehicle in two. Unfortunately, V just happened to drive by there and witnessed it right after it happened. She had called me at work and said that she was not sure the person could have survived when she saw the vehicle underneath the large tree.

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That had to be hard for V to see. I’ve never had to deal with water quite like that, Michigan we have lakes but not any real major flooding anywhere near me that I can recall! Obviously not living next to the ocean helps! I do think Michigan a area known as tornado alley though! A lot of our flooding isn’t anywhere near as severe as that, except a few times a dam or something like that has broke! I’m glad you all are safe! And sad for the individual V witnessed! Hopefully no other fatalities!

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Starting work at 7? Man, labor laws used to be lax…

I’d say hoping you and yours are all well… but I just hope everyone is okay. Scary situation.


@monsterjuice - It was indeed. It’s why she called me, and I could tell she was upset right away. And yeah, even though we do have water pretty much all around us, I still don’t envy you for your Tornado’s though. We don’t get many here regularly, but do here and there with some of the bigger storms. But I would much rather deal with flood waters, since they are a bit predictable being they follow the grading of the land, so we know where all the low-lying areas are. Tornado’s just do what they want.

And no, as far as I know, that one lady who perished when the tree fell, was the only fatality in our area. I believe there may have been a few more in other counties/states, but don’t know for sure?

:laughing: … Ahh… to be 37 again. :slight_smile: But then the scariest thing wouldn’t be starting work at age 7, but becoming a parent at just 18 months… :flushed: :astonished:

And thank you. I do believe folks are slowly getting back to things as the waters continue to recede. But as I mentioned, the damages it left behind will take some time to repair. … Reports on a few roadways have been coming in. Here’s an image of Point Lookout Road, down near the southernmost tip of MD.