Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Ok, so I wanted to show this. … I have an app on my iPhone (Work issued Phone) that I really don’t use, but at times I check it out just to see what it shows. It’s the Health app that I guess came with the phone? Anyway, I’ve been walking more again these past few weeks, now that I’m back to work. So I do at times check just to see how many steps it shows. - But when I got to work this morning I decided to take a walk for about 20 minutes before starting the day. Then just a little while ago, stepped back out to walk 30 minutes before eating. So I checked it, and it tells me “Last week, you were taking more steps a day than you are this week” … What? :confused: … I mean, it’s only MONDAY and just Noon, how the hell can it tell me this based off the first day in the week. :laughing:

And I always find this amusing… It tells me this each and every time I look at it. Under ‘All Health Data’ “Headphones Audio Levels” LOUD (7-Day Exposure) … This is because, well, I am usually listening to Music everyday with my AirPods. And yes, it’s probably a bit on the louder side, but that’s so I can hear the Music while I’m working. Whether at home in the Garden/Yard/Basement, or in the office. Just don’t know what is considered TOO loud according to this little app?


So I got home and grabbed a quick bite, so I could go out and weed the Garden some, after the bad storms we had yesterday… Only to find that I had to pull more produce first. Got as much as I did just 3 days ago, if not more. - So started dropping some off to some neighbors before calling it a night.

The plants are not even that big yet, but boy are they producing. Only bad thing is when they do this, they sometimes can burn themselves out quite quickly. So I have V seeding more Zucchini, plus I still need to plant the ones she has sprouted now. - But some of my Cherry Tomatoes got a little slammed by the high winds and heavy rains. Especially those with the longer arms. But they are still connected so I’m hoping there’s enough connection they might continue to grow…


I’m jealous! My zucchini are still just producing male flowers. No sign of female flowers yet.


Thanks, @GreeneggsNham… Oddly, my first set of plants I that I put in got decimated by a bad storm with heavy winds and hard downpours. So this group went in a little late, two weeks later. But though they are not that big yet, they are definitely producing. … But squash has always does well for me here, but when they produce like this, I find they can sometimes burn themselves out quicker. So I have more being seeding now, besides what I already have. (Hoping to get those in later tonight when I get home)


Ok, so I may have just received the strangest call I’ve ever received here at work, in my 36+ years?..

My dispatcher calls my office (as she often does) and this is usually to get me to speak with a resident, or have one of my staff inspect a complaint, etc. … But not today.

She proceeds to tell me she has my Bank on the line, and that they actually called for me yesterday too, but it was after hours and she didn’t want to disturb me. … So of course, I asked ‘why would my Bank be calling my Dispatcher to get in touch with me?’ (You might think, as I started to do,… is this a Scam, or maybe they want to report fraudulent activity on my account?) But no, it wasn’t anything like that…

The lady I spoke with was very friendly and started out by first apologizing for having to contact me at work, but that it was the only way she could get hold of me. That the home phone number they had on file was not working. (I’ve been with this bank for over 30 years) - So she then proceeds to tell me "we know your wife Virginia, has been coming to the bank lately. And whenever she comes in, she’s been requesting coin rolls. Because apparently your Son has a lot of change saved up. … Well,… we could really use some of those coins! (chuckling) :confused: I’m like OK? I now know where this is going. … She tells me that they are very low on coins and are having a hard time just getting some, even from the Federal Mint. And were hoping they could acquire some from my Son.

So by now, I know it’s legit, but tell her it’s still quite the crazy request! - And the first I’ve had to that nature. :laughing: She was laughing and said she knows it is and kept apologizing as well. I told her it was no problem. I told him to give me her contact info and I would call and have V give her a call. By chance, my Son took the day off not feeling well. She said they really appreciated it, and wanted to say thank you so much. … So I got her information, and had her update my home number info too. Then called and told V, who was also laughing at this request, saying how strange. … But she called and let the bank know when they were done getting a bite to eat, that they would come up and cash some in. (They even offered to roll some if needed) But my Son already has most of his silver rolled which they have done over the past few weeks. - But the pennies are not. But said it’s well over a hundred pounds worth, so he won’t be carrying those in before rolling them. But that he does have around a couple thousand in silver coin he could provide them today.

So as it turns out, all’s well. But it is a very strange request overall, and my first. :slight_smile::+1:

(Susan) #1266

Dave do you live in a small town? I can’t imagine a big city bank doing this.


A small town, no. - But down in the country, yes. … And no, this is a Major Bank we’re talking about. :slight_smile: Apparently she told my wife that with the epidemic and all going on, they haven’t had the surrounding stores, businesses, etc. coming in as much as they would do normally, which means they are not getting a surplus of coin back in via these folks. - So it does make some sense knowing that, but luckily she happened to remember that V was requesting coin rappers each time she was there, and had mentioned our Son had a lot of saved up change he needed to wrap. They would only provide so many each time, so they would have some on hand for other customers.

So, they did go up there and he provide them with what he had already wrapped in silver, and plans to start wrapping some of his pennies. Plus he has more silver to wrap as well. … In the meantime, V had called me and asked if she could provide them with what pennies I had in a big water-bottle. So she tossed them in a container and they will be wrapping these themselves. There’s quite a few and heavy, but can’t imagine there was that much there in total? At least they have some to work with.

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My bank has a coin counting machine. You throw loose coins of any denomination, all intermixed, into the machine. It totals them up and prints a ticket That you take to a teller who gives you cash. I’ve now gone from 4 to 1 coin bottle in my closet. Cool!


Yeah, they have those in a couple of the stores around us, but don’t think the Bank itself does though? And I think a few of them have minor charges for this service as well? I know some provide a gift card back with the amount on it, minus the charge. Just glad she happened to remember my wife enough to get my contact information. … It never dawned on me that the lack of customer base due to all this stuff could effect them in this nature, but I guess it did. :slight_smile: … I’ve been tossing my coins in containers for many years myself, mainly because I just hate to carry change. But to be honest, here lately, I hardly ever go into stores where I don’t just charge it, and use cash instead. So haven’t been building it up as much as I used to. Used to be every day I would toss some in the bottles. And then I usually just let the wife cash them in when they start getting too full, or she will just grab some here and there when she just wants to go up and grab something small and not charge smaller purchases.

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How strange!!!


I know, right? … Guess it’s what they say… Always a first time for everything. :laughing:

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I’m sitting here trying to figure out WHY a bank would need many coins in the first place? An individual bringing in a check to be cashed is the only thing I could think of, and it sure isn’t as common as it used to be. Years ago when we had a small business the bank wouldn’t let us cash a check on the business account - it had to be deposited and then we could w/d money so it was traced to our business.


Yep, my thinking as well. You might give a few cents out, if say the work check had like .37 cents at the end of their amount someone was cashing. But can’t think why anyone would come in just to get some coins? Like I mentioned earlier, so many transactions are done electronically it baffles me.

But they were surely grateful. V said she kept saying how much they really appreciated it. Not sure how much a couple grand will carry them, but he told them he wasn’t sure when he would get to his pennies. He likes to go through them, since there are some out there worth something.

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I worked in banking for 10 years. Businesses come in daily and get lots of change for cash paying customers. If a lot of people are paying with $20 bills you need plenty of coins but yeah I agree most people don’t pay with cash nowadays, especially with the virus. Very strange indeed to get a call like that!


:slight_smile: Isn’t it. - I mean, personally, I don’t even carry cash most times these days. Even way before the epidemic started, I hardly ever went into any stores. For work I either bring something for lunch or simply don’t eat. And most other stuff for working around the house, or projects, etc. I simply charge it. I found I was simply carrying around the same amount for weeks. :slight_smile:

But I can see what ya say about some businesses coming in for change for ‘their’ customers. We have a lot of Amish folks here, as well as other folks who have all sorts of vegetable stands and other small businesses. And I believe most deal with cash only too. Don’t think they offer charging or checks.

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I couldn’t tell you the last time I carried any cash lol


Well, having a bit of a rough time getting started this week. I’ve been pretty much doing a ton of work over the past 3 or 4 weeks, mostly working in the Yard, Garden or just things around the house. And getting more Sunburned & Sore just about every weekend. - But after yesterday, this week has been the worst, especially since I’ve hardly gotten a good nights rest since sometime last week…

Besides being Sore and Sunburnt, which is always useful in getting decent rest, the Girls have actually been little ‘Pains in the Ass’ this past week. Last week, I got up at 5am on Monday as I always do. But Tuesday, Shelby had me up at 4am, then Wednesday, it was 4:15am and Thursday it was 3:45am. I’m not sure if it’s the new meds causing her to have to go out more in the middle of the night to pee, or if it is just she feels much better and now doesn’t mind getting up when she needs to? But once I’m up, I’m up, so that part sucks. … And so Friday, which I had taken off to maybe “sleep in a little” before starting to get up and do any of the work I had panned, Khaleesi got in on the fun, having me up a little before 5am. :unamused: … So I got up and worked Friday, Saturday and, well, not so much on Sunday. I was a bit out-of-it to start with, woke early again of course, but then the past week hit me… So I woke up a few hours later, still sitting in the chair after eating lunch, and felt wiped out the rest of the day. So when I went to go to sleep last night, I couldn’t. For whatever reason, I didn’t get to sleep until after 4am this morning. - I had already e-mailed that I wouldn’t be in today around 2am, knowing it wouldn’t be good. So today I’ve been just resting up and trying to recoup. (Still feeling relatively blah…)

I also forgot to post an update yesterday, but being I weighed in Sunday morning as usual, I definitely knew it wasn’t going to show a proper number. When I had come in Saturday night after working in the heat all day, I couldn’t get enough to drink to quench my thirst. And I know I drank 8 to 10 bottles of Tea and Water, which being 18 oz each, that would be over 11 pounds added in just in liquid. :smile: But it was nice to only see a 1 pound gain, knowing I thought it would be worse. :slight_smile:

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I hope that you will be feeling better soon, Dave, take care =).


Thanks, Susan. I actually do today, after just relaxing. :slight_smile: But I have been overdoing it some lately, but I’ve also been trying to get some stuff done and keeping busy. Guess I’m doing it right. :+1:

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Had a quick peak at your charts then really started looking at them:

When you first started out no problem? Probably because amount of weight on any human being has a certain threshold that prevents it from continuously going after body fat.

My hypothesis is your starting to burn muscle for fuel right around the 245 line then it starts jumping up and down then starts on the incline again.

The smaller you get from One or Two meals a day the less efficient you become at burning fat for fuel and start burning muscle for fuel or calories so your burning less when at rest.

The body loves to burn muscle more than it likes to burn fat or be in ketosis. (I’m not just talking about the size of muscle or depletion of muscle but what’s inside the muscle that the body loves to burn)

Your entire physiology can only burn a certain percentage of fatty acids for fuel within a specified amount of time long-term. Protein sparing becomes protein for fuel once the right chemical consistency of muscle tissue becomes more desirable for food?