Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Aka when shit hits the fan…weeks like that truly suck :frowning:
Maybe this the one time you can actually look forward to Monday, because the crappy week is finally over and it symbolizes a fresh start? :wink:


Well Ma’am, I really hope you’re right. :slight_smile: Thanks :+1:

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I hope that things will improve soon, Dave. I can relate, our van needed new brakes last weekend and it was almost $900 and we just got a new dryer a little while ago. On the plus side, your lovely wife didn’t have an accident with the vehicle so she is safe and sound, if you want to look on the bright side of the situation. I hope that this week is better for you both, take care =).

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I hope things get better this week Dave. @Momof5 says things the way I would like to. I am glad V is safe.

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@Digital_Dave @DoggieMom Sorry for the lousy week and all the problems. I hope this week will be better.


Thanks kindly folks, I’m hoping it is too. :crossed_fingers: :neutral_face:

But with our current weather forecast, it looks like I won’t get to look at fixing the Trailblazer issue until probably Wednesday? … Calling for rain and high winds the next two days, (sleet this morning) and my Son has an appointment at the Dealership for his vehicle Wednesday, so I will probably just take off too instead of having him drop me off beforehand, and then have to pick me back up later.

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Blerg. Cars.


Yep, they can be a PITA at times… :unamused:

Well it finally stopped raining yesterday, so I was able to jack the Trailblazer back up and I did replace the bushing in the end of the shift-cable for the transmission connection. Though I cleaned off the stem where the shift cable connects, I didn’t like how it looked or felt where it connected. Some rust build-up had altered the stems recessed area, not allowing for it to securely snap in as I think it should. (so there would always be the chance of it popping off?) - So I decided to go ahead and run it up to the shop and have them replace the entire Shift-Cable, and install a new connector Pin. (Stem) … It’s really not that hard to replace the shift cable itself, but it can be a pain since you have to remove the center console, shift box, etc. just to access the area where the connections area. And to be honest, I just didn’t feel like spending a couple hours doing it with everything else going on. And it’s a hell of a lot easier when you have it on a lift and can walk under the vehicle, opposed to sliding in and out under a jacked up vehicle. They have to order the parts but hoping to have it back in the next couple days or so. :crossed_fingers:

Been making and delivering Cheese Cakes the past two days, and tonight will wrap up the last two for the store order. Then I just need to make two more over the weekend for early next week. (Actually four since I plan to make V’s Keto-Chocolate, and a Keto-Pumpkin my Son has mentioned.) - So I’m hoping to get back to fixing the Dryer and finishing the Christmas lights in the next couple days. … With the rain and all the other stuff going on, I haven’t had time to get either of those finished up yet either. :exploding_head:

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If it weren’t raining you could hang out the laundry, but as it is I bet that is piling up. :slightly_frowning_face: Sorry you have so much going on.

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Now I’m imagining all of your laundry draped across dining room chairs and hanging from curtain rods, Chinese winter time style. So the laundry can be inside near the heater rather than out on the wet, cold balcony.


Thanks… And yeah, it would have been nice to hang some clothes outdoors, but nope. :slight_smile: … V and my Son ran some loads up to the Laundromat the other day and it was something like $40 or so. So yeah, I will be getting it done here soon. :+1:

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Oh! Laundromats! I forgot about those!


:laughing: Hey, whatever works! But with temps also being in the 30’s/40’s, (This morning, low 20’s) this isn’t always an option either. :slight_smile:

Me too, couldn’t tell ya the last time I was in one. Maybe my teens?

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Here, everyone has a small washing machine out on the balcony, along with a chain to hang laundry from (on hangers, with a special laundry hanging pole with a hook thing on the end to hold your hangers and lift them up to the chain) or if you are fancy, a system with a winch to bring a bar down your own height to comfortably hook the hangers on the bar.

But in the damp cold winters sometimes laundry goes off before it dries and you have to wash it again. So then you hang it inside because at least then you have a heater and/or the AC on the dehumidify setting. Here in the south space heaters are all you have, but some are pretty good and dry laundry pretty quickly. And hopefully we won’t all die in the process.

And amazingly, there aren’t laudromates in China. There are dry cleaners who will also wash big things, but they aren’t everywhere. I’ve only ever noticed one. But that also may be more about my reading skills than their availabilty :laughing:.

Also… Every now and again I see clothes carefully hung high up in a tree. Two or three stories high. Over traffic. Jeans on a hanger. Shirts. Once I saw a matching undies and tank top set hung in two trees side-by-side. The undies were on a hanger, and the tank top was much more carelessly draped on some small branches.

After a much longer time than I would like to admit to, I finally figured out they were not hung there. The wind blew them off someone’s balcony and they got stuck, gracefully, in the canopy.


You know, I was actually wondering if they did. I didn’t recall ever hearing that they did, and I never saw mention of them either. But I had seen where most clothes were hung to dry, so figured they might not.

That’s funny… though not for the owners of said clothing. :laughing:

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I have those moments. I think it’s funny.


Well… as some have noticed it’s been a while since I’ve checked in here, and this due to dealing with some things that haven’t made life very enjoyable to be honest…

Things have been, well, pretty screwed up for me since about late November. - First with my Pup Kito, being diagnosed with Kidney Failure and then simply issues brought on by some mostly shitty weather this year. … We’ve had probably the most screwed up Winter I’ve seen in quite some time. We’ve had temperature changes so often it’s been causing me havoc with sinuses, chest congestion, etc. … I did not get properly sick during all this, but I’ve had some major congestion issues. Had a bad cough for weeks I couldn’t seem to shake, but the sinus issues and congestion stayed with me for more then 2-1/2 months. I’ve been taking quite a bit of meds for this, something I really hate doing. - But with the weather constantly changing from the 20’s and 30’s for a few days, and then 60’s and 70’s for a few more, and then back and forth, it’s no wonder it’s caused so many troubles for many folks. … Along with my Son getting the Flu for a couple weeks, and V having similar issues as I, it hasn’t been fun. - I’ve also had staff out quite a bit this winter sick, and I’m sure we were probably sharing some of this with each other as well. … Hell, the weather has been so screwed up, I know of at least two different folks that shot video and pictures of snakes out in January! Trees, shrubs, flowers, etc., are so confused that we’ve had stuff blooming the last two months, with weather so damn hot for this time of year. And even though we haven’t seen any snow this year, the temps seem to run from one extreme to the other, with very little moderation in between. … I actually didn’t start to feel better until a couple weeks ago, at least being able to breath half way decent that is. (Though I am still taking some sinus meds when needed)

Well, I’m trying not to make this update too long, and will try to update my Keto information this Sunday after I weigh in. Really not much to report on this overall, but it’s also where another thing came to be the has made this time even worse…

A few weeks ago, Kito started showing signs that were not what I had hoped for. He was actually doing pretty good for a few months after being diagnosed back in November, and switching over to the new diet… he even gained a few pounds back and for a while, seemed to be his own self. But for the past 3 weeks, he slowly stopped eating as much over time and then to nearly nothing at all. This included not even wanting to drink water, which unfortunately is known to happen with pups with his condition… I tried providing him the best care I could during all this, staying home some days, staying up with him all night, doing daily fluid injections (2 liters a day) and trying some meds to hopefully help with all the issues he was having… but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. … So sadly, we had to say our final farewell to him yesterday evening, not wanting it to progress on him any further. It’s been a very rough time and we’re going to miss him so much. We’ve had some really great Pups over the years, but he might have been the best of them. He was always so Lovable, Cheerful, Playful, etc. He seemed to have kept his inner puppy his entire life, and had actually just turned 8 year old, this past Sunday. And I can’t tell you how many folks have said that ‘he’ was their favorite. Everyone just loved him, as we did…

V wanted a few last images of him…

Think this was one of the last times Kito laid with me, or I should say, on me… Going to miss you so much my ‘Buddy Boy’ Kito


:frowning: may there be plenty of bones and delicious treats wherever good boys like Kito go…our friends lost their ridgeback Rio last week, maybe they are already running around together :slight_smile:

(Susan) #1221

I am so sorry, Dave, that you lost Kito =(. I know that our pets become members of the family and it is always heart breaking to lose them. You and V loved him and he loved you both so much too; just cherish all the happy memories you have of him. It is lovely to have these pictures as well. He was a very handsome boy and so happy looking. Take care, Hugs to you both.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #1222

I’m sorry you lost your pup Kito. He was a beautiful dog an obviously very close to you. :cowboy_hat_face: