Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

(Ellen) #1181

Congrats to you both! :heart:


Thanks, Ellen. :slight_smile:


wow, 33 years!?!?! congratulations to the two of you, I hope my husband and I get to your anniversary :slight_smile:

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #1184

@DoggieMom @Digital_Dave Happy 33 years! Very nice.


Thanks @Meerkatsandy … Yep, almost 36 years in total, and married 33. :slight_smile:

Thanks @daddyoh :+1:


Had a nice meal out at TRH, but it kinda ruined our plans of putting up more Christmas lights when we got home! :laughing: … Neither one of us actually felt like doing any of them by the time we got home, and though I had no issues getting up on the roof, etc., I knew she wouldn’t feel like being out there while I did the roof lights, and I actually didn’t know if I wanted to be going up and down a ladder for a few hours doing them. So we plan to do some when I get home tomorrow. What we don’t get done in the next day or so, we will get done by the end of the week. … A quick pic before we headed home…

(Susan) #1187

I wish you the happiest of Anniversaries. What a lovely picture of the both of you. Such a handsome couple.

(Susan) #1188

Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary to Virginia and Dave!! That picture is so cute =), you still look very happy together. It is fun seeing the ones of you both years ago too. The years have been good to you, Virginia, you still look very youthful (I am sure that Keto has been a nice help for this too!). It is lovely to see couples together and still very much in love and happy years later =) I love that. My hubby and I will be 30 years in May, I just think it is awesome that you are both doing Keto together and that your son is too. I cannot convince my hubby, but I still love him to bits as well, haha.


Thanks for the kind sentiments, Susan. :slight_smile: We had a good time indeed. :slight_smile: … Texas Road House is one of our favorite places, even though we really don’t go out much these days.

Thank you @Momof5 … But yep, V hasn’t changed much at all over the years. :slight_smile: (Met her when she was just 15 and been together since) - And Congrats to you both too, and who knows… maybe in time he might jump on board with you as well? :+1:

(Jane) #1190

Congratulations!!! You make such a cute couple!


Thanks, Jane. :slight_smile: :+1:


Impressive, definitely something to be proud of :slight_smile: Here’s to many, many more years of happiness, health and laughter :champagne:


Thank you @Meerkatsandy . :slight_smile:

(Virginia ) #1194

Lol…Won’t need it, you will still be perfect to me.") Love ya.:kissing_heart:

(Virginia ) #1195

Thank you everyone for the kind sentiments.

(Susan) #1196

Awww --you two are so adorable =). This is so cute.

(Virginia ) #1197

:blush: Thanks Susan.


Quick update on Shelby (Also known as ‘Tank’ as of late) :laughing: … Apparently, she’s more fitting to our nick-name of Big Girl, since out of the 14 lbs. Keto lost recently, Shelby found 13 of them herself! :flushed: She now weighs 87 lbs. herself! (But she’s had a lot of down time during and recouping from her surgeries, so this is understandable. … But she’s getting around pretty good nowadays and will be walked much more after Winter’s over. We plan to have her moving around much more and getting in more exercise come Spring when the weather gets better. - Other then that, she’s doing fine.

Here’s a few images of her with V loving up on her while waiting in the Vet’s office…

(Susan) #1199

Beautiful Lady, beautiful dog.


Thank you, Susan. :slight_smile: