Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Sorry… does not compute, rebooting now. … Systems restore… :robot: …Answer indeterminable, please rephrase life-form? :smile:

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@daddyoh cracked the case! @darpa, please cancel the scheduled turing test.


I keep wanting to tell them to get a room! :crazy_face:


Week 58: Showed a 2.5 lb. loss for this week, so yep, the boing-boing-boing is still going on. :slight_smile: Now if I can just get those up weeks to stay away, I’d be in business. :smile: … Oddly enough, it’s been going two weeks down, followed by two weeks up, and so on. Has me wondering. :thinking:

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The trend is still down though, even if it is rollercoastering.


Thanks, Ruina. And yeah, I just found it strange how it appears to be doing two weeks in both directions. But as you say it’s still trending down. :slight_smile:

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See, I told you it would be a good week. Love ya. :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yep, always better then a gain any week. Love ya too… :kissing_heart:


Well, I wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday morning and took the day off. Had a headache and didn’t sleep too well. So I just laid about, taking it easy and resting up playing some Assassin’s creed Odyssey. (My son actually bought it for me for Fathers day, but I just loaded it up last week.) I don’t fool with too many games really, but have always enjoyed the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and this one is pretty good.

But V went out to the Garden to pick some Cherry Tomatoes and while out there, also picked a load of other stuff that was ready. At least she waited for our Son to get home to help bring it in. Presently has the entire Kitchen counters piled up with all of it. (Not to mention the pile on the other table) … But she threw some stuff in a couple bags for me to take some stuff to work for anyone who might want some…

I didn’t get to bring too much since I already had some stuff I was carrying, but it didn’t last long.

Not even an hour later… :smile:

Seems like not many folks like to be the one who takes the last of things? :smile: (I’ve always wondered why so many folks feel this way? I mean someone needs to be the last, don’t they? :confused: … Maybe I’ll reload it some tomorrow and tell folks to work backwards this time. :wink:

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Wow, your work mates must love you, all those nice farm-fresh vegetables, very nice indeed.


Yeah, they do appreciate them. And yep, some do ask are these fresh? :smile: I tell them, yep, right out the Garden. Not like I would go out and buy all this stuff just to give it out. :slight_smile:

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Exactly… rather silly of them to ask… =)


Forgot to post this yesterday, so just dropping it in. Been a little out of sorts lately…

Week 59: Only showed a 1 lb. gain this week, but to be honest, I’ve kind-of been feeling a little out of sorts, or backed up some for the past week? Which means I haven’t felt all that well. Quite stuffy or congested for at least a week or so? But feeling a tad better presently, which I’m hoping is a good sign. Also started a fast today, hoping it helps. I also feel like I basically need one presently, like a full reset.

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Very inspiring story, Dave. I didn’t read all of the posts, but the first four months had you down about 60 lbs and you seem to have powered through some difficulties as well. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, Jason. Yeah, I was down 87 lbs. at just 7 months, but then had to have surgery for 3 Hernias and that seemed to set me back about 3 months in total or so, until I got back to where I was and losing again. … All for the better though, so glad I got it done. I had the Hernias for some years before that.

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Happy Keto-forum Anniversary Honey. Here is a jumbo Bacon Cheeseburger for you. I know I have said it before, but I am so proud of you… you have come a long way and have done a great job, even with some small set backs that you had to deal with back in Janurary. Keep up the great work. Love you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::heart:

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I want the burger

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@daddyoh LOL… ok, here is one for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks, and I agree, I want one of those burgers too. :smile: You’re making it this weekend, right? :kissing_heart:

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If you are GOOD. :wink: :kissing_heart: