Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Yes… That one did indeed drive right past me! :smile:


Week 56: Shows a 1 lb. gain this week, but after the nice meals I consumed yesterday, not to mention the load of fluids yesterday evening and night, this didn’t surprise me. Though I didn’t feel bloated at all, I also didn’t feel ‘lite’ either. I felt more solid really. But it was a nice week, got some Fasting in, followed by some nice meals. So all’s well for another week gone by. :slight_smile:


I’m also doing an n=1, where I will be Carbing up one day a month. More to see what comes of it, but not to justify any hidden needs. :+1: … So today will be the first of those days. I have already eaten a Mid-day meal, and I’ve also measured out my Evening meal, so here is the first Data-dump on Day 1.

So though I was originally thinking maybe 40, when I decided try this, I have actually set this one up tonight to hit 80 Carbs. (And not doing the Onions I was planning! :smile:) But it’s no big deal really, this might even show any given results even more? Guess I’ll see what happens?


Like Philly Cheesesteak stuffed zucchini? Yum.

I got it!

One thing to consider in your future experiment days is that some people do better with carbs if they eat them earlier in the day. I assume this has something to do with either the body’s natural rhythms or the ability to burn off some blood glucose with normal activity or both. The extra carbs might have less impact if you eat them at lunch and then go work in the garden vs. eating them at dinner and then lounging around for the evening.


That does indeed make sense, thanks! I will make sure to record that data too. - I can see where that could indeed come into play. - I will also only be doing these Carb-Up days on the weekends at home too, since I don’t even like eating at work much really, especially if these Carb-up meals might come with unforeseen side effects, even if that’s just sluggishness. But I will be charting up all the things I would like to report on, along with your suggestion of meal times. :+1:

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You are still doing great. Love ya.:kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks, and as are you. :kissing_heart: Love ya too.

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Thanks Honey.:kissing_heart:


See, @Momof5? Told ya!

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Hehe, they are adorable, just like you and your lovely wife =).


Quick Garden update… It’s getting a little crazy in Jurassic Garden. Got home and told V I was headed out to the garden to do a collection. She chuckled and said “You’re going to need a bigger basket!” :smile:

Told her I know, I saw it this morning while walking Shelby. Even though it was just getting light, I could see how much was ready. … So she came out with me, and we actually filled a damn clothes basket! It took about a half hour to collect everything, and then we pulled out a table, washed it all down and dried it. But the time we got in and I showered, it was after 7pm. :neutral_face: So this ran dinner quite later then I like, but it was good. But I swear, this year things are growing so damn big, so quick. Plants are all huge and producing like mad. … We actually weighed the basket and it was 59 lbs.! :smile:

The 24 Zucchini’s are already flowering, so it shouldn’t be long and they will fill the garden in. The six shown in the back are blocking the Tomatoes and other plants some now.

This view just doesn’t show today’s harvest that well, but it was indeed full and heavy…

We laid them all out, washed and dried them. We will probably get the same every couple days the way it looks. … So yeah, V’s running stuff to the neighbors as I type this. :slight_smile:

These suckers are growing extremely fast this year. This guy was bigger than the Squash I allowed to get big for making a boat. … But I have plans for that sucker! (Thinking a nice Chili & Cheese, Squash Bowl, with some 1/4 lb. Hotdog Chop Sticks for eating it with! :smile: (This weekend? :grin:)

Oh, and one of those little furry Wabbits, knocked over one of my Jalapeno plants, snapping it at the base, so they could try one. Shows the nibbles on one, (shown in photo above) and then nothing. Guess they didn’t like it, but it broke the plant off, so took the little ones that were on there so not to waste them. Gladly, they only did the one, and left the other 9 alone. :angry: I don’t mind sharing, but damn, don’t break up my plants! Need to put little ladders in the garden I see. :slight_smile:


Week 57: The Bouncy-Bounce continues with a +3 shown for this week. I did try that Carb-Up last Sunday, so this could be playing into it as well? Who knows? … But did mostly OMAD this week, with one TMAD. Also thinking of putting in some Fasting this week, maybe starting tonight. Took off Friday, so I will have a 4-day weekend next week, so might be doing some nice meals for the Holiday.

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It’s ok Honey, we will get it this week. :grin: And, I am still proud of you as always, you are doing a great job. Love ya :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Thanks. … But no worries, as you know. Just recording the data. :kissing_heart:

Before or after cooking out on the Keto-Grill next weekend? :smile: :wink:

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Just wanted to say thank you for scrubbing everything down yesterday. :slight_smile: It looks nice.:+1:


You’re welcome. … Love ya.

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You two are adorable =). It is so sweet seeing the love flowing between you two =).


I’m just glad this forum has finally given them a channel trough which to communicate. :wink:

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Dave and @DoggieMom are you a virtual AI bots couple or a real couple? I just need to know?