Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Thank you, Susan. Very much appreciated. :+1: … Darren, if she does indeed take away your Awesome Cheerleader title, would you please then stop wearing that little ruffled skirt! :laughing:

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Haha =) This forum is so amazing, I love it, the people are all really helpful, friendly, kind, and encouraging. I feel so happy that I discovered you all and can be a part of the group =).


I’ll do my best, but you know I really like it. :wink:

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Pics or it didn’t happen!!! :grin:


Okay, it didn’t happen.

You play poker, don’t you Janie? :wink:

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My Dad taught me how to play poker when I was 7 years old!



Just tossing this in here for recording purposes… I’ve been thinking about trying a Carb-Up day maybe once a month, just to see if anything comes from it? When I say Carb-Up, it’s not like I am shooting for the moon, say 100 or even more, but simply bumping up to maybe 40 or 50? - Since I started this WOL, I’ve simply always kept carbs to under 20g a day, and that’s been pretty much my only limitation I put on myself for doing Keto. But half the time we probably don’t even get near 20g carbs, more like 10 or less. So this isn’t just so I can simply add carbier items or a bunch of sweets, but maybe upping the amount of some of the things I limit, such as Onions. - I love fried Onions, but know they are on the carby side, so when I eat them I usually just do them in small quantities. But I could even add in a few other things, such as a Sweet Potato or similar. This is not to add back in stuff I’ve missed, but simply works for this.

I don’t even know if this will even affect anything in the end? Might make no difference at all? But I have been thinking about what other things I might can do to keep things mixed up, and this is something I’ve thought about a few times in the past. Who knows… might be sort of a once a month kick of sorts, but not sure if that will be in a good way or bad? But I guess I won’t know unless I try it first. :slight_smile:

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I think shaking our bodies out of homeostasis is always a good thing… as long as what we do doesn’t trigger some undesirable behavior that sends us off the rails.

and maybe for some people they don’t need to worry about this at all. and maybe this is you Dave?

I can eat bread out of the house occasionally but no way will I bring it in the house. Because then I would eat the whole loaf, and double no baking homemade bread because that would feel torturous right now.
However in the name of science I could eat corn chips to up my carbs one day, even have them in the house and not really care. I don’t really care for corn.

Humans are so fascinating and different!


Yep, I definitely have no issues abstaining from foods outside the Keto-Realm, thankfully. Even if my wife and son still ate a SAD diet, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. I mean, even before switching to a Keto WOE/WOL, I actually didn’t like starchy foods like Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, Breads, etc. (I’d eat the occasional Potato, as well as some bread, but the others I usually didn’t partake in at all. Also didn’t like Sugar really, being I used Equal for my coffee or Tea for probably 15 - 20+ years before switching over. (Though I know those are no good as well) … So I think this is quite helpful in that area too.

:+1: This :point_up: …is exactly my thinking, and what I’ve been doing with everything since I started. Be it Eating times/amounts, Fasting, etc. And believe this has been very beneficial indeed. So yeah, adding a Carb-Up day to my thinking, is like almost purposely putting in a speed bump in the road, just to see how the body handles it and hopefully keeps it more awake/alert so to speak. You know, as if the ride is too smooth all the time, its easier to fall asleep. :slight_smile: (I believe that makes sense?) :smile: But I do see what you mean about some having issues, such as someone who gives up things like, alcohol, drugs, or basically anything addictive to them, and then just even having a little could cause chaos for them. But again, nope, I wouldn’t have those issues at all. But can understand those who might though. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping I do learn something from it though, even if that something, is simply nothing. :slight_smile:


Additionally, just got in from working in the yard. So I got the grass cut… “Oh, and Teddy says Hello.” :slight_smile:

I nearly ran his little ass over this time, luckily I saw him at the last moment and stopped. So after I put him into the bushes nearby, I finished the front and damn near ran another one out back, who actually looks like Teddy, but he’s a bit bigger. I just walked him across the field some to clear him of the area.

Once I got the grass done, I jumped right into the garden to collect today’s yield. It’s really blowing up presently, and it’s been hard to keep up with at times with all the damn storms we keep getting.

This is about what I’m getting every other day, and the pic doesn’t show their real size…

Some Yellow Squash is over a foot, and Zucchini’s 14+ … Even though I’m trying to stay on top of them

And we have been giving it out as fast as were getting it in, and still have quite a bit. Here’s the other side of the table, just what we have for the house presently. Some of this will probably go as well.

And I haven’t even started getting Tomatoes, Peppers, etc. yet. But should be soon. And the newer Zucchini’s haven’t even gotten to size yet. That should be fun, not to mention, I won’t see soil I’m sure.

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Those little frogs (toads?) are soooo cute =).

The veggies are beautiful and yummy looking, very nice!


We used to get some huge zukes like that when I was a kid from friends who gardened and I remember my dad stuffing them, like you’d stuff and bake a green pepper. Something like ground lamb and feta cheese. There was usually some grain involved, too, like rice or bulghur.

I haven’t specifically had a carb-up day, but I have had three occasions where I’ve intentionally gone off plan. Once I’d been on plan all day, but then was offered some super yummy lemon meringue pie and I decided to have a slice. Or a couple weeks ago when I was invited out to a 5-star restaurant for someone’s birthday. On one occasion it took several days, almost a week to get back on a trend of losing weight. On the second it took weeks and the last one, I went right into a 2-day fast the next day and didn’t see any lingering issues. I don’t do it because I think I’m getting a diet benefit out of it–just because there’s something I really want to eat or experience.


Yep, one of my favorite ways to eat them. (Zucchini Boats) I usually do the 50/50 Italian Sausage and Hamburger mix, with Garlic, Ginger Root, Onions, Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese. But you can just basically use about anything. I already have plans to create a Taco Boat and a Pizza Boat, and the wife was just saying that she’s like to try one with Steak and Cheese stuffed in it. :slight_smile: We should have plenty to work with this year though. Good thing is I only have 6 large Zucchini’s producing presently, but then I have 24 still growing and they should start producing in another few weeks.

As far as going off plan, I personally haven’t, but also don’t chastise those who do. And though some like to use the word ‘cheat’ I prefer ‘choice’, since it’s not really cheating, but deciding to partake. (Which I don’t see anything wrong with it, as long as you can control it, and that it doesn’t bring on undesirable behaviors, as @cervyn mentioned above. … That being said, I haven’t chosen to do that since I started. So haven’t eating anything that would be considered ‘non-Keto-friendly’ … But with this ‘Carb-Up-Test’ I just want to try and boost a meal, just upping the carbs some, mostly to see what comes of it. As I have read, some folks do Keto at 40, 50 or even 80 carbs a day. (Not all in maintenance either) I understand for maximum weight loss it’s best to stay under 20 a day, so this is what I’ve done for nearly 13 months. But since I’ve never tried it, I’m not sure what might come from it? But since I’ve thought on it more then just a few times, guess I’m more curious to see if there’s anything that might come from it?

Also, though I don’t really test BG & BK anymore, other than the one I just did recently whilst Fasting just to show my wife my numbers, I may have to do this when I try this to at least see some numbers.

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Well you don’t ‘have’ to :wink: but if you are running an experiment I say go for the data. More than likely you will get a different result from sweet potatoes compared to rice compared to beans compared to bread to fruit. But I am a big geek that way and I know not everyone enjoys that sort of thing.


Yep, and if I didn’t test, then it would simply be speculative and that wouldn’t do me much good. :slight_smile: I too like crunching data, especially when it defines results clearly. (I do a lot of this at my work too) But today is actually my Carb-Up day, which will be from the added Sweet Potato, along with some Onions. - But wow, I just weighed the SP my wife picked up, that sucker alone will be 60 carbs :smile: if I choose to eat the whole thing that is. … Of course I will though, it will just bump up the carb count a tad higher than what I was originally shooting for, so maybe around 80 or so carbs for the day. :slight_smile: Should be fun.


They’ll give a license to anybody these days…


Well, it was actually issued to me way before ‘these’ days. :smile: Roughly 39 years ago in fact. … and yeah, things may have been a bit easier back then. :slight_smile:

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You mean the turtle was driving without a license?


Thank you for getting my lame joke, lol.

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