Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

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Thanks @safi and @Elle79 . :slight_smile:

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Thanks Eric. :slight_smile:

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I was wondering why you are not making mounds and rows (you can also do it by hand with a small hoe) out by tilling the soil to make your garden and a little mulch and fish parts etc. for fertilizer, that ground soil looks so dry or are you experimenting? Those squash would get huge! You could even do it straight from the seed by making little holes in the top with a tool but not too deep!

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Thanks, Bunny. - I actually used to do mounds for my Squash and Zucchini, as well as Watermelon & Cantaloupe (Back when I grew them) But haven’t done this for the last 4 or 5 years or so. I found that they did just as well when I didn’t, but I do stay on top of watering when we don’t get plenty of rain. … The soils may look a little dry, being my property faces North, so the Garden is in full sunlight damn near all day, so it gets plenty of Sun. But if you break the soil it’s actually quite rich and much darker in color, but I’ve actually been staying on top of it a lot more this year than ever, so there is a lot of bare soil for the Sun to beat on presently. The shaded areas under those plants with good shade leaves, definitely stay much more damp, but the open areas do appear dryer. … Since I haven’t been allowing the root growth this year, the soil is also quite soft, which helps with weeding. But even after watering, the Sun doesn’t take long to dry the upper crust and making it appear hard. :slight_smile: As to rows, I’ve never tried that, but do have one gentlemen around the corner from me who does his this way every year. (Also has a much bigger piece of land he does this on, and has farm equipment that allows for this to be done quite easily) But he does appear to get good results from it as well. :thinking:

I actually had planned to have the soil tested before this season, but didn’t get around to it. So I never did add anything like 10/10/10 or Lime, but will be next season. I did put a load of leaves in there and tilled them in prior to the season, which helps and actually seems to draw a load of worms! :slight_smile: As to the size, they do indeed get huge and quite quickly. So I’ve been going out every day and collecting them before they get too large. (Since most say they don’t like them when they get too big) But I’ve had some really big stuff that managed to hide, but agree, the skins do a little tough when large, so I’ve been shooting for the medium sized ones, unless I’m making Zucchini Boats, where I purposely allow them to get large for this. Plus the Zucchini doesn’t seem to harden and thicken in the skin as bad as the Yellow Squash, so it stays much softer when allowed to grow to a large size. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info & link. May do more research into rows. Who knows, may like what I find. :slight_smile: :+1:

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Happy Ketoversary Honey,:tada::confetti_ball: sorry I didn’t get to post on here sooner. :slight_smile: Wow, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since we started. You have done great :grinning:( but you have always been great at everything you do, so that is not surprising :wink::kissing_heart: ) and I’m so proud of you. You look great, but again,… I always thought you were cute…lol :blush: :wink: Love you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

Thanks again Honey, they were great. :kissing_heart:


Thanks Honey, much appreciated. And as most say, I just wish we had learned of Keto years ago. :wink: Also glad you’re doing so well with it and that it’s been such a help to you with your issues. I’m sure it will continue to do so as well. You’ve done great. :kissing_heart:

Love you… :heart:

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You are very welcome. :slight_smile:

I wish we had of too.

Thank you very much. :kissing_heart::kiss::sparkling_heart:


Got to work this morning and apparently we have a new employee… :slight_smile: The three tier garden sits just off to the left of the steps, so he was probably shopping.

IMG_0490 IMG_0491

Had my Son carry him down to the woods on the other side of our facility

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What a cutie!

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waiting for little sea turtles.


That’s way cool, Eric. I’ve always enjoyed watching Sea-Turtles (on television) leave their nest and head to the nearby waters. :+1: … In my time, I’ve actually come across 2 or 3 Turtles when they were just days or even hours old. One was a Terrapin (land Turtle) and I almost stepped on it walking through the woods. Don’t know why, but it caught my eye just before I stepped down. - His shell still appeared to be quite soft and I simply let him go his way to start out hopefully a long life. … The second was a tiny Snapping Turtle, that I saw driving down the road at around 45 to 50 MPH. I actually stopped & backed up a good ways to check, and the guy with me (Tom) was like 'What are you doing? And I was said I think I just saw a tiny turtle in the middle of the road, but it could be a toy? … Well, it wouldn’t come out when I picked it up, but it was indeed real. I had him put it in his camera case until we got back to the office, and the funny thing was, it pissed in it on the ride back. :smile: - So I took him home, and placed him in a 10 Gallon aquarium, with a couple inches of water in it. Still he wouldn’t move. … So I told my Son to go out around the wood pile and get some worms. He came back with like 8 or 10 and I was like ‘Jesus, he’s only the size of a Quarter!’ Why’d you get so many? :smile: But man, as soon as I put them in there… that little sucker came to life and start annihilating them! (V, my Son and myself sat there and watched him just going to town!) He must have been really hungry, because he tore them up. … V and I went fishing just a few days later at a pond we used to fish, where we let him go and have fun. :slight_smile:

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Recently I had to move from a local road a 50lb snapping turtle. Very muddy and smelling bad. But someone stopped and helped me.

We live on a creek and get small turtles stuck in our fenched in yard. We move them towards the creek.

I usually admire other people’s outdoor experiences and think I just need to admire my own.


Yeah, you should indeed. And yep, I’ve taken my share of Snappers out of the road as well, but I also have a bunch of guys that work here that eat Turtles, so not all are “saved” so to speak. Most of them are the older fella’s I started with many moons ago. :smile: But a lot of them have since retired.

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You let my turtle go… shame on you.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::wink::kissing_heart:

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You have enough Turtles, Frogs, etc. at the house. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: He’s happy here near my work. I have him write to ya. :smile:


I didn’t say they were tasty, just that not all of them were still running free. :slight_smile:

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Lol… no I don’t…lol :grin:

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Wow, I hadn’t seen this thread before, I am impressed with all your beautiful artwork, you are very talented.

Congrats for all of your Keto goals that you have accomplished thus far and good luck for your continuation succeeding for life.


Susan, you are just so sweet!

You keep this up, you’re going to take my title for Awesome Cheerleader For All!