Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

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Hope V is better soon :heart:


Thanks, everyone. She is doing ok, just sore and has a nasty bruise on her outer thigh, and two banged up elbows. She will probably be sore for a few days. :slight_smile: Also finding she’s a bit sore in a few other places, like her shoulders and upper arm area. But also said she thinks she felt it more since she lost all her cushion, with losing all the weight she did. :smile: I get what she’s saying, that even laying on the floor you seem to feel the hardness more now with the less layering.

Yeah, we’ve been eating some, as well as giving our neighbors and some folks at work some. But they’re just starting to really ramp up, so the next few weeks should be fun. :slight_smile:

Yeah, weather’s been on the wetter side for us, and they are calling for a chance of rain all this week. So between the rains and Sun, it really make the garden go nuts.

Thanks ladies, I’m hoping so too. She doesn’t need any additional issues to deal with, since going Keto has been so helpful with her pain issues she’s always dealt with. But accidents do happen, I just ask that she’s real careful when doing things. It doesn’t take but a second to take a bad fall. :slight_smile:


Was speaking with Jane and she mentioned my new Avatar, so said I would post the full image here. It’s called ‘Horns’ and was a sketch I did back in 2014. It was actually made just to be used as an Avatar for another site when I created it about 5 years ago. Threw it into Photoshop, to add some color to it. :slight_smile:

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That’s pretty cool :sunglasses:


Thanks, Ellen. :slight_smile:

Well, wanted to mention that I finally broke down and started wearing my 36’s. I’ve been trying to keep the 38’s in play for as long as possible, but they have been getting a bit too loose. They still fit ok in the waist, but the legs, crotch, butt… not so much and I’m starting to feel like I’m in a pair of hammer-time pants. :flushed: … So though I’ve been able to wear them for a few weeks now, maybe months?, I’m seeing it as official now, since I’m actually wearing them to work or for the day I should say… :slight_smile:

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Maybe this is the “fad” they’re talking about regarding the keto diet? :man_shrugging:


Thanks, folks. :slight_smile: :+1:

Dunno? But sure doesn’t feel good to me, thinking my pants might fall off. :crazy_face: V just told me yesterday how weird it feels to have to keep pulling your pants up as you’re walking or doing things. But it does suck being between sizes and it’s either snug or way loose. Constant adjustments don’t always go over well either. People think you have other things going on. :smile:


Forgot to mention that I finally made V her Mini-Chocolate Cheese Cake yesterday. She’s been waiting for me to make them, but I’ve been getting tied up with other stuff. - But I also got an order for a couple from the store around the corner, so was able to make her a couple too. … One is just Chocolate, and the other I added some Orange Extract, since she wanted one Orange-Chocolate. … Could have added some zest to the mix and a few slices on top, but didn’t have any Oranges. … We’re Keto ya know? :smile:

She really enjoyed it too. I really like the Mini-Springforms for this. More Keto-Friendly size. She still has the plain one, plus some of the Orange flavored. :slight_smile:

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #871

The medicinal cheese cake - quality husbanding :+1: Hope she’s on the mend :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes Ma’am, she seems to be. Still a little sore, but getting there. … Her bruised thigh is starting to look a lot better too. :slight_smile:

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Ouch! Glad she’s recovering.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #874

That does look painful :frowning:


Week 55: … Well, shows I’m down -4 lbs. according to the little liar in the basement. :smile: Actually I do think I had a pretty good week overall, and was even telling V this just yesterday & the day before. I did put a couple Fast in, a 71.5 hr. earlier in the week, and then she said she wanted to Fast, so I joined her for another small one, but that I actually felt a bit lighter and was thinking this week went well. :slight_smile:

I also spent most of the day yesterday in the Yard. Cut the grass and got some other stuff done, and then went into the garden and got 1/2 of it weeded again, until I went in the house to get some Tea and take a break. But ended up falling a sleep for about an hour (rarity, but happens) but then just showered and got the stuff out to make Dinner when I woke. Figured to do the rest today. - But I’m still getting bags of stuff out the garden almost daily and have been delivering it out to friends for the past couple weeks. And now that the Cucumbers are kicking in, I’m just waiting for them and the Tomatoes to start cranking up. Tomatoes are looking good and hopefully continue to, and the Peppers are starting to show as well. Hopefully the weather will be kinder than it’s been in the past few weeks. :crossed_fingers:

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Great progress on all fronts!

I tied up a bunch of my tomatoes that escaped the cages and got too big to bend back inside the wire. Heavy with fruit - just need some warm weather to ripen them up!


Thank you Ladies. :slight_smile: … And yeah Janie, I’ve just got mine staked presently. One of my neighbors that I dropped off some stuff to yesterday, was telling me his Tomatoes are doing really good and was asking if I used baskets. Told him I’ve had many baskets in the past, but over the years they do get banged up some and are a pain to store. But I’ve actually looked at some really nice square-folding ones, that look really strong and store much better, but are a little bit pricey. - Especially for how many I would actually need. Think I have 24 plants going this year? - 6 Cherry-Tomato, 12 regular Tomato and 6 of Pineapple Tomato. (Wanted few of the Yellow-Cherry too, but they didn’t have any. … So it could cost me a few hundred dollars just in cages. But they are made strong and I like the way they fold up for storing?

Still thinking about it though.


V and my son rode up to pick some more Top Sirloin up, since we were down to a hand full of pieces. But it was a big piece, and took some time to cut up and seal. But most were between 40 & 45 ounces so even the ones I just cut in half, are still big. … I also have some London Broils I will be sealing after work tomorrow. And my Son wants a couple cut up for some home-made Jerky. (He picked the 4 up)

V has gotten partial to the London Broils, once in the Sous Vide all day, while I’m at work. But I still like my fatty Top Sirloins and NY Strips better. :smile: But the Sous Vide does make the London’s better. :+1:

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Thanks Eric. :slight_smile: