Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


I concur, I feel the same way actually. … And yes Sir, changing things up is always a good thing in my opinion. Sometimes to simply break things up, but other times to see what changes it brings. Like the month I gave up all Dairy. I can’t say that I saw a lot of difference ‘during’ that month itself, but I truly believe I did see some changes when I started reintroducing it back in though. This might be since the change was more gradual while removing it from the Diet, and took longer? But as soon as I started to use it once again, sure enough, my sinuses started acting up more again, and basically I do believe it was causing me some issue with inflammation overall. So I am cutting it back out mostly, but will only use mainly butter here and there, and Cheese from time to time. Because as you say, I think we all can easily over-do our Cheese consumption. But it does work with Keto meals quite nicely though. :slight_smile:


Came home a little early to mow the grass and get some weeding in the garden done. Teddy apparently stayed in hiding today, but apparently his little nephew ‘Hopper’ decided he wanted a closer look at the Green thing with the wheels… I cut around him a couple times, before finally having to getting off the tractor and taking his little ass to the wooded area behind my yard, so I didn’t run him over, or dice him.

Damn, my hands are a bit dry and dirty from working I see. … :slight_smile:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #723

Aaawwwww! I want one! None in the SouthWest. We once put in a pond and put pollywogs in, but they were not very smart. Hopped off into the heat.


We have loads of them here. But think that’s why the snakes hang out as well. :slight_smile: … I don’t mind any of them coming onto the property, the only one I really worry about are the Skunks. I don’t need a stinking pup coming back in the house! :flushed::crazy_face:

(Jane) #725

Awwww… such a cutie. I love frogs!

We turned our 5’ yurt dome into a fountain and I won’t let my husband clean it out until all the tadpoles are gone. And just when he thinks he can… more tadpoles hatch! We’ve had it for a couple of years now so their offspring return to spawn every year. Goodbye crystal clear fountain!!


(Jane) #726

I have to add - we turned the plexiglass dome upside down and it is supported by 4 short 4x4 posts about 2 feet off the ground. Under it he placed stone tile and there is a small pump to circulate the water.

When the water is clean - because the dome is clear and we have water circulation - it makes dazzling patterns on the stones below when the sun is out.

That is what my artist husband was going for when he set it up. He didn’t count on the froggies and his frog-loving wife ruining his plans! :laughing:

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #727

Dave, for gosh sake put some moisturized or olive oil on those hands.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #728

We have a lot here as well. I live on a creek that is 100 feet wide and shallow. Lots of toads and tree frogs. Haven’t heard many bull frogs yet this year. Yes snakes. Some poisonous aka copperheads.


Nature knows where to go. :smile: … There was a lady some years back, who lived next to one of our ponds, who threatened to move if we didn’t do something with the pond. - She said she was tired of always coming out and finding little Baby Turtles in her yard and at her back door. :roll_eyes: I told her for one, I personally would think this would be pretty damn cool myself. And two, she lives next to a pond with surrounding woods! - So it’s just nature doing it’s thing and what do you think we can do to stop Turtles from mating near your home? She said she was frightened by Turtles. … Some people

I really need to sometimes, have some in my office but still not good at using it regularly. My skin has a tendency to stay very dry at times, but mostly in Winter, when it can get quite bad. But also if I wash my hands a lot and the soap with add to this. … Haven’t heard a lot from Bull Frogs lately either, but haven’t been getting out to some of our sites much this year too. But there’s a few places I have heard them. But the snakes are indeed showing up quite a bit. Been seeing quite a few on the roads lately, just not in my yard as of yet, but V saw one on my wood pile just a week or so ago. Probably in my shed, where they tend to hang out. But no Vacancies for Copperheads though. I don’t want them around my Pups.

(Graci) #730

Oh my goodness, our family would totally go nature-channel-excited if we saw baby turtles in our backyard :turtle: One time an old neighbor left a tarp out next to our fence though and it turned into a snake nest…that was not the kind of exciting I prefer, but in her defense she totally took care of the issue immediately herself…while I hid behind the patio :door:


Yeah, she actually showed me pics and they were very cute indeed. Only about the size of a Quarter or so, just starting out. :slight_smile: But she seemed generally frightened by them for some weird reason? :confused:


Week 51: This week shows a -2 lb. loss, so that’s good. I’ve also been trying to somewhat stay on top the weeding of the garden, which I have to say is actually easier when the grass/weeds are a little taller, but they’re tiny at the moment, so more hoeing/tilling presently. But it’s kept me in the garden more the past week, doing sections at a time. … Also have been trying doing OMAD all this past week, but eating meals around 11am or 12Noon, instead of eating a later meal between 5-6pm. - Can’t say I’ve seen any difference in sleeping yet (Not that I can tell I mean?) But it is nice to come home and simply not eat, like whilst Fasting. But sucky part is basically having to re-heat everything since it’s not being cooked at the time. (which though I don’t mind leftovers, but this Microwave re-heating daily is not a favorite)


Well, took V to the Doctors today, where she had minor surgery to remove a Cyst on her elbow that had become painful and larger. Went well overall, and she will have the stitches removed in a couple weeks.

She had to come off her Blood Thinners a few days before the procedure, but will restart them tonight.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #734

Glad to hear. @DoggieMom get well ASAP!

(Ellen) #735

Hope @DoggieMom is fully recovered soon. Will she be on Dr pimple popper or whatever it’s called? :wink:

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #736

On the elbow! Stitches on a bendy bit can be a PITA - hope @DoggieMom is well :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Folks. She is starting to feel the pain a little bit now, since the numbness is wearing off. But she said the itching is what’s bothering her the most right now. … Thanks again. :slight_smile:


Well, tomorrows weigh in will mark my one year Keto-Anniversary and I spent the majority of today out in the yard working. First spent a couple hours of picking up all the damn sticks that the passed couple storms produced. (Just did this a couple week ago!) Then spent another couple hours cutting the grass and then burned up the sticks, along with some other wood. - Even took my tiller over to my neighbor’s house, since they were trying to dig out a garden with a shovel. Got them going and went back to work. … Oh, and my little buddy Teddy decided to come out and says Hello. :slight_smile:

At least he kept his little ass in the back of the property this time, but I still had to get off the tractor and chase his butt into the vegetation, so he didn’t run under the mower blades. And chased numerous little rabbits from under the two sheds. (Little bastards are probably surveilling the garden, because I think I see a few plants missing their tops now?) And though still not that large yet, most already yielding fruit.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #739

So envious. All we have in SoCal are possums and 50 stray cats!

(Jessica) #740

There was a small tarantula on my front porch last night when we went out to walk our friends out. We see them occasionally but it seems like we have seen more than usual this year. I’m afraid of spiders, but for some reason the tarantulas aren’t as bad to me.