Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

(Ellen) #741

Happy ketoversary Dave.


Thank you, Ellen. :+1: … Apparently fell asleep earlier, after working in the yard all day, which is a rarity for me. Especially on the weekends! I usually stay up later to maximize the time. … But Pups had me back up before 1am due to the Thunderstorms. The 2 youngins can’t stand Thunder and act like nuts.

(Eric - Less is more!) #743

Happy anniversary Dave. Mine is in less than 3 weeks.

I love you updates.


Thanks, Eric. :+1:

(Jane) #745

Happy Ketoanniversary!!! It’s an amazing journey and I enjoy your updates and so glad you are sharing them with us.


Thanks, Jane. It’s been a good year indeed. :+1: And glad to share the experience. :slight_smile:


Week 52 (1 year being Keto) Well, it’s been a year today as to switching over to this WOE/WOL, and it’s been pretty damn good. :slight_smile: As @Tmdlkwd mentioned yesterday, it would have been nice to hit that -100 lb. mark in the first year, but with the issues that arose, I’m happy with where I’m at & it shouldn’t be long before I do. I had a long day yesterday working in yard, cleaning up, cutting grass, etc., but got a lot done. Also not surprised showed a +2.5 gain for this week, after two nice meals yesterday, but I also drank a load of Tea and Water after getting done, and couldn’t seem to get enough to drink. So between Meal weight and Fluids, this was pretty much expected, but in no way a deterrent. :slight_smile:

And I also want to say thanks to all you good folks that I’ve met along the way with all this. For the advice, encouragement and overall, friendship. It’ been a joy being part of this Forum, and can say it has to be one of the best places one can come to learn and be part of such a great group of people. :+1:

(Eric - Less is more!) #748


Dave, you are Virginia also make this place a welcoming place. Some good people here. 1 Year. very cool.

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #749

Happy Ketoversary Pickle Two-Sheds Dave!

(Susan) #750

Happy Ketoanniversary Dave! You are one of the main highlights of this forum. Keep on Ketoing on!


Thanks @daddyoh Yep, having her doing this with me, along with my Son makes it that much better.

Thanks @Ruina … Funny. :slight_smile: … And for the record, I do have two sheds, one’s just a Harley shed. :wink:

Thanks @xsuebeex, very kind of you & it’s been a pleasure being here, getting to know everyone. :slight_smile:

(Eric - Less is more!) #752

Also on my end my eldest daughter started 3 weeks after I did. That has been helpful as well.


@Digital_Dave congrats on your keto-versary! You’ve gotten amazing results. Thanks for being such a steadfast and valuable contributor around here!


@daddyoh I know you had mentioned she was and that’s great. I know it makes it easier, especially when making meals, etc. But also that everyone enjoys the benefits together. :slight_smile:

@ZuleikaD Thank you on both accounts, and to you as well. It’s the great folks that are here and contribute so much that makes this place what it is. :+1:

Just taking a few minute break. Been working in the yard all day, burning wood, but mostly weeding the garden. Heading back out as soon as I cool down some and get some more fluids in me. It’s only 84° presently, but the Sun is acting like it’s a 108° :smile:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #755

Congrats. We love having you here!

(Mame) #756

wishing you many healthy returns on your anniversary! :smile:


Thanks @Regina, love being a part of it all with all you good folks. :+1: :slight_smile:

Thanks @cervyn, much appreciated. Hope they continue like the first year. :slight_smile:


Well, as I mentioned I’ve been spending a lot of time out in the yard, mostly keeping the grass cut and doing the Garden and burning up some old wood. As long as I was out there, I was surprised I didn’t see Teddy or any of his kin, but then I saw (Plissken) one of the Garden Guardians, who hung out with me for quite a while. He did his rounds for a while, and then headed off. But I went ahead and took a few images. (V saw him the other day while walking Shelby, but didn’t have a camera. He’s 3.5’ to 4’.

He hung around the South end at first, next to my neighbors place, while I was working…

Then made his way around to where I was working. He just stops and watches me, and then moves on after a bit. Guess he knows I’m not going to bother him, so he doesn’t mind slithering around. Eventually he headed across the field to my other neighbor’s place, I guess to check their garden.

I did see Blue (the Blue-Tailed Skink) quite a few times around my shed, but he was so busy chasing bugs, I never got a picture with his little ass being so damn fast. … But I got about half the garden done, before coming in for dinner, so guess the rest will wait til tomorrow. (Excuse the temp fencing, couple years ago, I got so tied up with work, I had a bunch of vegetation grow all through it, messing it up.) Was going to fence the entire Garden, with Gates, when I first installed the 4’ Industrial Chain Link, but we decided to not to, in case we wanted to use the area during the off season. But I still might one day?

(The larger plant, bottom left, was something that just grew from last year. Zucchini - There’s a couple others too, including Cucumbers, but I accidentally tilled over a couple others when they were small.)

(Empress of the Unexpected) #759

I can’t like this enough. :heart::heart::heart::heart: Hope my zucchini survives, mucho animales gusta! Big holes. Your garden is looking good. Wish we had all the critters.

(Jane) #760

Your garden looks great! I wish mine was that weed-free. :grimacing: