Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


I think I might be doing the same myself. I too am unsure if it’s related to my just getting over being sick for two weeks and it’s simply lingering, or if it’s the Dairy? But I too have been dealing with congestion, sinus issues, etc. for the past few weeks and it’s getting on my nerves too. And I hate taking meds, but I do know allergies do affect me during this time of year, and of course, everything is frickin’ green due to the pollen right now. :exploding_head: Couple more rains should help with that though. :slight_smile:

I will definitely let you know if it clears up some, cutting it back out some. Probably just use it lightly, or not at all when I can. So unless it’s a big part of a meal, I will abstain when I can. :slight_smile:

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Will keep my fingers crossed for you :slightly_smiling_face: I’m STILL hoping it’s not cheese (could be the change in the weather?) but trying to get a good sleep with sinus issues is nigh on impossible for me. Sigh.


Thanks Safi, and yes, I’ve always had issues sleeping when sinus issues are acting up too, and this is usually a bad time for me. I also experience headaches more during change of seasons. I hope it’s not Cheese either, since to do enjoy it so much. And though I haven’t been partaking in it much lately, I do enjoy a glass of milk from time to time. And had two in the past week, when V brought me some with a meal to make sure we used up what we had. But haven’t been drinking it much at all since going Keto.

But from what I’ve read, Milk is usually a bigger issue for most folks, followed by Cheese. Haven’t done or been doing much Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, etc. lately, so… who knows? :slight_smile:

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I had to give up milk some time ago - it’s impact was pretty obvious - but at least I can get a decent almond milk flat white coffee :slightly_smiling_face:


My son has purchased Almond Milk a few times, but think I’ve only tried it once? (a sip?) Might be something to look into though. Thanks :+1:

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It’s not bad. I hear there is macadamia nut milk too but I’ve never found any.

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Keep an eye out for the barista blends - they’re a lot nicer IMHO.


Thanks @Regina don’t think I’ve ever seen Macadamia Nut Milk either?

@safi Thanks, will do. Not sure what brand my Son got? Might check some out this weekend when we go shopping.

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For straight up almond milk, I like Sprouts Farmers Market brand Unsweetened Vanilla, which is a chain that happens to be the closest market to my house anyway. I also like the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze unsweetened variety (original or vanilla). I like almond milk better than regular milk, and would not switch back now that I have tried almond milk. Assume 2g carbs per 8oz serving.

For creamers, I like the Califia Farms Better Half brand, made from a combo of coconut cream and almond milk. Look at the labels carefully for sweeteners and carb content. The Califia Farms Barista Blend, for example , is non-dairy but has plenty of cane sugar.


Thanks, John. My Son was just saying he’s purchased the Blue Diamond brand before, and it wasn’t bad. But usually gets the ‘Breeze’ brand? … I will have to look into them. As for creamers, if you mean with Coffee, I haven’t been drinking it much at all, and when I do, I simply drink it Black anymore.

Thanks again folks! :slight_smile:

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“Almond Breeze” is what Blue Diamond (the company) calls their almond milk.

I use this stuff when I feel like adding creamer to my coffee:

It is only 15 calories per 2 Tbsp, all from fat. Compare that to 100 calories for 2 Tbsp of heavy whipping cream. Costs about the same where I get it. Though if you are trying to add fat cals to hit a macro, go for the HWC. Me, I’d rather get those extra fat calories from a pork chop. :slight_smile:


See, I told ya’ll I didn’t know anything about them. :smile: I actually thought it was a different brand altogether. And after you posted it, I might check out that other one too. I did enjoy Creamer in my Coffee back before switching over, but the wife actually still likes HWC in hers, but only when she has one with a meal. If not, she drinks if Black, but prefers some creamer though.

Question for you folks, can Almond Milk be used in sauces as well? Like HWC can, for say making a gravy? Only reason I ask, is because I’m not sure I’ve ever read someone saying that they have?

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These guys make the best barista blend :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cream sauces often depend on the fat content from the cream to give it the right texture. Almond milk would be more like a replacement for 2% milk in recipes.

I mean, you could always try it.

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Califia Farms is the absolute best.


I’ll have to check and see what brands they have at the store we usually go to. Food Lion is closest.


Week 50: Well, it shows a -1.5 lb. loss for this week, which basically seems I’m bouncing around a few pounds, which has been doing this for the past few weeks now. Though I’m not still sick like I was a couple weeks ago, I still haven’t gotten back to 100% yet. - I’m still having sinus issues and congestion doesn’t seem to want to go away. And frankly I’m actually quite done with this stupid ass infectious taste and smell I can’t seem to get rid of in my throat. … I mean, shit, you can only cough up so much crap, I would think. But I’m refusing to take any meds. … So think I will go back to cutting Dairy again to see if it helps. I actually finished the Cheese I had at work, and will be cutting it mostly out here as well. Just have a few more things here that only I eat, such as the Cottage Cheese the Wife picked up for me.

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I am at that “bouncing around a couple of pounds” and it’s getting aggravating. I am making a move to Carnivore (keeping eggs and dairy for now) to see if that will shake things up. I know that I have gotten into a habit of having a smart cake / nui cookie or some other keto “dessert” after meals … so this is one way I can eliminate that.

Got my ground meat, sausages, steaks, shrimp, lamb and duck ready to go!!


Yeah, I get it being aggravating, and it can be indeed. I also understand this hasn’t been the best start to a year for me, with the Surgery and then getting sick for weeks. So I do understand those things are indeed having an influence on me presently, but to be honest, I’m just trying to enjoy it for what it is. I haven’t been indulging in much in the way of desserts myself, other then eating some 90 or 92% Dark Chocolate after a meal, and usually just a couple squares here and there. But think Dairy is probably playing a bigger role at the moment? (Again, just a guess) … But agree with ya on the Carnivore thing though. It’s mostly what I do now really, except the Pickles and Olives I throw into meals. And the wife actually realized not long ago, as much as she was saying to me about being mostly Carnivore, that she too has been doing so, when she looked back at her meals. So I don’t mind being 85% Carnivore presently, and leaving the 15% open for other stuffs that I might want to incorporate here and there?

The only other thing I have noticed, is that we are doing Salads more often since switching over, and I plan to cut those back some now too. I like them, but don’t really desire them, if that makes sense? But can see them being in the 15% as well, as not be as common.

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Oh, I am not disappointed in where I am, but I would like to lose more.

Like you, I was already about 90% carnivore, but I do love a good salad. I am thinking that I will shift to full carnivore, eliminating dairy (minus ghee) because I can get WAY too carried away with cheese. I think I will do meat and eggs (sometimes). Like I said in the other thread, I have ground meat, sausages (6 ingredients or less and all pronounceable), lamb, duck, chicken, steaks, shrimp, fish and some other assorted things that will keep me going.

If this does give me a boost in mood / energy / sleep, I might add back things one at a time or just stay carnivore. Even if I don’t get any of those benefits, I am hoping it will help me break free of the bouncing I have been doing on the scale. lol