Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Yep, and this is definitely something out of our control. :+1: You can only hope to get enough growth in to strengthen the plant/s before weather starts up with the rough stuff. Heavy downpours have been the killer for me the past few times it’s happened. Simply slamming and flattening them to the ground. Very few survive the onslaught, especially when it happens numerous times back to back.


Well, I’m done… both mentally and physically. After picking up the plants yesterday evening, I decided to eat an OMAD before heading out to plant. So I ended up spending a couple hours, and got a little over 40 plants in before it got too dark to see, so had more then half to still go. … I was back up this morning at 6am, and headed out a little later. Spent the first few hours cutting the grass and doing all the weed-eating. Then I jumped back in the garden, planting the rest, and then giving them a good watering, not wanting to rely on the coming storms, since some seemed to be in need, and we might not get anything until tomorrow? Maybe around 90 to 100 total? - So I ended up being out in the yard for 8 hours today, and yep, that was more than enough. Nice, but tired. Now just waiting for this young lady to have my OMAD ready here shortly, and I’m watching some soccer for the rest of the night. :+1: :slight_smile:

I did manage to save Teddy again (At least I think it’s him?) Seems he likes to hang on the side of the house, and think his Dad was the one who liked to stay in my gutter last year? (He got quite big!) … But I slightly bumped him while weed-eating, but simply moved him to the back of the property, near the shed. Just hope he doesn’t eat Blue, the Blue-Tailed Skink living in the shed? He was walking around me the whole time I was in there today, and just haven’t started seeing the snakes yet. I usually carry them over to that area as well. :slight_smile: … Not sure if they’re all buddies or not. :flushed:

Here’s Teddy… V wanted to take a picture of him & said she heard me talking to him earlier. :slight_smile:

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Broke my fast this morning at 35 hrs. Full breakfast. Maybe feasted too much. Stomach distress followed for 2 hrs. Maybe too much fat or the over easy eggs. Still glad I got a 2nd fast in this week. Had a small lunch and am fine.

Wish I knew what triggers it.


For me, it’s usually Eggs, then followed by Nuts. But sometimes I eat stuff with Eggs in it, and I don’t realize it until I’m already eating. … Hope the Convention went well, and that the weather isn’t too bad for ya, I know they are calling for a few inches possible, and I already have staff scheduled to man the pumping stations through the night and tomorrow.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #685

1 more day. It has been great.

Misty light rain so no big deal.

I’m going to avoid eggs and nuts. Will experiment.


Stay dry Dave

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Hi Teddy! Toads are a hot commodity in my area at the moment.

All the school kids have been taking their toads to school this week to do the qualifying races.

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Good job on the garden, thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Honey. :kissing_heart::wink:

He is so cute. I haven’t seen the Skink yet.


Yeah, they seem to be the things that cause it most for me, but I’ve also found that real greasy or over fatty intakes can cause it for me too. Like a greasy breakfast plate, or fatty piece of meat like Top Sirloin

:smile: … That’s cool. We have loads of them here. (Stays quite moist in our area too) At night time, we can always tell when they’re out in the yard, we will see the Pups, jumping back every time one hops near them. And they watch them for a few moments until they get bored. :slight_smile: Never hurt them though.

You’re welcome. :kissing_heart: But it did wear me out though. :smile: Why I just woke up too. :+1:

Yeah, but you always want to keep them! :slight_smile: And when was the last time you went in the shed? :slight_smile: You see them more when they’re on the back of the house, but the one in the shed is quite big now.


Week 49: Well, I didn’t get to sleep until sometime after 1am, and of course, Shelby got me up at 5am with having to go out to use the restroom badly, so I got a whole 4 hrs of sleep in. :slight_smile: … Actually a little sore from the day spent in the yard doing everything yesterday, but mainly the legs and lower back from bending over and planting everything in the garden. More sunburn isn’t helping much either.

Also shows another 2 lb. gain for this week, but hell, last nights meal alone was probably 2 to 3 lbs. in itself. :smile: … I also couldn’t tell ya how many bottles of Tea I drank after being out in the Sun all day. V has been struggling to keep the pitchers full lately, even running 3. :slight_smile: … On a side note, V also had a proper laugh at me last night, (and I do mean PROPER!) when I simply made a comment. (I made the comment that I would give up eating steaks, etc. and try just eating eggs and Hamburger with her for a week or two? … She suddenly bursted out ‘YOU give up Steaks!’ and then fucking cracked up laughing? :pleading_face: - She literally nearly fell out of my computer chair laughing? :flushed: I just sat there wondering what I had said??? … We were just talking about Keto meals, etc. as we do sometimes and she was saying how lately, it seems she fills up so fast she hasn’t been able to eat much during meals, etc. But that she’s also been having issues when she tries to Fast nowadays and thinks it may be because she’s not getting enough foods in during those meals? - Also how some foods may be affecting her too, as some red meats have before. … So I was mentioning some things such as how Steaks have twice the protein when compared to Hamburger having twice the fat, etc. So while we discussing options, I mentioned she could try anything she wants really and just see what results she gets. Like when she mentioned maybe trying a predominately Egg-based meal and maybe add some fattier Hamburger? Told her hell, I would do it with ya, nothing ventured and all. So we were thinking to try this week after next, since she already has a bunch of stuff in the fridge that needs to be used up.

But apparently she really thought that my even mentioning ‘giving up steak’ was completely and utterly hilarious. :smile: But it was nice to see her have a proper laugh though. :slight_smile: But I would easily do so, but also told her that if she didn’t have some meats, I would probably eat a dozen eggs or so instead. …She didn’t laugh at this, but simply looked at me and said ‘you would actually eat a Dozen Eggs at a time?’ - I then chuckled and said ‘hell yes’. Less meat would require more Eggs to fill the gap. :slight_smile:



I believe you could do it, too. :astonished:


Well, I just got back a little while ago, from taking Shelby to finally have her cast removed. (Thankfully!) … Now we just have to keep her restricted for a few more months, making sure she doesn’t do anything like running, jumping, stairs, etc. so it can finish healing properly. I can say that the hour plus drive won’t be missed. Though she does love to go for rides, she usually sits in the back, sticking her head out the window, but it’s a little harder with a big-ass cast on. Though we did get her close on the way home to enjoy it some. :slight_smile: … Here she is trying to enjoy the passing air. (My son also rode in the back with her)

And no, for the record, I wasn’t distracting myself while driving, but simply held my phone over/on my shoulder and just snapped off some shots blind. … Or course, there are a few that didn’t take well.

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Yay! Go Shelby, hope she gets properly better soon :heart: looks like she enjoyed her journey :grin:

(Empress of the Unexpected) #693

So happy for you guys and Shelby. And that is some beautiful scenery.


Thanks @Elle79, she did indeed. At least she was able to stick her head out of the window some on this trip, since standing up is still a choir in the vehicle after being in a cast for 6-7 weeks. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Regina. Yeah, it is pretty nice and quite down here. A lot of country lands, open fields and farm lands, so it’s nice and open in most places. But sadly, we are seeing more of these farms being sold for builders to throw up a bunch of new homes. :pleading_face: … Don’t get me wrong, I know this is going to happen, but it seems so senseless with so many folks going through foreclosure these days. They just keep building them, and more and more homes sit empty. :confused:

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Same here in Fontana and Redlands. Used to be all orange groves. Now just a bunch of tract homes, that developers can’t sell.


Yep, it’s just sad really. I would much rather see some of these companies go into some of these areas that are falling apart due to age, etc. and restore/rebuild them first. But seems we just like destroying new areas more, and usually there’s a big foreclosure rate after the first few years after folks realize it’s too much on them, or when the ballon payments go into effect, etc. :slightly_frowning_face:

On a side note, I finally got out to check the Garden tonight, and it’s appears it all survived the last two days of heavy storms. I’ve had some years where plants just got destroyed and had to re-plant it all. :+1:

(Jessica) #697

She looks so happy!

I would love to have this house and this land, but a little further south…

Just beautiful.


Yeah, I really think she was happy, especially to finally be out of the cast. :slight_smile:

But it’s sad when you see a place like this, and then some years later see loads of new homes being placed where the farm fields used to be. It takes away the tranquility, beauty and openness that was once so desired. … But hardly anyone in this region farms anymore, being they get paid more not to, so goods can be purchased and shipped in from other places. - Then when the family gets older and the parents die leaving the property to the kids, it’s just an easy check to sell off the farm they were raised on, not to mention some of them had been in the family for many years. Once it’s gone… it’s gone. Sad

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It really is sad, on a lot of levels.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #700

Well I’ve reincorporated cheese in the last couple of days & my sinuses are acting up - apparently that points to a casein intolerance :frowning_face: Boo hiss! Cream doesn’t seem to be an issue & it could all be a coincidence but I’ll go back to no cheese :cry: & see if they clear up I guess.