Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

(Jane) #581

^^^ this

I had a dinner party of 10 not too long ago and sous vide 2 tri tips. I did them both and then removed one, raised them temp 5 degrees and left the other one in for a couple of hours so there was a choice of “pinkness” for my guests. Then lowered the temp and kept both at temp while I fixed all the sides.

It’s a juggling act to get everything to come out at the same time so everything is hot. With a sous vide, it removes worrying about the meat. Like you said, throw it on the grill and ready in minutes. And perfectly cooked and juicy.


Yes Ma’am, this indeed. :+1: It does simplify things so much, and it’s hard to screw things up too.

I was even told a while back from someone? (sorry, can’t recall who), that some of the Steak Houses do this now as well, so it cuts down on serving time for customers and again, hard to screw them up this way too. Just sear from slightly, to thoroughly, or like you say, set them at different temp for doneness.


@daddyoh Met V at the grocery store on my way home, so just getting in. … Here’s the Sous Vide I got a little while back. Think it was $99 normally? But was on sale for $59.99 … So far it’s worked great. Lets just say if it broke somehow, I would be ordering another one immediately. :slight_smile:

(Eric - NSV count!) #584

Thanks Dave!


Week 44: Well this week has been a bit of a restless one. One night I only got 2.5 hrs. of sleep, with only 4.0 hrs. the following night, but on Thursday? I went to bed a couple hours earlier than normal and actually got in just over 8 hrs. … (Been sleeping out in the Living Room with Shelby, since her surgery nearly two weeks ago. So mostly on the floor or occasionally on the couch) But I just want to make sure I hear her if she needs anything. (So she woke me up again this morning at 2:30am to go out, but I was able to go back and fall asleep, after letting her and then her brother and sister out.

I also Fasted for most of this week, putting in a 116.5 hrs. during the workweek. (I don’t weigh to check Fasting weight, so simply wait til Sunday mornings. Shows I’m down another -2 lbs. this week. Which also puts me at an even (-90 lb.) total loss now, and exactly at 230 lbs. :+1: So with any luck, I’m hoping to move into the 220’s here shortly, which I haven’t seen for quite some time either. :slight_smile:

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Way to go Dave! I find fasting greatly affects my sleep. I can only sleep 6 to 7 hours a night. I’ve only completed one 40 hour fast though and mostly do 24 hour (OMAD) fasts. I imagine your 120 hour fasts cause this same issue at times? I’m certain the sleeping with the fur baby is but adding in the fasting would be a double whammy.


Thanks, Tamela. :slight_smile: … It could be related to the Fasting? But if so, I never has problem before? (Though I have heard others mention this quite often) … I’ve been Fasting for quite a while now (even add notes on my chart for record keeping) and I’m also usually OMAD most the time too, probably 90%. But I do & have always tried to keep mixing things up so the body doesn’t get used to any one schedule. Whether it’s Fasting, Foods, Meals a day, etc. (It was one of the main things that really stood out to me when I was researching so much on Keto.) It made a lot of sense to me.

But, Fasting along with taking care of Shelby, playing catch up at work for all the time I took off… You could be right. It has been a little busy lately, though I’m not one to stress on things, it can take a toll.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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I have a sleep disorder called REM sleep anomaly so I’m kind of used to the lack of sleep. Basically my brain wakes up 140 times a night and I never go into 4th stage deep sleep, which is when the body repairs itself. Occasionally I can go into deep sleep when medicated but it’s rare. I have found with keto and fasting I wake up full of energy whether I slept well or not so that’s an NSV lol. Anyway, I’m glad you’ve gotten past the inflammation stage from your surgery and hopefully your fur baby heals quickly and you can get back to your normal sleep patterns. From reading your posts it sounds like it could be awhile though. The things we do for our kids :grin:

(Jane) #589

Congrats on the new low!

(Eric - NSV count!) #590

Awesome Dave. Also your love of your dogs comes through loud and clear. :heart::dog2::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Yes, I am aware of REM sleep, and yep, before Keto my wife would often tell me I was usually quite restless while sleeping. Flipping around all night, and as you say, would often wake feeling restless. She said shortly after switching over, my sleep had apparently improved. I wasn’t shifting around all night, and seemed to be more rested. … And yes, as you say, even the two nights this past week and I only got a few hours in, I wasn’t overly tired those days either. So I agree completely with ya on that. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jane. :slight_smile: … 220’s are just around the bend. :+1:

Thanks Eric. :slight_smile: … Yeah, they are my little Wolf Pack. :smile: I do what I can for them. :slight_smile:

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WTG HONEY, you are coming a long great…again very proud of you…love ya.:kissing_heart:


Thanks, nice to have it behind me too. :kissing_heart: Plan to only look forward now. :slight_smile:

So the temporary setback from surgery only jacked things up for about 3 month, or at least it took that long to get beyond it. But no worries, Summer is coming, & I’m actually looking forward to it. … Love ya


Well, stayed home today since V woke me at 1am, quite ill. Apparently she ate something last night that didn’t sit well. I got dressed to take her to the Hospital, since she was having severe stomach and back pains, but then she started getting sick and after a couple hours, she finally fell asleep in the chair in the living room. … So a little while later, she seemed to be over it, I got her to lay down and got undressed to go back to bed. But it was already going on 4am, so didn’t feel like going it on a couple hours sleep.

Glad to report she woke back up about 9am feeling 100% better, even hungry. :+1: … So I made a London Broil Steak and Fried Eggs. :slight_smile: … So a free day to possibly work on some Keto meals. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear V’s feeling better :grinning:


Thanks, so am I. :slight_smile: … I stayed fully dressed for a couple hours, because I thought we were going to end up at the Hospital. But luckily we didn’t & it passed, but for a while there it wasn’t looking good. :slight_smile:

Now trying to find stuff to do, so just straightened up the cabinet next to the stove. This is the one we use mostly while cooking, so it’s nice to be able to find stuff, without digging through a bunch of stuff. We keep most of the Seasonings on the side rack of the Island, but these are the less used things.


Well, not much on sleep again last night. Shelby woke me at 2am to go out, and of course, I ended up taking all three. I even tried to go back into the bedroom, hoping I could get back to sleep for at least another hour, but didn’t happen. (Was originally sleeping on the couch) … But nope, I ended up staying up and just getting ready for work at 5am, but after being there just a few hours, decided to just get the hell out of there early, after I wrapped up a project I wanted to finish and not deal with it next week.

Also, V sent me this. Said when she saw it, she laughed & told me ‘This is right up your Alley’ … :crazy_face:


Week 45: Well I finally got out to work in the yard this weekend. Spent 6 hrs. total, 2+ hours cutting grass, then spent a few more picking up all the branches and burning them in one of my burn barrels. - V even came out for about an hour to help by raking up the front sticks, and around the tree I took down in early winter. While I carried all the stuff to the back for burning. But by the time I was done, it was a pretty nice day out in the Sun. (Though I didn’t get the garden tilled, which I’m going to try to do today.)

Shows I’m actually up +6 lbs. today, so told V that I gained a lb. of muscle for each hour out there! Not bad at all! :smile: … Actually, I did have some hefty meals yesterday, and when I got back in yesterday, I couldn’t get enough to drink. I had something like 4 bottles of Tea, and then 2 or 3 full bottles of water. So woke this morning feeling slightly bloated, so wasn’t surprised. … No biggie. Asked V to make me a hardy breakfast & heading back out to start on the garden. (As soon as the Soccer match I’m watching is over) Plus letting the sun warm up the wetness. We get a lot of moisture here, so mornings are wet.)


Well, spent another 6 hours or so out in the yard today, got a little Sun burnt too, but at least I started the tilling. After cleaning out the shed and reorganizing it, along with burning up some more wood, I did start to till the garden. Only did a two inch till to take out the vegetation, and will be hitting it a couple more times this week, so we can plant next weekend. (Weather permitting) … If not, the weekend after. Not really worried, since I didn’t get in anything last year until mid May, and the crazy weather wasn’t nice to my neighbors, but my garden did fantastic. But it is nice to get it started. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I didn’t gain another 6 lbs. of muscle though. Would rather pace myself. :smile:

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Dave we are going tomorrow to buy our plants. We buy from a family nursery about an hour away, where the seeds have been passed down from the great, great grandfather. We are planting earlier this year than usual, hoping it doesn’t come back to bite us. We usually plant after Good Friday. I love fresh veggies from my own garden.