Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #561

It’s so hard because they don’t really understand that this will get them to a better place. Feel better Shelby.


Thank you kindly, Ladies. :slight_smile: She’s being pampered indeed and seems to be coming around some. Or at least coming down or off of the heavy meds at least. … Actually, she’s on the couch so we can vacuum and also getting a cast tattoo as we speak. :neutral_face: Yep, V’s pulled out her markers. :flushed:

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #563

Good! All that untapped whiteness was calling to me.

(Jessica) #564

Bless her! Poor pup! Back to the crate discussion (kind of). We crate trained Greta (GSD) as a puppy. She’s 3 now and it’s been a long time since we used it, but until yesterday, we nearly always shut her in the laundry room when we leave. When we don’t, she goes and gets 1 thing to chew, or more recently, just to move. Once, hubby was sick and the rest of us left. She didn’t know he was on the couch and as soon as we left, she went to get a toy out of one of the kids’ rooms. She came back in the living room and froze, dropping the toy when she saw him. Yesterday, she simply got the dish rag out of the sink and moved it to the living room.


Thanks, Jessica. :slight_smile:

But yes, having toys for them does stop some of this, and believe me, they have loads of chew toys and squeaky toys, etc. But oddly, only the Male (Kito) ever plays with any really. Which is daily. The two girls don’t seem to be interested much, and rarely want to play with any. But do on the rare occasion. :slight_smile:


Week 43: (or 10 months) V actually asked me how I felt this morning before weighing in, and I told her I really wasn’t sure. But since I haven’t been sleeping that well, mostly due to sleeping on the living room floor in case Shelby needed anything, I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about it. But that since I only did OMAD all this week, except Tuesday, TMAD, wasn’t sure? … But surprisingly it actually shows me down -4 lbs. today, at 231.8. So I’m happy I’m finally back passed where I was before Surgery. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #567

Just goes to show what healing does to weight loss - stops it dead in its tracks!

But the body is smart and prioritizes healing over fat loss and that’s a good thing.

Congrats on the new low weight. Glad your pup is doing ok.


Thanks, Jane. Yeah, it’s a funny thing how it all works, ain’t it. :slight_smile: But agree, it does seem to shut it down. At least this is how it indeed appears with all this that’s going on. … And thanks, Shelby’s getting there. We feel bad that all she can do it just lay there, but we do try to spend a lot of time with her. :slight_smile:

(Virginia ) #569

Way to go Honey.:kissing_heart: Back on track and doing great… proud of you. :slightly_smiling_face:Love you. :kissing_heart:


Thanks and Love ya too… :kissing_heart:

(Jessica) #571

I think this is why this forum is so helpful. People can see your story and know that a temporary, out of the ordinary event can seemingly get you off track, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a blip. It is always nice to re-hit those lows. Good job!


Thanks, Jessica. As it appears on my trend chart, I just see it as a speed hump that was needed, but I am glad it actually waited for me to drop the unnecessary weight first, which I’m sure made it easier.

And though I do hope no-one else ever has to go through something like this, if the information is in any way useful to them, that’s just a big plus. :slight_smile:

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #573

Nice :facepunch:


Thanks, Ruina. :slight_smile: … But don’t know how I missed your post above? But since I’ve only gotten 6 or so hrs of sleep in the past two nights, anything’s possible I guess? :woozy_face:

Presently at 99 hrs into a Fast, and planning to break tomorrow evening. Think I’m looking at having a nice Porterhouse Steak and some Dungeness Crabs & Shrimp. But after breaking with a Salad & some Sauerkraut first. … Overall the Fast is going great, except I’ve only had some tummy grumbling once, & that was last night. But then nothing? This is not normally the case, since it grumbles for days usually? I’m just adding this in here, since I find this quite strange when compared to all other Fast I’ve done. :thinking:

So honestly, I am actually not sure what to expect as far as what results I might get/see from this Fast? (Good #, Nada, dunno?) Some ways this Fast seemed even easier then they usually are for me? But that’s somehow bugging me. The only thing different in this Fast, that’s different from others, is simply that I decided to abstain from Dairy, Nuts and Chocolate this month. But I’m really not sure this would make this kind of difference? Or maybe it could? Guess I will see at weigh in Sunday morning. :slight_smile:

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #575

Different can be unsettling at first :slightly_smiling_face: Even good different.


Yeah, that actually makes sense as to how I’m feeling too, so you may be dead on. Because it really seems to be bothering me even more, that it’s even an issue at all? (If that makes sense?) :slight_smile:

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #577

It does in my head - FWIW :smile:


Well, last night Shelby actually slept through the entire night… unfortunately her little sister, Khaleesi did not. :neutral_face: …She woke me up at 3:10am, whining that she needing to go out. - But luckily, I was able to get back to sleep sometime later and then just get up at my regular time of 5am.

Presently just over 109 hrs. for this week-day Fast and plan to break tonight. - Before heading out this morning, put some Porterhouse Steaks in the Sous Vide, so they can bathe for a while. (10-12 hrs?) I usually just do steaks for 3 to 4 hours, but have been wanting to try a longer time to see how they come out. I know we have done other meats a bit longer, but can’t recall doing any Steaks more than 5 or so?

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #579

What brand do you have and would you recommend it? I’m thinking there is a Sous Vide in my future.
Happy Friday


I’ll have to check when I get home and will let you know, so I give you the proper info. … We do indeed enjoy using it, though we’ve only been using it for Steaks so far, we do plan to use it for other stuff here shortly as well. - I think I caught mine on sale for around $49 or so. But yes, I really do like using it over cooking the steak directly on stove, grill, etc. … You just don’t ever have the occasional overcooking and having your Steak be too dry or anything. It comes out great with just a quick searing, which also helps with meal prep. Simply make everything else then a couple minutes on each side is very convenient.