Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

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Dave you are setting the standard. We worked in the yard 4 to 5 hours. I put some suntan lotion after 12:30. It was so nice to be outside for hours.

I was able to pick up and throw some heavy wet mulch bags. My strength is better than ever. I love following you updates.


Cool, I hope the weather is nice to ya. Believe me, I’ve had a couple years where right after I planted, it rained for a week, and killed just about everything. … I used to get my plants from a place called R&D Cross/Southern States. I knew the guy and his Father that owned it. But seems they are hit up quite a bit, so sometimes they run out of stuff and it’s not always easy to keep checking for things. … But after one of those years where my plants got stomped by rains, a neighbor told me about a place near us called Zimmerman’s. It’s an Amish store not 20 minutes away, and actually what would cost me $60 to $80 dollars at the other place, cost about $20-$25 there. So their prices are a lot better, and we have had great success so far too. Been using them for 4 or 5 years now. Looking to pick some up soon.

Thanks, Eric. Glad to hear you enjoyed the day too. :+1: Yep, actually a little sore tonight myself after everything I was doing, but worth it. Just nice to get a decent weekend for a change, and being out in the Sun has been quite enjoyable. :slight_smile: - But nope, no lotion here. I don’t usually use it, since I sweat a lot when I work, and constantly have to wipe my face, etc. So it doesn’t do me well to use any. :slight_smile: - We also cleaned up the car-port, and threw away some other stuff. So spring cleaning has kept us busy.


I didn’t want to be left out, so I spent a couple of hours out on my balcony transplanting some flowers from the nursery into pots. A bunch of stuff died in the snow storm we had and some other stuff that got mites, so I got a lot of new stuff this year. It’s definitely looking like spring outside now.


Yes it is. :slight_smile: … Supposed to be 78-80 today, so think winter has finally been put away for the year.

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It’s just all the tea and water you had. You will take care of it this week. :wink:

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How’s the puppers doing???

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Spring is my favorite time in the Ozarks! Last year we didn’t get one - went from snow to 90’s overnight.

This year has been normal. We planted hundreds of bulbs all around the house, gardens and creek and so much fun watching everything wake up. Also lots of flowering shrubs and trees.

First the hyacinths, daffodils and ornamental pear and redbuds. Then the iris, phlox and dogwoods.

Quince budding out, Japanese maples bright orange, roses leafing out and will be blooming soon.

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What have those poor flowers ever done to you??? :wink:

(Jane) #609

LOL! They are too pretty to look at!!

Guess I better go fix it. :smiley:

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:rofl: Maybe they like it like that.


Thanks Honey, I can only hope because I did drink quite a bit as you know. :slight_smile: But guess we’ll see next Sunday morning. :kissing_heart: Love ya…

She’s still hanging in there, thanks. With the weather heating up, I’m sure it’s not going to get better though. She has an appointment this Thursday, and I’m hoping they switch her over to a soft cast.

Yeah, hate when that happens. Like V says, she likes it when it’s around 70°, instead of jumping right into the 90’s. Also helpful with setting up the garden & soils don’t become concrete, being sun baked.

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Ooh kinky :wink:

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Those hyacinths can be a bunch of trollops.


Y’all are kinda killing my vibe, here.

I was going to buy my daughter some hyacinths, and give her a card with this poem on it.

“If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft,
And from thy slender store two loaves alone to thee are left,
Sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.”

–Moslih Eddin Saadi

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I am NEVER buying these for my daughter, now.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #617


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2 small paintings I did

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Lisa marie

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


Agree, nice Lisa Marie. :slight_smile:

Well, Shelby had a long morning. Took her back to the surgeon today, and he decided he would like to keep her in a hard cast for a couple more weeks, especially since she had issues the first time and had to have the surgery twice for the other side. … So she will go back in a couple weeks to have the soft cast put on. I was really hoping to cut out that visit for her, since it’s a long ride and just more she has to deal with, but he did make it much lighter, being he used a stiff bracket & the rest softer & lighter. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t trying to rush it, and I did agree with being on the safe side with the hard cast, but thought it also might make it a little easier on her, since she was seeming to have issues dragging the full cast around. But she’s back home now, so she should be fine though she has another 4 weeks left now. :confounded:

Here she is back home, lounging on her mattress with her new cast. :slight_smile: