Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

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Yeah, big difference between providing a crate and storing your dog in a box. That said some dogs are anxious when alone and get destructive. They may actually feel better in a crate while people are gone. It depends on the dog and situation.

And a cage does not provide the safe feeling. Cages make dogs feel vulnerable.


Thanks, @Jody22. Be picking her up in about an hour. … E-mails last night indicated I was requested to provide some GIS mapping for a meeting Friday. So I had to come in this morning to create this, since no one else here can. … So V is picking me up at 11am, so we can go over and pick her up. :slight_smile:

@Ruina Yeah, It’s just some find it more convenient for them, but I just can’t make myself cage them up, but could understand it more if someone had a Pup that was destructive or for traveling. But maybe for short time periods, like a store run, but not all day as some folks do daily. I would rather just not have the Pup than to have to keep it caged at most times. … It’s like I used to love to go to the Zoo’s growing up and see all the different animals, but really hated to see them in enclosures, knowing they would be much happier to be out in the wild with a whole lot more room and freedom. :neutral_face:

That being said, my Pups do have their ‘areas’ throughout the house they like to frequent, and once occupied, the others will leave them to it. (Corners, side of couch, couch, chair, etc.) But they don’t guard those areas by any means, they actually share them. So I’m fortunate that they do so great together, and we even get a kick out of it, watching one get up to stretch or grab a quick drink, only to come back and have one of the other two laying there now. :smile: They sometimes stop and look around like… Can you believe this! I just got up for a second? :smile: But then just go to another area and not even worry about it. - But so far, they have always behaved whenever we have to leave them alone. Though we don’t do this very often, quite rare someone isn’t home. But none of them has ever acted up or has been destructive.

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I have never crated for a long period of time, at the most an hour, but I do find it interesting that she prefers to be in the crate sometimes, usually when I get home that is where she is sleeping even though she has the run of the house.

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I do think breed makes a difference. Your doggies are independent and histoacally used to sleeping in the open. My schipperke was also quite independent and didn’t really want her crate too much. But she also didn’t get herself into trouble when I wasn’t home. If she was going to cleverly figure out how to get into the garbage she’d do it in front of me.

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This is kind of our situation. Since our Dachshunds are only about 7 months old, they can still be destructive when we aren’t watching them. I wouldn’t think of leaving them in a crate all day while we are both at work, so we got 2 of the 8 panel fences and connected them together and then to the crate. This allows them access to almost the entire den / living room area, but keeps them from getting into things. They can move about, get in the sun, get away from the sun, play, and go in the crate if they want. When we get home, the get out until we go to bed. We also get up an extra 40 mins early to let them out and burn off a little night time energy.


Well, I’ll chime in as someone who has crated her dog for most of the day. I never thought I would, but then I got my dog. I was told she was crate trained, but generally left to have the run of the house all day when her people were at work. She was four, so theoretically totally house trained and used to living with people who were gone all day at work. But after I had her a couple of weeks, she still hadn’t adjusted and was peeing or pooping on the floor nearly every day while I was a work.

I got a crate as a temporary measure until she adjusted and figured I’d just use it as a den later. While I was still putting it together, she came over and sat down it it, pleased as punch. The next day, when I left for work, I told her it was time to go and pointed at the crate and she hopped up and went in the crate. I never had to bribe her with a treat, ever. After a few weeks, she’d see me putting on my coat and shoes in the morning and she’d go in the crate of her own accord. All of this told me she was happy in her crate while I was gone, so I kept using it.

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No experience of my own with crating. But we did get a dog from boxer rescue that had to be periodically crated. She grew so anxious she had to be semi sedated each time. But a lot of dogs do seem to feel safe when crated.

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This is why I said depends on the dog and the situation.


Yeah, like I said I can see where they have their uses, and some use them for just those purposes. But I’ve seen a lot of folks who seem to use them, as well as pens, more out of convenience on their behalf opposed to the animals. … Like @ZuleikaD stated, if the Pup was already used to using one, and seen that as their ‘space’ I can see them wanting to have the option. But like the folks who live near me, who are great people by the way and we are very good friends with, the husband keeps his two Pups in this pen like almost all the time. They go nuts anytime someone actually visits them & they don’t get to run and play much at times, and for me that’s just not something I couldn’t do. I’m thinking it can’t be much fun for them to live this way. (More like being in Jail) I like the constant interactions we have with ours.

Agree with what Ruina stated, depends on the dog and situation. - Hell, my youngest two Pups (Kito and Khaleesi) hate thunder storms and freak out and drive us nuts at times during them. … They will actually go through our bedroom, and into the bathroom, where they open the sliding doors and get in the shower and stand. (And we think because they feel safe in there for some reason?) But I couldn’t even purchasing one myself, even I wanted to. 1) I have multiple large dogs. So it would not help with travel, since they’re too large to simply place in a vehicle, and 2) if they ever used them at all, I would have to have one for each Pup which ain’t happening, it would take the whole room up.


Just a quick update. I’m still battling a headache that doesn’t seem to want to go away. Shelby’s still out of it a little, mostly sleeping. But at least we have her back home. Should take a couple days to get back into it some. She’s still quite out of it. … Here she is chilling out with her new cast.

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So happy she’s home with you. At least she doesn’t have the cone of shame.

How’s the leg after driving again?


Well, we still had the cone from last time, so no additional charge for a new one, but she was very good last time and we never used it & she never chewed or anything. But we have one in case. … As for the leg, not as bad as it was the last time. I actually got up at 5am and went to work to provide an area map for a meeting on Friday, and V just picked me up 1/2 day. So I didn’t have to drive constantly this time, so I think this was helpful. :slight_smile: Thanks for asking. - But I’ve had a headache for about 7 or 8 hours now?

First one I can remember having in quite a long time too?

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Sometimes headaches reflect a need for mg or salt.


Yep, and I just realized I didn’t do a second KetoAide either, with everything going on, so you might have hit that one on the head. When fasting, I generally will do two a day. … But 10 hours later, it’s finally gone thankfully. :slight_smile:

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Happy dance Dave! You are going through so much now you don’t need a stinking headache.


Thanks, I was quite annoying indeed. May have also been to lack of rest as well, as I hadn’t sleep well in the past days and then ran around for so long. But was the first time in a while since having one. :slight_smile:

Only up presently to give Shelby her scheduled meds and hoping to get back to sleep. Was up with her until after 2am, got her outside and have only been asleep for a few hours.


Shelby’s still hating life presently. It took her a few days the last couple times to somewhat get used to dragging the log around, but think it might be even harder on her this time. Pulled out their Memory Foam Mattress from downstairs to use in the living room, when she’s not pinned off for privacy. … But her Brother and Sister don’t really bother her anyway, so it’s mostly for night time really.

I stayed up passed 2am with her, just to make sure she wasn’t having any major issues. But she just seems depressed at the moment for having to go through all this again. :slightly_frowning_face: Hope these next few months go by relatively fast for her sake, not to mention ours. Friggin’ Rain’s not helping either.

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Try making your next batch with Brussels sprouts. Amazing.

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Gentle :hugs: for Shelby - poor poppet!

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Awwww man I’m so sorry for this. Poor puppers. Gotta be hard for her, and hard for you guys to see that on her ;(

Lots of well-wishes for everyone <3