Dave's Progress Thread - Year II

(Mary) #521

I’ve read right through your thread prompted by the fact you are doing Dairy Free March. So impressive!


Thank you, appreciate it. :slight_smile: … On a side note, not sure why, but your Avatar isn’t showing, nor is it clickable? Wasn’t sure if you somehow set this up someway or if there is someone amiss here?

(Virginia ) #523

Lol… yes I did. :cold_face: And thanks for the new clothes, you always spoil me. :kissing_heart: Love ya.:heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re quite welcome. :kissing_heart:


Just throwing this in here as an update… Took Shelby up to speak with the surgeon today. He verified she did indeed blow out her ACL and she will be going into surgery tomorrow. I was actually hoping he could do it ASAP, so we can not only get it over sooner, but this way she can start healing sooner rather than later. Plus, I would much rather have her in a full cast now, than later in May, June, etc. … The heat just makes it 10 times harder on her, and us. (But mostly her) So she will be in a hard-cast for 4 weeks, and then a soft-cast for two additional weeks. … But then there’s about 3-4 months of walking her, not allowing her to run, jump, etc. So it’s still going to be for most of the Summer and possibly into Fall she will be on restriction. … So though I’m glad we are getting this done now, the unfortunate thing is that she had to be brought back home today, and another long trip will be needed early tomorrow to take her back by 7am. (He didn’t have anyone scheduled to be there through the night, as they do when they do have Pups just out of surgery, so he doesn’t allow them to be there by themselves. Which I don’t mind, because I agree with him on that. I don’t think the Pups would like being left alone, and then have to go through surgery the follow day. So I don’t mind) … So I will be taking off tomorrow and Wednesday to get all this done. - Plus I need to set the living room up with the cage barrier we have, so she will have her dedicated space for all this, as we did the first time. (Side note, he also knocked off a few hundred since she was a returning customer, so I thought that was very nice. But the bill will still be quite substantial. Roughly $2800 so far. But should be 3k or more with additional meds and visits. :pleading_face:)

(Ellen) #526

Hope all goes well with the surgery.


Thanks, we do too. :slight_smile: We just dropped her off a couple hours ago and just getting back home. (It’s a little over an hour each way) But the long drive also has my Knee feeling a little sore, so going to lay down for a bit and see if I can rest it some. … They are supposed to call later to let us know how it went, and will be picking her back up tomorrow morning. (Then the fun begins. :expressionless:)


Poor girl. My pooch sends her love. She understands how un-fun surgery and stays at the vet can be.

(Jody) #529

keeping good thoughts for her. I know you are and will be worried till you hear back.

We had to take our little one to the ER on Sunday because she couldn’t catch her breath and was panting at a SUPER fast but shallow pace. Appears she tweaked a muscle in her neck and the breathing was just a sign of distress. We got the full works … x-rays and all … and there was nothing visible so likely muscular. They give her an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer to get her breathing under control. I slept on the couch that night with her in my lap to make sure she was ok … even stayed home on Monday. Glad to report she hasn’t had any more pain meds and is acting normal!

But that wasn’t to hijack your thread … just that I know the feeling of waiting to see if you furry baby will be ok.


Thanks. Just got off the phone with the Doctor, and he said all went well and she’s resting up now. Said she had a shattered ACL, as well as a Torn Meniscus that he took care of. Also quite a bit of Arthritis that he also cleaned up while in there. … She actually had some Arthritis in the other side 4 years ago when she had the other side done twice, so I’m glad she’s going to be on the mend now. We pick her back up tomorrow 11:30am, so we will have her home sometime in the evening. … Thanks again. :+1:

No worries at all Jody, appreciate the kind words. … And not hijacking at all either. Welcome all and no matter the randomness. :slight_smile: … Also glad to hear your Pup is doing well. Believe me, these guys are used to the occasional vet visit. (besides normal yearly) We definitely keep an eye on them for abnormalities, or just anything out of the ordinary. These big furballs get outside & get to playing, anything’s possible.

Don’t get me wrong, though I love to see them having a great time outside and playing, I do cringe at times when they get a little worked up. Especially in the snow. (easiest time to get hurt, but they love it) … But I’ve also seen when the male, Kito, simply obliterated Shelby when she stepped into his path while running full out. … Looked like a semi striking a compact. When she stopped rolling, she felt it. :slight_smile:

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #531

So happy she made it through. I hope it will be successful.

Poor thing. :slightly_frowning_face:. It is hard to make an active dog still.


Thanks Iced, I hope she well too. She did the first time, and that side seems to be doing quite well. But I have wondered how much strain she might put on that other side now, with another large cast to drag around? She is 4 years older then she was the first time, but she will get lots of help from us too. :slight_smile:

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #533

When our pup hurt her leg and wouldn’t settle, we ended up having to crate her(which I hate doing) but it was the only way to get her healthy.

Sending you all my best wishes for a healthy recovery for both of you.


Thank you Ma’am. :wink: And yes, we also have an area sectioned off for her in the living room as well. I bought an 8 sided Cage back when they were little Pups, and have only used it when she was had the first surgery done. … It allows me to run it behind the couch, and then out in front and then between the TV. Basically it provides a squared off area about 6’x6’, so she has her own space with Food and Water.

It worked out pretty good last time, and it made sure she wasn’t trying anything stupid when we were asleep or just not in the room. Liking jumping up and getting on the furniture. And we basically have to walk her anytime she needs to go out. (I slept on the couch a lot that first time around) But we’ll see if it’s easier this time? :slight_smile: … Thanks again. (And no, we’ve never grated them either. Free run)

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I don’t think they would like to be grated​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Yeah, well, we don’t grate them either. :smile: … Nice catch.

Actually doing too many things at one and didn’t proof read. :smile: But I did mean indeed, crated. Though I understand their use for some (especially if they are home alone and can’t be trusted) but I just never could bring myself to use them, or pins in the yard. I want my Pups to know/feel they have free run of their house. :wink: … But if they ever did something really, really bad, I might grate their ass! :laughing:

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #537

We got one at the beginning to give her, her own space. We knew that dogs like enclosed areas for their dens. We never put the gate on it, she just kind of had an indoor dog house( yes she is spoiled). She used it take her afternoon naps and late at night she gets off the bed and she sleeps in it as long as she can see us from the crate.

Then we found an abandoned dog, contacted the owner and they said they didn’t want him, but our girl came to us dog aggressive. So we crate trained her and him and kept them living in the same house but always separated except for on walks. Until 3 months in when she accepted him as part of her pack.

But for her the crate has always been a positive, never a negative and it now makes it easier to travel with her. She still wanders in on her own and sleeps in it.

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #538

Dogs feel safe in a crate. It’s like a cave. A portable cave.


Oh yeah, I know of a couple folks who do have crates, and yep, the dogs seem to love them at times. During storms, while eating a bone, etc. I guess my meaning, or what I should have said, was more to those who seem to keep them caged at most times, and since I’ve always have multiple Pups, this would not go over well. (Like last time Shelby had this done. She did indeed make sure the other two knew it was her space.) … But it’s those who basically crate their dogs the entire day, while they are at work, or just out and about, etc. I’ve never been able to get it into my head that being stuck in such a small box all day, would be enjoyable. As a spot they can retreat to, I can see, but maybe open door?

As for outdoor Pens, I find that most that I’ve seen, simply become a place to store the dogs until you want to interact with them. I just personally like the constant interaction, and have never liked when a Pup is just chained up somewhere in the yard ether. Just too restrictive for me, and would rather enjoy them with me, instead of the occasional visit when I’m outside. I enjoy our time together more.

(Jody) #540

That’s the thing with ours. They LOVE to chase, wrestle, and fight each other (all in play), but just like that … one can get hurt. Before we had to make an emergency run to the ER vet, we were at the dog park letting them play, burn off some steam and make friends. Next thing we know … we are at the ER Vet. I want them to play and have fun, but now I will always be a little concerned about their well being. They are both Dachshunds so we already have to be careful of their long spines and the issues that they can get because of that.

I am glad your dog made it through surgery and is going to be fine!