Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Well, weigh-in is tomorrow morning, but I did get a call from our Doctor earlier. She called to let me know how my recent blood work came out. She said all the numbers look good. Said my A1C is 5.2 and all others look great. Said only thing she could even mention, is that the Vitamin D3 was/is slightly low, but said it’s not a problem and that I could simply take some of my wife’s VD3’s, since she takes it too.

So, though I can’t say what my A1C was before going Keto, since I didn’t have it checked, even at 320 lbs. any physicals and Doctor visits I did, I always came back with good numbers. Blood Pressure was usually normal, and to my knowledge, everything else was always fine. … The only real thing I was ever spoken to about, was the possibility of having Sleep Apnea. But again, this was simply based off the fact a person who is overweight, has higher chance of having it. And it is something they really look at, when that person has a CDL. But hell, someone who just has a large neck is prone, and doesn’t matter what weight they are? etc. So I never had it checked, so never found out if I had it or not? :man_shrugging:

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Oh Dave…


Kind-of left out some characters there didn’t ya? :smile: … Let’s hope we avoid that though. :smile:

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Dave, I hope you and @DoggieMom get to enjoy the mid-Atlantic weather today. Looking like it is going to be very nice.

I’m trying to make an effort to follow Dr. Paul Mason’s advice to get some sun exposure before 10 am and after 2 pm on these weekend days. Been trying at work as well but too cold many days. What good is it I have to have long sleves on? And of course, the damn rain.


Actually, we’re prepping to head out here just shortly. She wants to visit a couple stores and maybe pick something up for a Wedding we are attending Saturday. … But I hear ya about getting out. Besides the weather being so damp and crappy, it will be indeed nice to get out in the Sun for a change.

(I’ll have to check out the video when I get back. Don’t think I’ve seen this one yet?) … He has one on fiber intake that I found quite interesting as well. I’ll have to locate & post it sometime.

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Oldest daughter @Hopeoftheflame and I are going to our open air mall when they open and walk a little. My foot is wonky so we will just do 1 lap. The we will sit outside with some coffee or espresso and people watch and get some sun.

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Gorgeous day here in northern Arkansas!

Going to work outside most of the day and finish getting the chicken run ready for our chicks. They are still in the basement and I’ve been lowering the temps in there gradually to get them ready to move outside in a couple of weeks.

Nice to have mild temps and a sunny day - going to do a bit of sun worshiping this morning. :sunglasses: :sun_with_face:


Sounds nice on both accounts. :slight_smile: :+1: … We just got back and though it’s Sunny, it’s also Windy still, and only 45° so not as nice as it could be. (But it’s coming!) … I didn’t think it was too bad, but V froze the whole time, even while in the stores. But she did pick up three nice outfits to wear.

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Same here. I did sit in the sun without a coat so that I could get some sunlight on my arms and face. I just kept reminding myself I’m converting regular fat to brown fat.


Yep, same here. I didn’t have a coat on either, like most times but also only a short-sleeve shirt. But being in the Sun was nice. V’s always cold and pretty much shivered the entire time we were gone. At least it wasn’t raining! We’ve definitely seen our share of that in the past year or so. :+1:


Week 42: Ok, so thankfully the trend is still going in the right direction. Shows -2 lbs. for the week, so that’s better then a plus anytime. … My Knee is still bothersome, but I believe a lot better than it was. I just need to be mindful when getting up or turning, since I’ve had a jolt a few times simply turning the wrong way, agitating the Inner Meniscus, which brings the soreness back some at times. But I think the inflammation is better too. Still present, but not as bad as it was. Hoping it continues to improve in time.

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YAY, WTG!!! :slight_smile: That’s great. :slight_smile:

Glad your knee is doing better Honey. :slight_smile:
Love ya. :kissing_heart:


Thanks, love ya too. :kissing_heart:

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Trend is moving in the right direction. Nice to see it moving downward again.

It has been a bit of an interesting n=1 view of how surgery has affected some one on the ketogenic diet. I realize probably not from you perspective😳. But for future ketonians to see and know what to expect it’s good data and info.

I know your leg has been on the mend. Glad you are overall feeling better.

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Dave, did you buy a seat cushion? I’m glad it’s on the mend too!

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It’s been a slow journey back to where you were before your hernia surgery. Like @Iced said - good for future reference for any of us who may be faced with surgery in the future.

But, you are almost there and you had a good week!

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Some how it double posted sorry


Yes Ma’am, I glad that it is indeed. :slight_smile: … And not a problem. I hope nobody here has to ever go through surgery or the like, but if it’s indeed helpful to any, that’s just a major plus! :wink:

No, not yet. My Son’s vehicle, which he got back out of the shop & we use for work, you can actually adjust the seat, so the front is lowered to where it doesn’t cut upward into the leg. But I will be looking into them for my Jeep at work. Just haven’t really been anywhere. :slight_smile: Probably check Amazon.

Thanks, Jane. I have to admit, I have wondered where I might be at if I hadn’t had to have that surgery and the trend continued uninterrupted to this point? I’m guessing probably somewhere over the -100 lb. mark? … But then again, it still doesn’t bother me that I had to, considering I’m still heading there and will do that very thing soon enough. So the only thing that changed, was the timeframe. :slight_smile:

If anything, it was the 87 lb. loss in just 7 months that apparently forced me to have the surgery sooner rather than later. Since I didn’t have the extra weight helping to hold in place any longer. … But if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m glad I’ve had it done now, so it can start the healing process, while I continue to do the same for the rest of me. :slight_smile: - If anything, it’s a true testament to just how well switching over to this WOE/WOL can truly be. And if anything, maybe the benefits of IF/EF I enjoy doing so much, may even play a role with the overall healing process as well? :slight_smile:

Thanks again folks. You all are much appreciate. :+1:

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I’d probably be wondering the same thing. But the surgery was another avenue toward the same goal. So pause on one front so you can go forward with more strength. Like a baseball player. You have to swing the bat bacwards so you can swing forward with more power.


Thanks, Ruina. And yep, that indeed makes sense. :slight_smile: … I can also say I’m pretty sure going through the surgery itself was probably much easier/better after dropping that weight and being healthier overall. So just another reason for seeing this as a Win/Win for switching over to this WOL. :slight_smile: