Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


Ok, so yesterday marked that I’m now 3 months in to switching over to a Keto Lifestyle. My 3-month Keto Check-up says I’m now down a total of 51 pounds and all seems to be going well. :slight_smile:

Actually, the only major issue I’ve even had is simply keeping my pants up! :laughing: I can say that having to flip-to-fit my pants (Meaning flipping the entire belt loop area over to tighten them) can be a bit of a pain, but worth it. I’ve gone down nearly two pant sizes, where I was wearing 44’s, I’m now getting in 40’s, albeit snuggly. So I’m still trying to use the flipped 42’s but hope I will be passing them along here shortly. … Luckily, we didn’t get rid of all the older jeans of yesteryear, and have been going through them, laying out those that may be coming back into use here shortly. - Shirts, not so much. Those I did have that were fitting tightly are already back in use, but I think I will just have to bare the baggy look for a while, before thinking of going out and picking up more. And now that my wife and son have both joined in, this is a household event for us all. :slight_smile:

My break-down thus far…

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Well since this is your thread and you suffer from the same “sweat gene” as me I’ll drop this here…

I treated myself to a 30-min sauna at a local yoga studio last week when I was fasting. It was right after work when I normally would be thinking of food so it was a nice treat plus a distraction. My husband drove down from Arkansas to spend the weekend with me so I decided to book us a couples 30-min sauna.

As soon as I felt the first bead of sweat actually running down my body I looked over and my husband hadn’t even broken a sweat. Not even glistening yet. We had gotten there a few min early so the sauna wasn’t up to temp yet - was around 107 and climbing.

I sat there with water running down me in little rivulets and finally saw teeny tiny beads of sweat on hubby’s back. Was another 5 minutes before I saw the first one roll down his back. By then the small towel I was wiping my face with was soaked.

It’s ok for guys to sweat like I do - you are SUPPOSED TO!!!

No fair for a woman to sweat buckets!!! Very unladylike… :cry: :sweat:

Fortunately the only one I care about what they think - my husband - just laughs at me and says I have “an efficient cooling system”.


Yep, it’s the same with me and my wife. She doesn’t sweat much, or should I say it takes a lot to get her to. I keep a few dozen sweat towels that I use when working. I’ll just wring them out as I work, and water just pours out. But V will bring me a new one from time to time, usually with a cold drink. :slight_smile:

Glad you liked your sauna. I’ve heard people find them relaxing. :slight_smile:


Well, thought I was going to feast tonight, but I sure don’t feel like I did? I finally got to make the Taco’s I’ve been wanting to try, and made three different kinds. Then had some pickles and olives and followed that with a small piece of Strawberry infused Cheesecake. And though it seemed like a lot, I felt barely full?

I just told my wife yesterday that as much as I like to create recipes and enjoy eating good food, I couldn’t honestly say when the last time I was actually hungry? My last fast, which was for 120 hrs. (5 days), I was looking forward to eating something that last night, but It still wasn’t ‘hunger’. … Think I will just fast for a few days after tonight, not sure if it will be all week, just going to play it by ear and see where it takes me. But if anything, I’ve been trying to use weekends for making stuff or trying out recipes I want to make. The work week is easier to fast for me, and almost feels the most natural for me at this time too. … Just rambling…

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I fast also during the week when I am not home.

I am working from home this week (a rarity for me) so neither of us will be fasting this next week.

I cooked enough today for an army so we will need to work down the leftovers in the fridge this week anyway.

Happy fasting!


Thank you, ma’am. I hope it goes well. They are calling for some hot weather this week, but supposed to cool down a little toward the end of the week. Plus, thinking of taking off Thursday/Friday to enjoy a long weekend.

I will probably still be helping make some meals for the family this week, and might put together another cake later in the week. :slight_smile: Just not sure which one? The wife is already saying I can just make a full sized version of the Strawberry infused Cheesecake I made this past week. And this is coming from someone who usually only takes a bite of mine, and doesn’t eat anymore since she finds it too rich! :smile:


Well, still fasting, but boy my leg still hurts from 2 mornings ago. Monday morning I woke with the worst leg cramp in my right leg. It took a few minutes to get it to stop, and my calf is still hurting. Feels like someone shot a golf ball out of a shotgun, hitting me right in the middle of my calf, and feels like it’s still in there. … Also, the past two mornings, I’ve had some more leg cramping waking me early, but not nearly as bad? - I’ve been trying to make sure to get enough supplementing in, but think I’m still falling short. Nearly 86 hrs. in & feel fine, except the pain in my calf muscle. - Why the hell do cramps target legs anyway? Usually between 3 am to 4:30 am.

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Oh I’ve had those cramps and they’re evil! A couple of times my left calf muscle has cramped so hard that it’s turned into a lacrosse ball and hurt like hell for over a week after :slightly_frowning_face:

Hope yours feels better soon.


Yep, I was thinking golf ball, but you may be correct with lacrosse ball! Feels like a knot in the center of the calf, and I’ve been feeling it for the past couple days. Though it’s slightly somewhat better this morning, I’m definitely still feeling it though. Had me up this morning at 4 am, drinking a ketoAide, and think I may add an extra one in on days of fasting. (Usually do two a day, but think I can add a third in.) :slight_smile: Thanks

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Do you eat a lot of spinach? I started to get calf cramps (but not nearly that bad) a few weeks in and starting eating spinach, and have had no more problems.


Yeah, I actually try to. But didn’t have any this week, since I fasted from last Sunday night until tonight. 96 hrs. But I usually make my salads with them. I’ve actually added an extra 1/2 tbsp. Magnesium Citrate to my KetoAide tonight, so hope it helps. … But I will be getting more spinach tomorrow, to have it here.

Also taking one calcium tablet to help with this too, so might add another starting tomorrow. I think they recommend 2 to 4 for adults, but I was only taking one each night. … I would love to sleep in for once! :slight_smile:

(Jane) #33

What is this “sleeping in” you speak of???

I could do it with style as a teen and young adult… now… not so much. ~le sigh~


Yeah, well, tell the 3 furry kids we have that! … Even If I do manage to sleep in without cramps waking me they still want to go out early morning. Sometimes in the middle of the night! :smile:

But yes, the quote ‘sleeping in’ is slowly fading away…

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I slept in today - until hubby walked in to get clothes and the door squeaked. WD40 to the rescue. Hopefully, tomorrow…

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Eat spinach!!!


Yep, I definitely plan to. Just need to get some first. :slight_smile: That will be tomorrow.

Also, I plan to do some baking tomorrow as well. I want to make another Cheesecake to freeze, in thin slices, just to have something here if needed. Just not sure which? That’s still being debated!


Well, this caught me a little off guard. I thought after eating out last night, and eating half a 23oz. Porterhouse, with quite bit of Mushrooms and Onions, and finishing it off for my lunch today, I would see lower numbers? I did work in the yard pretty much all day after lunch and only ate a spinach salad for dinner. But my number was actually 1.6 … I just figured I may have overdone the protein some, and maybe kicked me down a bit? But I was pleasantly surprised to see my number at least this high. :slight_smile:

Not sure why I even checked? Just started thinking about it, and thought would have a very low number.


Well, been laid up all day feeling like crud. Started feeling bad Saturday night, and it just got worse. Don’t think it’s Keto Flu or anything, maybe did too much the other day outside? … Just hoping to feel better tomorrow. Sucks.

(Jane) #40

Sorry you are feeling puny - hope you feel better soon!