Cyclical keto diet

(Jenna Ericson) #41

I can see a cyclical keto diet being good in that sometimes people feel burnt out from keto, or that they are lacking the energy they once had. I’ve heard Thomas Delauer talk about cycling in and out of keto for similar reasons.

I think there’s a distinction to be made regarding restriction verses discipline. Restriction is a form of discipline, but dietary, or caloric restriction is not always the way to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

(Robin) #42

Sounds like you need to try adding some carbs to see how you feel. But only make one change at a time and give it a few weeks (at least) to know how the change has affected you.

You would not be the first person who needs to add more carbs in order to thrive physically and/or mentally.
You got this.

(Brian) #43

LOL!! That’s life, and not just the diet / what we eat.

It does kinda sound like you’re missing something that you need on keto. Lots of people have just the opposite happening, mental clarity coming forward after dropping off the carbs.

I do know of a few people who have mentioned that they need to add enough veg to their carnivore diet to keep them from oxalate dumping, that kind of thing, but they’re adding stuff like a little sweet potato or field pies, that kind of thing, not jelly donuts and sugar cookies. :wink:

Perhaps some individual experimentation is in order for you, N=1 style. All the best to you as you figure out what’s best for you!

(Eve) #44

@robintemplin. Very sound advice Robin. I haven’t actually made any changes yet, but if / when l do, it will be very small.and slow and will not include.any grains or legumes, at least not for a few months. So no jelly doughnuts :sweat_smile:.
It is reassuring to hear that some people need a bit extra beyond the keto diet - doesn’t make me feel such a keto failure!
And thanks to you and Brian for the encouragement.

(Eve) #45

I went to the gp to discuss anti depressants etc and she suggested l go back on the carbs rather than tweaking drugs. I strongly objected, stating that l did not want to ever go back to the level of carbs l used to eat, and for at least some time longer, had no intention of even adding some back in. Fortunately she acquiesced and let it go!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #46

We hear that a lot. ‘Go on, have some cake, you’ll feel much better.’
it’s what we’re up against.
Can feel like it’s us against the World! I like a challenge :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s cheat MEAL, not cheat DAY! If your macros are correct otherwise, (a) cheat meal isn’t going to derail your progress.

(Kirk Wolak) #48

If you are measuring your blood ketones and glucose…
Give it a try.
For me, it was a resounding FAIL…
One MEAL on Friday would jack up my glucose for 3-5 days, and keep me out of ketosis for up to 5 days. I learned I had to add a bunch of exercise and fasting to cut down the damager.

To be clear. If you are trying to make progress. This is like throwing away 5 days of progress, each week, and then barely getting 2 days of progress…

Worse… The more I did it… The LONGER the recovery seemed to take (It started at 3 days, then 4 days, then 5 days).

As someone else said, unless you are stable at your goals… I’d be cautious.
Finally, with my food addictions… It’s a slippery slope.
I’ve written in the past about a big pattern:
Keto Treats (Artificial Sweeteners) -> Keto Binges -> Real Binges -> Falling off the wagon.

The number of times I’ve read that story…
And the UTTER refusal of people to acknowledge their “addicts” (my neighbors wife joined us, started losing, but got trapped EVERY MONTH in the above cycle, gave up, became T2D, and is now taking insulin…“Because I can eat what I want”… And you can picture what her health actually looks like…)


I can’t use sweeteners. They don’t make me binge, but they make me stall.

(Eve) #50

I have yet to drop out of ketosis so don’t know how long it will take to get back. But l am certainly going to give it a try and see what happens. Also unsure know whether increasing carbs a little will be enough the flare up digestive issues. Don’t do the artificial stuff as most isn’t very healthy. And don’t really have a sweet tooth anyway, fortunately!

(Eve) #51

As they say, lnjust need to give it a go and see what happens…!


This is exactly why I said I wouldn’t even consider this until hitting healthy target weight and reversing all metabolic diseases symptoms. (T2, BP, apnea, all other asociated diseases with being well overweight).

But when maintaining at ideal weight, after maybe a year to years plus; us omnivores may benefit cyclical now and then…probaly not every week though, true.

As long as not processed crap you’re eating.
I would maybe allow myself crap once or twice a year, and by that I mean a crap takeaway pizza, or other takeawy fast food…not like a nice Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (which I don’t count as crap, but only happens once a year)…

(Eve) #53

I am not looking to lose weight, however your comment about waiting until all other issues are resolved is a very good one. I still have gut problems which are much better but not there yet. So l think l will heed your advice and wait - thanks!
Yes l agree re the crap - l define it as anything I have not made myself, so ALL prepared foods, crisps etc etc etc. Christmas Dinner is just a lovely, healthy, high carb meal, as long as it is all made at home. So in my book, higher carb is not crap, just high carb!

(Bacon enough and time) #54

This is what Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery say they see in their lab, and with their fitness clients. They discuss this in the video I posted earlier in this thread.

(Kirk Wolak) #55

Thank you, I will watch it now.
But it is so AWESOME that this information is getting researched and published.

There is so much BAD advice out there about Cycling Keto.
Even Dairy and “Net Carbs” are just the wrong approach for so many people.

As I deal with my CIRS, I know that not all inflammation is from diet.
And that diet cannot fix an allergic environment, etc. So it doesn’t fix everything.
But understanding the basics… AND YOUR specific body/requirements is so important.

I really appreciate everything this group, you, Robin, Fangs, and everyone who
takes the time to share… I hope people realize what value lays in these pages!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #56

I’ve known my plumber for ages but we never discussed food, turns out he does ‘Cyclical Keto’ and IF.
He started off full Keto but nowadays prefers some carbs 2 days a week, but only on workout days. He believes he lost muscle when 100% Keto

(Robin) #57

Perfect example of we each find our own way, our own path.

(jr bob dobbs) #58


Meat/bacon/eggs 7 days a week.

Sweet potato 2-4 days a week, depending.

Otherwise my gym, kayak, and ruck sessions are totally useless and terrible.

(David Cooke) #59

It’s easy to lose muscle on long aerobic workouts.

(B Creighton) #60

For two years now I have been doing keto in the fall and over the winter. When I do keto I do intermittent fasting 3 days per week, and up my protein with protein smoothies, and a higher protein breakfast with pasture raised eggs on my non-fast days. My goal is actually not to lose weight - that was only my first year. I actually want to gain some weight now. I want to gain about another 15 pounds of muscle, and maybe lose a few more pounds of fat. I am weighing in right now at my lowest weight in over 30 years of 174 lbs in the morning.

I have never really tried a weekly keto cycle as a thing. Personally, I think it is too much work to get into ketosis, to blow it with a meal or two. However, I did up my carbs on purpose after my workouts to spike my insulin - that promotes protein synthesis and uptake, and new muscle growth. It also pushes supplemental creatine into the cells. So, if you are going to do this weekly cycling, you may consider these things.