Cyclical keto diet

(Allie) #21

I do this whenever I feel like it, but have been doing this for a lot of years and have no issues with carb / sugar addiction. It does make me a bit “fluffy” but easy to fix when I tighten things up again. Whether it’ll work for you is very much an individual thing.

(David Cooke) #22

I was 100% Keto for two years (<20gm), then decided to try carbs before and during a 21 K race. It worked! However the slippery slope was waiting for me and the cravings returned. Still not back yet So I’d think about it before you break the oath!

(Robin) #23

As per usual… some of us can go that route and some can’t. I’ll be curious as to your results if you try it.

(Joey) #24

@0cac544b99285298bde6 Wonderful question for this crowd!

First, putting aside the potential for renewed cravings and unraveling otherwise hard-gained healthy eating habits, I would be inclined to reply as follows:

Eating carbs one day a week is far better than eating carbs seven days a week. Assuming it doesn’t produce an unhealthy outcome and/or undermine your longer term goals, then go for it!

But … the practical challenge for many folks comes with the difficulty in keeping the taste buds in check. And having carbs in the house and re-triggering those carb cravings (under stress, lack of sleep, feeling crappy, etc.) can undermine the practicality of trying to restrain carbs to 1 day/weekly.

YMMV. :vulcan_salute:

(Eve) #25

Thanks everyone for your comments - as usual, very individual and informative.
In answer to some of your questions/ comments - I do not need to lose weight so that would not be an issue as to when / whether, l tried a bit more carb. My partner does not eat keto so there are always biscuits, bread,.pasta, etc , in the house, and l have never had any trouble resisting them becuase l have never had a sweet tooth or carb addiction . So if l ate some more starchy veg l don’t think it would be a slippery slope for me.
The reason l am contemplating it is to help my gut biome and mental health, both of which would benefit from a few more carbs, and a greater variety of plants, albeit in very small quantities. I haven’t decided yet, but may inch forward a wee bit every now and again with some prebiotic veg, and see what happens …

(Joey) #26

For gut biome, real fermented veggies (kraut, pickles, kimchi) are ideal. But generally speaking, other carbs invite proliferation of aerobic bacteria, not the anaerobic kind (e.g., lactobacillus) which are believed to promote good digestive health.

As for mental health, that’s about as individual as anything could be. If eating carbs somehow makes you feel more stable, uplifted, positive, and relaxed, go for it. They don’t seem to have such effects on most folks around here. :wink:


I’ve heard of it, but never been. A guy I work with sometimes lives in Weston and he goes there, but from West Roxbury it’d be a hike, although he’s always trying to get me to check it out. According to him at least (not sure how reliable that is) he says it’s like they took a Crossfit, took out all the stupid, and made it about movement and performance but actual (correct) strength training? Sounds kinda cool! Mobility and functional movements is definitely something I always lack with my training.

(Jenna Ericson) #28

That’s awesome, small world! They like to hear feedback so I passed along what you said and the owner says that’s good to hear! They’re great there. I’ve been going on and off for about 3 years now and wouldn’t know anything about strength training if it wasn’t for them.

(Eve) #29

I can’t eat fermented veg at the moment becuase the high histamine and acid is too much for my system. The mental part links into serotonin production.


Maybe just Friday night?


(Eve) #31

… along with some fermented grapes :grapes::wink:


The Lord commanded, we can only be thankful.


Is there a difference to cheat days? I tried cheat days once a week. Does not work for keeping the weight down for me.

(Jenna Ericson) #34

how rude!


Huh? It’s humorous.


I am.

Good intentions though… :smiley:

(Bacon enough and time) #37

Funny, I’d have thought the exact opposite, but then, you know your body best.

(Bacon enough and time) #38

For that we need the amino acid tryptophan. In The Hacking of the American Mind, Robert Lustig explains that the brain converts tryptophan into serotonin, the problem being that serotonin is also needed in the rest of the body, as well, so it takes a fair amount of tryptophan in our food, in order to make sure enough gets through the blood-brain barrier so the brain can make the serotonin it needs.

(Eve) #39

Unfortunately, as l have posted several times now, the keto diet has caused a noticeable and persistent drop in my mental health. I had hoped it would pass but it hasn’t and so l can only conclude that in my case, some carbs may be needed. Its knowing how much to add back in which is the problem and of course l am worried that l will lose the physical benefits. Why does life have to be so complicated at times!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #40

My partner has made several attempts at starting a low carb diet, I’ve had to bite my tongue times.
She hopes to reduce the depression and anxiety meds.
When she gets low, or even when not low! her friends will say ‘Go on, have some cake, you’ll feel much better’ … and she does! Not for long though.
Not helping I know … But what did carbs ever improve?