Cyclical keto diet

(Eve) #61

Thanks. Interesting things to consider. When you upped your carbs after a workout, did that kick you out of ketosis?
I am still not sure whether the benefits I have found from the keto WOE are due to being in ketosis or just dropping the carbs alot.

(B Creighton) #62

There was a time when it seemed like my strength and muscle gains kind of stalled so I upped my carbs a little more, and introduced a choc coconut oil fat bomb I spiked with about 3 gr of GABA per serving I used just as I started my workout. Then my gains improved a little more. I was also eating a whole red grapefruit in my breakfast. By that time my ketones were trace, and may have dropped to about nil once or twice, but I would say I basically remained in ketosis, because I didn’t gain the glycogen and water weight until I stopped keto. However, at that time I began a lot of walking and aerobic type of activity, so that weight came right back off, and then continued back down another 15 pounds or so. So with even probably about 60 g of carbs per day, I was staying in trace ketosis I would say, but that def affected ie slowed my fat loss. But since I had become fat adapted, even when I went low carb, the fat just fell off with a good amount of aerobic exercise.


Around 60 carbs is what I use as maintenance. I still drop a pound here and there, and I still eat a lot of fat and protein. I haven’t measured Ketones in years.

(Robert) #64

It took almost five years of keto to feel like it was okay to try out some cycling with carbs. It is still quite a challenge to get back into keto, and also what about those carb cravings! But now, oddly, more relaxed about it, probably because not the first time.


I googled again. I only ever found cyclical keto being totally impossible for me (not like I want to try it ever) as it has very carby, very low-fat days regularly.
So it’s not just adding some more carbs.

I can add plenty of carbs (it’s usually a bad idea so I rarely do it) but I can’t reduce my fat intake. Especially if I raise my carbs. But as I don’t seem to need more carbs, it’s all well.