Collagen benefits accidentally realized

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This sounds very good Virginia!! I will listen! I was looking for a workout yesterday to sort of take the place of my bands, but I also did not want to give them up! I can’t believe you found this, and, shared it with me! I love the band workout because I can sort of, workout with the gal on streaming! The one you bought sound just about perfect as far as getting to do something every day, be led to do something.

That gal I show the video on at my new thread, had her daughter training her, how nice that would be, but I know I can’t afford a Personal trainer, geesh!! :wink: This sounds really good, and I will check it out this a.m. as I already had 2nd thoughts about going back to the gym. I really have done so well working out at home, got the routine, and hate to lose it, change it up yes, but not stop working out here at home :grin: Thank you so much, Denise :partying_face:

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Resitance Training will help tremendously. Chuck out the collagen and take lots of vit C, Lysine and Proline, precursors to Collagen as well as having a positive effect on Lp(a). I am just now setting up an experiment to show that not only can I manipulate Lp(a) but APOB as well. Adding muscle, even while fasting looks like this. In less than 10 days I will be 60.

I would say get informed about how muscle develops and get this book, not only about glutes but the entire body: [The Glute Lab]

Yes, I did reverse nearly 20 years of osteoporosis with extrended 5 day fasts 4-6 weeks apart over the course of 18 months while lifting HEAVY weights. I have dropped the heavy fasting but still lift the heavy weights and maintain good bone heath. From the picture can you tell when I started Keto and Fasting?

When I say lift heavy I mean it. More reps are the place to start. Either more weight or more reps each lifting day. I was using a different tracker 2016-early 2018 but this shows my over all lifts, just under 50 million pounds since late 2018.

This year my focus is my glutes and legs. Hurts my knees. 3 weeks ago I wa savergaing 147 pounds a rep. 1 week ago 157 pounds per rep. Yesterday? HAHAHAHA 207 pounds!!! I jumped 50 pounds!! I have to pull that backl a bit, my knee tendon is really sore.

You must keep in mind I was dioagniosed with a 10 x 10 x 12mm disk herniation, one of 7 at L5-S1 which had me pronounced permentatly disabled and severely addicted to oxycontin- legally 300 mg a day. Legally. WHo knows how much I took? I don’t all I know is I ran out all the time. In 2019 I paid out of pocket for an MRI. THese were gone. Still bulging and some osteophytes and no way to gain back the inch of height I lost. SO I am only 6’1" these days, but it is still a win.

BTW I had William Raasch chief surgeon to the Brewers and Bucks in Milwaukee do my rotator cuff, labrum and surgery in September 2023. I was not to lift until February. I started in November. 1 pound weights. Resitenace bands. I would lock my arm in place and focus on the healthy muscles allowing th ehealing muscles movement and progressive overload. My Bicep tendon should look like a rope, instead it was this mess and impossible to repair.

If you want to know what a jacked 60 year old looks like, there are photos elsewhere in the forums. WHat I am saying is you can do this. Steadfast and consistency win the game.


I’m actually CST. But I am free any time of my day except for when I go to the gym. So really I can walk whenever I want to.

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Hey @marklifestyle, you’re awesome, I thought I remember right :wink: Thanks so much sharing this as I can use it all myself as well!! Denise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you that is kind. I was interviewed on the Boundless Body Podcast with Casey Ruff.

I can be found at minute markers 1:01:46 and 2:02:29.

This is in regards to The Collabortive Science Conference Fundraiser in Vegas for Citizen Scientists.

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Good mornin @Just_Juju, keep us posted when you get the chance, I so want to see the improvement I totally believe is possible.

I’ll never forget the look on my MD’s face when he saw my new A1c’s had dropped significantly. He first said “wow, the Metformin is working for you” and I had to get honest and tell him I had never taken it. Then I told him about my Keto and he and his nurse were pretty much over-the-moon about me actually changing my whole nutrition lifestyle + plus exercise :wink:

Denise :partying_face:

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Oh I’ll watch that too Mark, just so awesome! I’m so encouraged!! Denise

Hey Mark, do you know the time-mark where you are interviewed? I’d love to just skip to that if possible, just for now, I would probably listen to more when I am less excited about talking to folks on here :wink: Denise

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it is listed just below the link… 1:01:46 and 2:02:29 both are between 12 and 15 minutes long


First of all, Mind. Blown. I’m almost scared to have hope. I haven’t found anyone in three years with firsthand experience. I’m so glad I found you. And you did all of this without taking the osteo drugs??

My T-scores are -3.7. Way, way worse than your lowest. I wonder if it’s possible to do what you did from such a lower score??? My doctors told me that while it can be reversed I probably would only be able to get to a -2.5., so still osteo but not severe. I believe “pre-osteo” is anything between a -1.0 and -2.5. I need to dig myself out of a -3.7 :persevere:

At 56 years I was a -3.6. Then after a faithful year of PT it fell to the -3.7. My spirit was crushed. I’m actually terrified whenever I have to drive a car. My doctor said “be careful because getting hit from behind by another car could snap your spine.” I can’t tell if she was just trying to scare me into taking the drugs or not. I know she adamantly believes I need them and wants me to take it. She said I’m young enough to handle any side effects. I just don’t trust that they really know what they think they do about the drugs because they get their beliefs from pharmaceutical studies and claims, and then they don’t follow a proper scientific approach to follow all the long-term results closely enough for the patients they do treat. Just the bone density improvement alone. It amazes me how the scientific process just crumbles around medical specialists these days. I’m really scared of the side effects. I’ve already seen first hand how the benefits of one drug can lead to side effects far worse than what you were treating. I was on 40mg Omeprazole every day for 13 years straight so that I could eat without a gallbladder. 2-6 months is the most you should ever take that drug but even my GI told me it was OK. It led to one of the youngest severe cases of osteo they have ever seen. It was not worth taking the omeprazole. So now I ask what side effects of osteo meds will be worse than my bone loss? How can I not distrust them?

I can’t believe you had a way to chart this and show such an radical improvement with your DEXA scans. If this is indeed possible I want to do it. Badly. I’ll be buying that book today too.

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Oh great! I appreciate it Mark, sorry I missed seeing you had given it :wink: Denise

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Ok on your timezone @Just_juju :wink: Denise

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Between 2008 and 2013 I took the drugs. I got worse. Not everyone has the spectacular results I have had. Meagan Ramos has had her issues with osteoporosis but never did the protocol I did. I also tested HGH as a marker for autophagy but instead of it rising, mine dropped. Yet I was healing. My docs told me -T1.9 was Stage One Osteoporsis and under that Osteopinia. I just looked and the scale has changed to -T1.0 to -T2.5. but I do have access to all my records into the early nineties. image I have always had low D3 and took it for years but never raised mine and I practically live in the sun. SO that part is hard to say.

I also took D3, K2 and electrolytes. Why? Because when they test your magnesium et al they are checking blood levels. If you are low your blood will leech this from the bones. I figured it couldn’t hurt. Still don’t know if it helped but I currently take SALLT from Keto Chow ( I am an affilaite in honest disclsure) but really any of the daily electrolyte packs should work.

I kept my alternative sweetners very low. I ate lots of fat but as I lifted more and more I dropped the fat by taste and ate more protein. My protein intake is about 27% these days. DO NOT TAKE CALCIUM. If you feel you need it make bone marrow soup. Calcium gets intothe heart and does bad things there in my expereince. for inspiration only:

That was 2014 pre keto.

This was Vegas for CoSci . I will be 60 in less than 10 days

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Baby steps @Just_Juju, I don’t know anything about levels of osteo, I just know mine is in the beginning so I have none of the fears at this point. What I can relate to is being on a drug, and faithfully took it for too many years to even say how many. It’s the only drug I take, and I am one, full year into my taper from it, 1 mg I’m very lucky that was all I was ever willing to take.

I’m only just above halfway and it’s taken me a year because I refused to sick, and maybe bedridden like several of my peers on another forum that is my support group for tapering off a drug. Keto and exercise have played a huge part in that, and I would stick with us here to encourage you, but I can’t say about the meds. I would just say do “only” what you can. I think walking is the best exercise, and safest, but that’s only for me, you have to decide, and listen to your body.

I have to be super careful as well especially because of my age, and only starting my real “walking” exercise, then resistance bands after I tried the gym and didn’t get the routine down. I like working out at home, if feels much safer, and my own equipment. I live in a 550 sq ft apartment, but it works well for me :slight_smile: Denise

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You look fantastic @marklifestyle :partying_face: , all the hard work pays off, and especially with reversing the bone-loss. @Just_Juju 's is pretty bad, but I thought the walking for her to work on might be best, feedback for anyone at all for Juju would be so welcome. Can you help too @VirginiaEdie?? Virginia has also helped me so much, especially encouraging, this site is a real jewel, Denise

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Oh I get it: My wife, who “egged” me on into ketogenic lifestyle in 2016 has not had the same success as I have. She did at first losing 85 pounds. But then other things happened. Her HOMA-IR is 0.87. Her Trigs to HDL is 0.9 and fasting insulin is 1.2 iUI/ml. Yet she gained weight back. SHe was post menapausal at 27 and is currently 47. She struggles with Lipedema, fibromyalgia and elhlers danols as well as bi-polar and mental clarity. Her GKI averages 2.8. How da fuq is she not healthier?

Her Agatston Score is a ■■■■■■■ zero. We are in contact with Siobahn and Lesyn at Lipedema Project, Lynee Farrow of Iodine Protocol, Dr Rudin of Ehlers Danlos in the Midwest and so on. She just came back into the gym last week after 18 month layoff.

Yes walking is perfect place to strengthen legs, core and back. As you increase then length of your walks or failing to do that increase the speed. It is always about porgessive overload to build better musculature.

We will figure this out. We have some of the best people in the ketoshpere helping us decode this riddle. But it is awfully slow going for her

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I think what is best for me is to add some dumbells to my equipment, luckily have my nice weight bench, and start trying some different routines like they have on Mindpumps that @VirginiaEdie told me about:)

Then I can do the bands as well, maybe a cross between the two :wink: Any feedback on what to start with as far as purchasing a couple dumbells would be so appreciated. I have a couple but they are not heavy enough for me. I want to push myself just a little, and start doing the dumbells the way @PaulL has taught me and that is to do reps up to the point of “failure”. I mean until I literally can’t do another.

This will be all upper body for now, but I can also do squats and lunges for lower. I have to get those days of “repair” in between though, and so far so good doing just resistance bands every other day. That routine is full body. I’m also going to take some “before” photos, oh how I dread that but maybe I could just put a pic of a sort of enlarged toothpick :woozy_face::joy: Denise

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@Just_Juju @Saphire

I’ve shared this before, but will again. I started taking collagen for hair loss when I first began losing weight. I lost hair every time I lost a lot of weight, not just keto. (Keto three plus years now)

A life long large dark spot on my cheek disappeared in year 2. My nails are also strong and healthy (my toenails are no longer yellow and thick and ugly) and wrinkles have significantly lessened.

But here’s the thing that convinced me that something vital is being replaced, as a post menopausal woman…Aside from getting my head of hair back, my underarm, leg, and pelvic hair also grew back.
Fun Fact: Many women my age enjoy the benefit of no longer needing to shave our legs etc anymore.) Mine is back with a vengeance. And I’ll take it!

Because this tells me collagen is counteracting the effects of losing my youthful hormones. It’s the one thing I tell my younger friends to start now.

That’s my testimonial and I’m sticking to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Hippie, I can’t apologize enough :frowning: I somehow got your thread confused with my own, and got it way off track. Please forgive me.


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Hi Robin,

Thanks for your post, I got way off topic of collagen, and hope @Hippie sees my apology :woozy_face:

Anyway, I am hoping to get my new jug today from Amazon, my Zen Principle. I believe in it as well for especially the fact I am just doing so well on many of it’s claims. I know we got off on the exercise thing, but I also know collagen is helping me with so much as it is said to be used everywhere, practically, in our bodies, and I don’t mind at least “feeling” I am covering all the bases :wink: hug, Denise

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Mistakes were made. LOL