Collagen benefits accidentally realized

(Bob M) #21

Do you take any vitamin k2? That may help with the osteo, getting the calcium to the correct spot.

(KM) #22

Oh, I definitely notice benefits to keto! My digestion is excellent, I have no pain, I’m at a much more appealing weight, I put on muscle more easily even at my age, my cognition seems somewhat improved, I think I’ve seen mood stabilization. It’s just the collagen/keratin thing that hasn’t been the miracle other people notice.

(Denise) #23

yes I do @ctviggen, Bob! I started it a few months ago, one a day at 100 mcg’s of the MK-7 form by Bronson Basics. I’d read about it on youtube or somewhere :wink: Ok, I see I first ordered it September 2023 and I think it only took 3 days to get here from Amazon :wink:

I don’t supplement calcium because the collagen was said to be better, plus I eat foods with calcium as well :wink:

(Denise) #24

another topic, but I was thinking more about “building” muscle this a.m. It either is a very slow process or I’m not working out hard enough with my bands. Even thought about going back to the gym but I really love my routine I have now :frowning: I just wondered if I could bulk up a bit, as I am pretty thin, too thin for my liking but I don’t want the extra fat. I’m still at 20% fat around my mid-section, yuck. 112 lbs, 5’2", and 71.

(icky) #25

Well, I put it in my coffee this morning and it tasted fine, so at least that problem’s solved.

I’m in Europe and got this from my pharmacy, so probably not a brand that’s sold in the US. It’s a high quality one. No idea why it tastes sweet.

(Denise) #26

is it Vanilla Flavored maybe?

(icky) #27

No, it’s 100% pure collagen. No carbs in it, no sweeteners, no flavours. It’s a mystery. :woman_shrugging:


I find collagen wonderful. Even my husband now uses it in his coffee each morning, giving him a boost of protein too. My nails have never been strong or easy to grow and after two years of collagen I’m blown away by their strength and full white tips. Toes too! And I lost 2/3 of the hair on my head due to hyperparathyroidism. Surgery alone did not return my hair. Not until I had collagen in my system regularly did I start to get my hair back. Today I have 1/2 back what I lost. And I’m not losing anymore. My skin is perfectly blemish free after living a lifetime with acne. And at 58 I barely have any wrinkles around my eyes yet I had started to get some before using collagen. With all that, I can’t help but wonder what repairs are going on internally because of it as well.

As for kind and quality, it really should be a grass-fed bovine collagen. For cost reasons we have used Anthony’s Collagen Peptides the past two years. But I know Sports Research and Vital Proteins each make quality product too. I do use Vital Proteins beef gelatin for my gelatin needs.

(Denise) #29

I buy a lot of Anthony’s products, and I may try their collagen you like on my next purchase. I also admit to taking only 1/2 the recommended amount. Maybe I should use the whole scoop?? I have zero ill effects from it, I do know that, and my nails (toe and finger) both grow like weeds, so does my hair so other benefits I didn’t think of right away :wink:


We always use 3T each time. Serving size on package is 2T :rofl: but I like having a bit extra protein.

(Denise) #31

I’m up for getting more protein than fat, I am leaning more towards carnivore all the time, but certainly less extra fats. I mean my fats have been too much as I’ve gained some around my tummy area, but with more workouts, it will be better anyway :slight_smile:

Mine says it’s 15 grams if I do the whole load which I haven’t been doing, only 1/2 so 7.5 g is all. So your doing up to like 24 grams right?

Are you muscle building as well, sorry if I didn’t see that above?? Denise :wink:


No Anthony’s is 11g per 2T serving and suggested use is 2-3 T. So that’s why I do the 3T. Then that’s more like 16g or so.

I’m not sure that it alone is helping me build actual muscle. I think that award goes to all the steaks and roasts and chops and eggs and cheese. :joy: I do have a personal trainer three times a week at the gym because I have severe advanced osteoporosis diagnosed when I was 56 years old, too young for the severity I have. I’m hoping the strength and weight training will help me build bone and avoid the harsh prescription meds, and I hope the collagen will in some way help prohibit further bone breakdown.:woman_shrugging:t3:

(Denise) #33

Oh, ok, I’m not good with numbers, at times :wink: Absolutely on the steaks, etc. I love my salmon and find Wild Caught here often. Been frozen but still love it, and lots of eggs, and a bit of cheese.

Sorry to hear you’ve had the osteoporosis since 56. So you recently started the exercise, weight-bearing stuff. I started way more when I was diagnosed with “starting of” osteo. I walk a lot, which they say is good, but my resistance bands are good as well as body-weight like pushups. I also take boron, read something about that helping to build back bone. We’ll see, maybe at my next bone-density check

Good on you going for Keto and weight-bearing, supposed to be the best for us!! I think it’s @Marklifestyle that reversed his bone-loss??


I would love to hear about it if he did, his age and the amount of improvement. I sure hope I can. I’m only 58 but have the bone density of an 88 year old. The meds terrify me and they have tried to push them on me several times now. I keep refusing. Not until all other avenues have failed will I do prescriptions. They have their place but it should be the last resort, not the first like they want to do it.

I started resistance training and weight training to try to do it myself. Last year I did PT 3x a week all year and my DEXA scan came back .01 worse. Not better. :frowning: So I joined a gym to try to really get into more intense workouts. I love walking but I hate doing it alone and haven’t had a walking buddy in over 10 years. The treadmill is maddening to me after 6-10 minutes. :joy: ZZZZZZ I need to be chatting or walking outdoors and then I’ll get 3-4 miles under my belt in the blink of an eye. One day I talked on the phone with a friend while we both walked and before I knew it I had gone 4-1/2 miles. She isn’t often available to do that with me though. Man I wish I had someone to walk with each day when weather is good, either in person ur on a phone call. Don’t know how to go about finding that.

(Denise) #35

Are you near or in Pacific standard Time jj?? I’m in the same boat and I go walking around my building parking lot but it’s actually about the size of a high school track so it’s a long enough ways but I hate going out any further away from the property I live on because I don’t want to go alone these days I have one girlfriend I can call sometimes but she’s not always available either about Mark he is on the forum there but I’ll give you a link I was hoping because I mentioned his name that he might come over to your thread or our thread whatever anyway I’ll go find a link for you so you can see one of his posts and maybe reply to it?? Denise be back in a little bit I walk at about 4 mph but usually I only do 30 minutes because like you if I had someone to talk to it’s easy to go for an hour :grin::+1:

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He’s on this thread juju and there’s a picture of him with some guy we were talking about with a resistance bands

(Denise) #37

I also wanted to tell you juju that I actually reversed my type 2 diabetes just with nutrition and yes I started exercising but not till about maybe going on 2 months until I started really working out I know that diabetes isn’t the same as bone loss but it made a believer out of me and when I was diagnosed with the osteo I had no intention of taking their pills either and still don’t I’m hoping and hoping that it either reverses it or keeps it from getting any worse for as long as possible anyway I’m 71 that’s a pretty late in life to get finally diagnosed with osteo but there it is I hope Mark is the right one it sure seems like he’s the one that told me that his was better when he went for his next bone density. He might be the one that told me about the boron but I’m not sure.


This thread is very timely. About a month ago I started a combo of marine collagen and bovine after seeing some video on the importance of collagen. It was unflavored but if I put it in water it felt like I was drinking chicken (not the look but the smell). When I put it in vegetable smoothies it was ok. After awhile the smoothies became a PITA and I stopped. I guess what bothers me is if we get adequate protein which I do, why do I need collagen? Especially if it is the most abundant thing in our bodies? Is 20g of collagen really going to make a difference in a 150 lbs body? Asking seriously

As it happens I was at a box store and they were having a sale on Vital Proteins, so I will try and see if I like it better and it makes a difference.

My main issues are some back stiffness and then random leg pains. Right now I have one in my right thigh, going on about 2 months. Last summer I had terrible left knee pain but only if I walked the equivalent of a small supermarket. If I was simply working at my desk at home and going in the yard or drugstore, did not bother me. Went away on its own some time in September which often happens to me. I have no explanation but this has been happening for years.

As for dark spots, at age 46 I got one on my face that I absolutely hate. Had it frozen and it came back. Have been using a naicinamide gel (I use It Bye Bye Dark Spots whenever I remember which is not every day or even close) for about a year and it is not gone but the lightest it has been in a decade or more


It’s completely safe and something you’re already eating. Collagen is protein minus the Tryptophan, if your protein intake is at optimal levels, the collagen is a waste of money, if it’s not, then it’s good to supplement it in. The glycine is much higher in a collagen, which is where the skin and joint help comes from, but again, when protein is at optimal levels, you’re accounting for that already.

(Edith) #40

I think if you want to bulk up, you are going to have to go from bands to using weights. I started listening to a podcast called MindPump about a month ago. It is kind of dorky. Its three men who were trainers and they do their own podcast. They talk a little bit about research, spend about 40-50 minutes shooting the breeze (which for some reason I enjoy listening to once in a while) and the last 20 minutes is answering listeners’ questions either live or from emails.

They seem fairly knowledgeable. They sell several different workouts on their website based upon what one is wanting to achieve. I just bought their basic workout called MAPS Anabolic. I’m only on the second week but so far I like it. You do a full body workout twice a week and the inbetween days you do what they call triggering sessions. The full body workout is done with weights (dumbbells) and takes about an hour, but the triggering sessions are done with bands. You do them 1-3 times a day only for ten minutes. You might like it because the program has you doing something every day.

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