Collagen benefits accidentally realized

(Ohio ) #1

I bought some keto creamer made with collagen. I bought for the creamer, not the collagen. I know only basic surface level info on collagen. It’s improved my knees. What’s the general consensus on the safety of collagen? It’s now another supplement I have to add to my arsenal. I am dumbfounded on the difference this has made.

(Robin) #2

I add collagen powder to my first cup of coffee every day. I totally lost a large dark spot on my face that I had since high school.
My hair is getting darker even while grey is coming in.
It’s helped with hair and skin and nail issues. I’ll never stop taking it.

(Bob M) #3

Of all the things I’ve tried, the one thing I’m convinced works is collagen. Like Robin, I had an age spot on my hand that went from being very visible to almost invisible.

As to how safe it is, I’m not sure. Given that it’s mainly protein, I’d say very safe. But I don’t know of any long-term studies on it.

(icky) #4

I’m finding this thread very interesting… I’ve got a lot of back issues, so this could really help. So far I’ve assumed that taking collagen as a supplement is a waste of money, but now I’m curious to try it.

I have 2 questions:

  1. What do I need to look out for when buying a collagen supplement? How do I separate the good ones from the crappy/ useless ones?

  2. How quickly did y’all notice a result?

(Bob M) #5

Results are slow, relative to skin anyway. Think in terms of months. (And the reason I think it’s collagen is because I was keto for many years before starting collagen, without affecting the age spot on my hand; wasn’t until after collagen I realized it was getting less dark…and is now almost not noticeable.)

The only ones I buy now are from costco, Vital Proteins:

Costco also has others, but this one seems okay and dissolves fairly well.

(Ohio ) #6

1: I’m no good there. Totally accidental.
2: My knees noticed instantly.

On your back issues: If possible, purchase a pull-up bar and even a back inversion table. Both of these can be dangerous but are in the necessity category for me. I’m blueprinting an RV w both.

(icky) #7

I went to the pharmacy today and asked about collagen… The pharmacist was really nice and said “OMG yes, I take it too - it’s so good! My hair, skin and joints have really improved!”

Haha… nice! :grin:

They didn’t have any in the store, but she’s ordering me the supplement she takes - she said she tried out different ones and likes this one best and thinks it’s the best value for money.

I’m going to give it to our dogs too - one has issues with skin (allergies) and the other is really old and has joint issues…

(Edith) #8

Ooooo, I didn’t think of that! I have a dog with a lot of arthritis in his spine. I think I’m going to try adding it to his food. Thanks for the idea!

(icky) #9

Let me know if you see any improvement… I’ll be watching our dogs closely too… Our old dog has arthritis types issues in her spine too, along with the joint issues… We recently got her put on a pain med called “Firocoxib” which is a so-called COX-2 inhibitor and it’s reeeeally helped her. She was so sore and stiff before, but now she walks almost normally again, so you can hardly “see” the arthritis affecting her anymore. It’s such a relief to see her doing better… Also, we got her a CBD oil for pets with L-Trytophane in it and that’s helped too.

(Bob M) #10

That is a great idea about dogs.

(Denise) #11

I got onto collagen after seeing the Dr. Berry video I’ll link below. Then I got on here and asked what others chose for a brand and been taking it now, every morning in my decaf for over a year now, maybe close to 2 years.

I can’t tell you if it’s helped anything specifically, but I don’t have any pain, except an occasional cramp in my calves or feet, but that rare. I was diagnosed with just the start of some osteoporosis, I’m 71, so I wanted to start more weight-bearing exercises and the collagen. I at least “feel” like I am helping myself by taking it :wink:

It makes more sense to me to do the collagen than extra calcium as I think I get enough of that already.

Can’t find the video, but here’s a site that is a go-to of mine that lists benefits:

(Denise) #12

come to think of it, my nails seem to be growing faster. I’m sure I’m benefiting from it though, it just takes a long time so I just take it, same way you do @robintemplin as I really like it in my decaf as well and again, I feel like I’m covering some bases, preventative maybe for my aging bod :wink:

This is a quote from

(icky) #13

Well, ewww… I got my collagen (poweder) and tried some in greek joghurt yesterday… It was weirdly sweet and kind of unpleasant… I checked but there’s no sugar or sweetener added to it… I’ll try it in my coffee today but if I still find it yucky then I’m going to go for it in tablet form…

(icky) #14

It’s the most abundant protein in the body…??? I find that so surprising! I’d have thought whatever protein makes up our muscles would be… Crikey… I guess that highlights its importance, then…

(KM) #15

What brand is it? Mine really has no taste whatsoever.

(Denise) #16

I’m 71 and noticed even with the collagen I’m getting sort of freckles, and one darker spot on my arm that neither has been changed by the collagen. I also supplement with other of our main vitamins (bought separately no multi’s.

I think I’ve been on it since Dec. 22, I’ll have to check though. My skin is too bad for my age but the “I believe” genetic or familial bags under my eyes are very noticeable, as well as droopy lids. Who know though, maybe my skin would be worse without the collagen I love in my coffee, and also add to a sleep remedy :wink:

(Denise) #17

Well, just because Harvard says so it may not be true. I didn’t look into any studies but maybe I will today. Some folks here say it’s doing good things for them. I’m not sure for myself but I know some things are going to happen to my body I have no control over.

(KM) #18

I’ve always been somewhat collagen / keratin challenged; weak ridged nails, weak thin hair, thin skin, lots of speckles and odd benign discolorations and spots here and there. I scar very easily, which points to the idea that there is some sort of “collagen regulator” that doesn’t work too well in me. I don’t think it’s an actual “syndrome” of any sort, but unfortunately keto or collagen and keratin and biotin and any other supplements haven’t made much difference. It’s gotten worse as I’ve aged.

I pretty much assume this is a genetic reality + an aging issue for me. Too bad!

(Denise) #19

Mine doesn’t either, one brand I tried smelled bad after awhile. My friend had bought like 5 jugs and started giving them away. I went right out after ditching it, and bought the Zen Principle @robintemplin turned me onto, never looked back :wink: Also, it mixes in my coffee well, and and also in the sleep-bombs I make :slight_smile: and that’s stirring into room temp liquid!

(Denise) #20

yes, what she said :wink: That’s what I think about my issues too. I do notice one thing that could be attributed to Keto, and/or my longer workouts in just the last months. Can’t remember exactly but sure it’s been less than a year I’ve used the resistance bands.

I digressed there but wanted to say one knee has no pain any longer, and no weird pains at all except for an occasional migraine. I know I must really be blessed not to have any pain because I was diagnosed with a bit of this and that (T2, osteo, arthritis). Still no pains and looking forward to bone-density scan, to see if it’s still the same teenie amount, or who knows, gone?? maybe. Build back bone better :grin: