Coconut Shrimp and Sweet Chili Sauce- whaaat?


(Brandy) #1

So these were just developed at my house. Killer. Go make em’. You’re welcome.

Air Fried Coconut Shrimp
SF Asian Sweet Chili Sauce w/ Allulose

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('Jackie P') #2

They look delicious! I gave my air fryer away when I started Keto and I regret it. I only used to use it for late night chips! But I could have made better use of it. I gave my pannini/waffle maker away too!

(Brandy) #3

Oh no! No worries though- make them in your oven- there are instructions for that in the recipe as well!

('Jackie P') #4

I really believe I will!:yum:

(Bob M) #5

Pork panko is crushed pork rinds?

(Brandy) #6

@ctviggen It’s crushed pork rinds, but in a bag already crushed- because I’m lazy. :wink:

(Petra) #7

Can not thank you enough for the sweet chili sauce. Just made it, beautiful! One of the things missing in keto life.

(Clint) #8

Made this last night for dinner. YUMMY! Though, I had to make a couple adjustments.

For the shrimp batter, I didn’t have Allulose handy so used 1tsp monkfruit sweetener instead, and then just took some chicharrones that I had handy and zipped them in the food processor for a few seconds to make my “panko.” Also “zipped” the unsweetened coconut for a few seconds to make smaller pieces.

For sweet chili sauce, there again, I substituted 1/2c allulose for 1/4 cup monkfruit sweetener. I didn’t have chili garlic sauce, so instead I added 1.5 tbsp of gochujang, 1 tbsp minced garlic, and 1tsp red pepper flakes and used Xantham Gum for the thickener rather than glucomannan powder, which worked well.

It all worked out great, even with the changes, and will def be doing this recipe again! The sweet chili sauce recipe alone is priceless!