Coconut flour chokes me


I have had this with several recipes. Recipe works for me as a snack or not, but when I swallow, I chole and gag. It’s like eating fine sand. I recently tried a recipe that was very simple: psyllium husk about 1 as to 5 with coconut flour . Baking soda and cider vinegar. .Soak the husk in water for about 3-4 minutes until it becomes a gel. This make a bread that has a very nice chew and a good crust. It is the most bread-like result I have had from coconut flour.

So I had a half roll, with butter and peanut butter (possibly not a good idea). I chewed the roll and swallowed… I literally nearly died. I had to cough violently to dislodge the bite of roll ( could not breathe in, so it was a once off try) and than I was still choking and couching for 15–20 minutes, getting rid of smaller bits. I was gargling with water and mouthwash for all that time, constantly freeing bits of bread.

It’s not the psyllium. I have had a similar reaction without it. I have tried oil, eggs (sometimes in vast quantities, butter,etcetc
Is there anything I can do to stop CF from trying to kill me, or at least to make eating it peasant? As I said, these rolls were actually quite good to replace genwine bread rolls.

Thanks for any input


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Stop eating it. You don’t need coconut flour or ersatz fake bread. Eating should not be a near death experience.


wow that is frickin’ scary truly.

yea dump it.

I know when something weirdo goes down like that for me, I run, run away fast and don’t look back at the culprit! :slight_smile:

as good as these are I bet you can easily find tons of ‘good keto bread’ subs for you to try to make vs. this nasty issue with the cf.

worse thing is you liked the taste, but remember, there are tons of recipes out there, so go on that ‘I am gonna find me the perfect keto roll’ solution and just start buying and experimenting and I bet you hit onto something you love and ‘won’t potentially wanna kill ya’ :slight_smile:

good luck

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… although one might argue that the Standard American Diet falls in this category. :wink:


I am with the others, don’t eat it.
Or use less? But I would avoid such a thing. Those effect sounds scary.

When I did vegetarian keto and still used low-carb flours, I still disliked coconut flour in bigger amounts. It had a weird texture and it’s very sweet and coconut flavored anyway, I mostly used it in cakes in very little amounts. Okay, you liked the result so it’s a bit unfortunate but if it harms you, don’t eat it. Bread isn’t needed for life.
Now I simply eat meat, much better. And if I want “bread”, I use eggs. Of course, we are different people at different points of our journey but if something is awfully not working, don’t force it.

There are various vaguely bread-like substances for keto.
I didn’t like any except my carni breads (nothing like bread but I could eat it with other stuff) but I can imagine they can help people who need bread with bread texture more. Texture wise the closest was the bread with gluten and yeast, not surpirisngly. The taste will be very different anyway though wheat breads are wildly different too…
If I just want some nice dry stuff to spread things on, it’s easier. I have my 100% eggs sponge cakes for that role. If I don’t even need that just something more neutral with my rich beef stew? Even easier, egg and some not flavorful meat, ground, mixed, fried.
But there are many other options. Almonds are pretty tasty with eggs…

I never found anything right for the true bread feeling (including normal breads, they aren’t good enough either even if we ignore their carb content. I have some keto/normal bread hybrid, that is the best but I rarely make it, it’s still too carby for keto unless I eat a little and no way to have it on my own woe, some kind of carnivore-ish) so I just don’t eat bread on keto as I can’t. I don’t feel I lose much except all the work making it. All my food is better than that.

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There a number of fake bread recipes out there (and don’t forget to do a search of our Recipes forum), so you aren’t limited to a recipe that wants to kill you.

One thing to try might be replacing the coconut flour with almond flour. If you do so, be sure to cut way back on the liquid in the recipe, since coconut flour is highly absorptive, and almond flour is not.


Are you using too much? 1 to 5 sounds like a LOT of coconut flour to me. My experience is that coconut flour soaks up ALL moisture, both in the recipe and your mouth!

I accidentally used 1 tbsp on coconut flour, instead of 1/2 tsp (I think), in a simple mug cake recipe, and nearly had the same experience you did. I started choking and couldn’t get a drink fast enough. It even hurt my throat and took several hours to feel normal again.

I recreated the mug cake with the appropriate measurements, and it turned out okay. No choking.

I can use more almond flour in a recipe, but the coconut flour just requires very little. I think it’s more for a flavor addition then a substance ingredient (if that makes any sense, I’m not sure I just made sense to myself. Alton Brown would be rolling in his grave, if he were dead, that is). Regardless, the recipe should use very little coconut flour and not be the main ingredient, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t mistake baking powder with baking soda, like I did. :slight_smile:


Then somethings up with your flour, Coconut flour should be fine almost like wheat flour. I just eat Schmidt’s 647 bread, super low net carbs and tastes (99%) like every other bread. No hellish recipe needed.

For rolls I used to make a recipe from Keto King on Youtube, they’re actually pretty damn good… even by normal roll standards.

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I’ve had reactions to various foods and ingredients. For me, the solution is to stop eating them.

As stated above, there are plenty of other keto bread recipes that don’t call for coconut flour. Good luck.


I have tried various ways and ingredients for fake bread. This was the only one that comes close to being like bread and not sponge cake. I know the bread of today is often like sponge cake, but I remember when bread had crust and a nice protein chewiness.

So I will just go back to living without anything bread-like. I have done without for years.



Only if you want to

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Not a bad option, if one can handle the gluten. (Which I can’t.)


I love coconut milk, water and flesh, but I give coconut flour a huge NO

It’s ruin most of my dessert recipe with it’s flavor and cause my throat discomfort, and my tummy will hate me if I eat coconut flour too much . In my country, anyone have GERD or stomach pain were advised should have dried coconut flakes or anything from it.

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The only bread substitute recipe that comes close is cornbread made with almond flour and sweet corn extract. It is dead on and I made southern cornbread dressing with it and got raves.

My sweet-tooth hubby makes mug cakes from time to time that aren’t bad but almond flour, not coconut flour. Some people make them w/o sweetener and slice in half for sammiches. Or you could switch to chaffles.