Cocoa butter

(German Ketonian) #1

Hi everyone,

I know there are some people eating cocoa butter. Just found the stuff in one of our organic shops in Germany and bought 200grams of it. Can someone explain more of the benefits and drawbacks of cocoa butter when compared to coconut oil and butter?

Wikipedia lists these components of cocoa butter:

Fatty acid

Arachidic acid (C20:0)

Linoleic acid (C18:2)

Oleic acid (C18:1)

Palmitic acid (C16:0)

Palmitoleic acid (C16:1)

Stearic acid (C18:0)

Other Fatty Acids

What do those actually mean for ketonians? Is stearic acid, for instance, particularly beneficial for a ketogenic diet? Or are come of the components even detrimental?

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Chocolate is a processed evil
(Allie) #2

I use the raw version (cacao rather than cocoa) to make my own chocolate but that’s all I can tell you… it’s good though! :wink:

(Roxanne) #3

It’s very solid at room temperature. I buy it in wafer form and keep some in my purse for fat emergencies, and it doesn’t melt. Not the tastiest plan, but it will do the trick if you need a bit of fat to tide you over.

(Karen Fricke) #4

It’s helpful in fat bombs to raise the melting point a bit.

(German Ketonian) #5

So no info on he chemical composition and possible benefits or drawbacks for he ketogenic diet?

(Jim) #6

Its funny that I’ve been eating that right outta the bag and in my coffee, and in fat bombs when i make them but i never looked into it. I just like the taste and new it had magnesium, but i found this site

Which has some interesting “facts” and I found this industry “paper” that was full of interesting reading

Nothing about keto, but due to the high fat and magnesium and copper content I will continue eating it

(Sophie) #7

I can tell you from a soap making standpoint that the Oleic and Palmitic makes for a really creamy and bubbly bar of soap. The Stearic lends hardening. It’s great for your skin by itself and aside from that it just tastes fucking awesome! :smile:

(German Ketonian) #8

Agreed! Love to melt this stuff and combine it with raw cocoa powder and just a pinch of stevia. Then, let it harden again and you’ve got the best keto-chocolate. Makes my day every time.

(mark whittaker) #9

I am wondering this myself. Is cacao butter healthy or unhealthy. I still can’t figure it out.

(Jay AM) #10

I suppose it depends on your idea of healthy and unhealthy but, from a keto standpoint, it’s like coconut oil, butter, and all the other tasty fats.


I’d just like to find an affordable source in the US…without having to pay an arm and a leg for shipping. I would even buy in bulk…if it keeps well. My wife likes fat bombs and makes really good ones!

(Bunny) #12

This might be useful?

8 Cocoa Butter Benefits and Uses

“…How about raw cocoa butter — what makes this different, and is it any better than cocoa butter that’s been heated? Raw cocoa butter, sometimes labeled as “pure cocoa butter,” isn’t heated to very high temperatures during manufacturing processes, which means it usually retains more of the healthy fats and other compounds found naturally in cocoa beans. …”

(mark whittaker) #13

I would really like to understand what fat is and understand all of its different forms can anybody give me a good reference for the Layman?


All those fancy names of the fats just tell you how many carbons they have, otherwise they are all the same with the fatty acid functional group.


Myristic has 14 carbons, Lauric has 12 etc etc etc
The “D” in the table stands for Double Bonds and they all list 0 because they are saturated so no double bonds! :slight_smile:

(Luciana Gates) #16

Sprouts and Kroger sell it.