Clogged ears plus ear pressure from Keto

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Has anyone experienced this and if so what did they do to fix?


I try to get the fat in my mouth, and avoid the ears entirely. J/K never heard of that.


might be something else? like an infection?

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Thank you for your response, No I have considered and checked out that factor. This happens every once in a while but always starts off when I wake up in the morning. Just strange…


Dairy is the only food that clogs my ears. Are you eating a lot of dairy?

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A ketogenic diet per se, wouldn’t be causing this.
It is something else going on with what you are eating or other lifestyle factor,

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Hmm I have been eating low carb cheese sticks here and there but this has happened before that

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I was reaching out and not entirely sure but I’m more inclined to think this has to do with electrolytes. I have noticed that it definitely is with my ears but also now reaches my head.
I thank you for your response


Dairy has hormones in it to grow a calf. These hormones increase sebum production.

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Noted, will take that into consideration

Thank you

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I’m getting the same thing. My ears feel like I need to “pop” them all day today. I think it may be dehydration, but Im only on day 3! Just hope its not Corona!


I need to reply to this as well. It’s happening to me, too, and it’s been that way all summer long. I’ve been keto/LC since March. Drives me batty!

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Your body is secreting mucous … that’s a good thing. “Better out than in.”

The extent to which this is a result of your change in diet is hard to discern. But let’s assume it is … in which case I’d suggest you consider that you’re benefiting from a slow and steady reduction in internal inflammation. :vulcan_salute:


I like the sound of that!

Also, it seems to happen more frequently when I’m out walking, but it does happen when I’m just sitting around although not as frequently.

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It could be the weight loss due to Keto that is causing this, not the food you’re eating.

There’s at least one study on patients who had weight loss surgery and then experienced something like this. The hypothesis is that you lose the fat supporting your ear tube and so it’s no longer properly supported and can stop working properly:

I’ve personally experienced something like what you describe. I find that lying down for a moment usually fixes it. It also comes and goes by itself if I leave it alone.


That’s very interesting. I am not in that BMI category as mentioned in the article, but I lost all my weight within 4 months (10%) so maybe that was just enough to set it off. Thanks for finding that article!

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Omg this is happening to me too at first my left hurt so bad then it just felt clogged now both are getting clogged.

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I’d look into your salt intake. High sodium diet can cause ear problems.

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