Cinnamon in Coffee

(Ron) #1

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, its tastes good, and a worthy substitute for sugar and fake sugar, but it just clumps up in the bottom of the cup. Is there a secret to getting this mixed up better? Perhaps it’s this cheap powdered cinnamon I’m using

(Meeping up the Science!) #2

I toss the powder in the french press before I brew. Or, I’ll toss a cinnamon stick cracked up in.

(Ron) #3

I’m going to have to do that next time… maybe put it in the grains when I brew it… I don’t have a french press :frowning:

Sea salt in your coffee while fasting
(Karen Parrott) #4

I used a tiny bit in my coffee with coconut milk & a stick blender but had to stop due to skin bruises. Sigh…

(Carol E. ) #5

I will try adding cinnamon and salt on top of coffee grounds in my brewer this morning.

I was inspired by this thread and an interesting article and discussion on coffee:

(Ron) #6

:eyes: Reading this now

Let me know how it goes, I am trying my best to kick soda, and coffee is definitely helping!

(Carol E. ) #7

It’s bad science to change two variables at the same time :nerd_face: BUT the cinnamon + salt additions produced a nice :coffee: coffee flavor.

I added a teaspoon ground Ceylon cinnamon and a pinch of kosher salt to enough coffee to brew 6 cups. Let the experiments begin! What other things may be added, lol?!

(T) #8

I just sprinkle cinnamon on the top of each cup of coffee and then give it a stir :slight_smile:

(Georgia) #9

I’ve heard others using this when making flavored coffees. I would use this method since you can adjust the amount of cinnamon for the entire pot.

(Ross Daniel) #10

I typically blend my coffee, or “whizz it up” in my magic bullet type blender. I imagine that would prevent clumping but can’t say for certain. I never add cinnamon to mine, but my wife likes to, that and the pumpkin pie spice crap… lol

(Meeping up the Science!) #11

My science (me drinking a crapload of coffee) confirms both are a great addition! :wink:

(jketoscribe) #12

We sprinkle the cinnamon on the grounds before brewing. It’s a more subtle flavor, but no clumps.

(Michael Iafrato ) #13

If you don’t have the french press you need to put it in the grounds before. Only a few pinches, try it and see how many you like. Every person is different. If you put too much it can become overpowering, too little and you hardly taste it.

(Meeping up the Science!) #14

@RondoTheHutt consider getting a milk frother, too. They are cheap (just get a 5-6 one) and you can make lattes, etc, at home super easy, too! They are good for incorporating spices as well.

(Guardian of the bacon) #15

I give a few shakes on top of my coffee grounds before brewing in my automatic coffee maker. The filter keeps it out of my mug. All of the flavor, none of the sludge.

(Guardian of the bacon) #16

I use a nutribullet to make my BPC. Good incorporation doesn’t seem to work for cinnamon. It still tends to settle out as Rondo described.

Maybe the secret is to drink faster?

(Meeping up the Science!) #17

I’ve never had coffee long around to see it settle, which perhaps says something about me more than the cinnamon >.>

(Carol E. ) #18

This made me smile. I may be alone in requesting no foam on a latte. I want all that coffee in the cup, lol. Nowadays I just get an Americano and add cream.

(Ron) #19

I’m going to try this tonight when I make my nightly coffee. I’m going to have to bring in some sea salt too, as Carol @replay suggested above… who can argue with Alton Brown :laughing:

(Guardian of the bacon) #20

I like a couple shakes of salt also in my filter.