Cinnamon in Coffee

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #21

I either shake it into the coffee grounds before brewing, or use my frother to get it nice and incorporated into the HWC in my cup before I brew my coffee. I feel like you get more of the flavor actually brewing it In the coffee.

(Mark Bousquet) #22

How much cinnamon are you putting in?

(Ron) #23

I didn’t really measure it, maybe 4-5 shakes of the container.

Last night I put it in the grounds, and that worked out a lot better… next time though I need to put a litte more into the grounds, it needed a little more flavor

(Carol E. ) #24

I am grateful for this post because I learned putting salt in coffee is a thing, lol.

I’ve been adding more sea directly in the brewed cinnamon coffee and it’s surprisingly tasty!

(Carol E. ) #25

Today I whipped up a batch of coconut milk with added 1 tablespoon cinnamon, about 1 teaspoon sea salt and stevia to use in my coffee. Just wanted to share the yum :sunglasses::yum: of this non dairy option.

(Keith) #26

Does anyone know if putting cinnamon in the grounds before Brewing will break an intermittent fast? I know cinnamon has plenty of nutrition to break the fast if it’s ingested, but not sure about Brewing it through the grounds