Chicken Breast is Gross


Am I the only one now that finds chicken breast repulsive? So last night I made this baked chicken breast recipe smothered in cream cheese, bacon, and cheddar cheese but I found myself choking down the chicken breast. When I think of rotisserie chicken it’s not so bad, but like, talk about bland and flavorless. Anyone else notice that when you start eating REAL meat again, with fat and such like beef and pork, that chicken is just not appetizing?


I’m all about chicken leg quarters now. A giant pack of them costs the same as one chicken breast and they taste so much better. The only chicken breast I’ve sort of liked was on an air chilled chicken I roasted.

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I love chicken breast, even grilled or BOILED!!
Assuming I add a ton of salt!

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I like it poached, sliced & spread with hot mustard & liverwurst :yum: It’s also good if you hammer the crap out of it, marinate it & roast it quickly in a very hot oven.

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I love grilled chicken and could actually eat it every day, but I was that way pre-Keto too :slightly_smiling_face: Did you really enjoy it before Keto?


I use all cuts of chicken. Depends on what’s on sale, what’s in the freezer, what’s easy to thaw…
I used chicken breasts sliced up for chicken fajitas earlier this week. Today, I grilled some fabulous, huge boneless chicken thighs for dinner. Damn, they were good!
Before dinner, I told my family, “These are the ribeyes of the chicken world!. Enjoy.”

How chicken is prepared has much to do with whether or not I find it palatable. Most times, I think chicken breasts can be baked and overcooked, and then end up dry and bleh. Alternatively, taking a small.chicken breast, and butter poaching it- like one would do with a steak - can be incredibly delicious- if seasoned properly.

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I usually brine chicken breasts overnight. It keeps the dry white meat so moist, even for those people who like their chicken thrice killed lol.

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The breast is my least preferred part of the chicken. I find that the pieces with skin and fat to be the juicest and most flavorful.



Yes, breasts and wings are still my favorite parts of the chicken (skin on, please). I like legs, but have never really been a fan of thighs. I wish I was because they are much cheaper.

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My husband feels like he has to not think about the chicken and just eat it like a robot. He doesnt even like to touch it raw, and complains if it has any “snappy” pieces, or it has an “eggy taste”. :tipping_hand_woman:

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I’m more of a leg man myself:laughing:

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Oh yes…

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:joy: Good way of putting it!!

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Alright @adorfaru, now you’ve gotten @Alecmcq started with his hatred of breasts! :grin:

Seriously a head to tail kind of eater here. Chicken Breast is great provided you know how to cook. Cooking thighs and legs is pretty fool proof. My two favorite ways to cook chicken breast are poaching and sousvide. The reason I use breast is that it’s great cold if you haven’t overcooked it, (roasting or frying) and dried it out. I like to add olive oil on it.

One reason I sometimes use chicken breast is that I eat so much bacon I have to cut back on fat somewhere to keep burning my own, so lean meats are acceptable to me as part of my selection. Maybe not the best choice for a beginner on keto.


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Eating too much bacon is hereby approved as an acceptable reason to be eating chicken breast.

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@Alecmcq I’m curious how that Breastless Frankenchicken is coming along in the lab? :man_scientist:t3: :joy:

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It’s slow work. Igor keeps stealing the test eggs to make omelettes. But we’ve reduced breast size by 23% so far, and the third leg idea has worked well. But there’s a long way to go before we’re ready to launch. I’ll let you know.

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The military will be making food with 3D printers in 5 or 10 years…

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I make a similar recipe with lots of broccoli, and my wife and I both love it. I do get what you mean, though, Adorfaru - at least I wouldn’t want to be eating chicken breast every day.