Chicken Breast is Gross


I still enjoy it when grilled or otherwise cooked well. I feel you when it is overcooked or not seasoned though. Lately I have been enjoying it slathered in Frank’s and dipped in blue cheese.

However, I just realized my favorite blue cheese with a low carb count has some unfortunate ingredients. Now I have to contemplate making my own or shopping around for something else.

(Allie) #22

It’s never been my favourite but can be made rather good by cutting into pieces and dipping in garlic mayo…

(Full Metal Keto) #23

They pretty much all have soy oil. I have decided a hunk of blue cheese with some sour cream and good mayo is superior, they always skimp on the blue cheese in the bottled versions anyway.

(Doug) #24

With chicken or turkey, as well as pork - sous vide cooking can be a real revelation. No need to overcook, dry the meat out, make it tougher/stringier - frankly, it takes some getting used to - we’re so accustomed to at least somewhat dried-out and tough meat there.

(Brian) #25

I can’t do dried, tough, shoe-leather meat. Don’t have the teeth to chew it anymore. So the more tender, the better I can deal with it. The tougher, the more difficult. Love that sous vide!

(traci simpson) #26

Wings and thighs are my favorite especially when dipped in a mixture of salsa and sour cream!

(Chris Wolfgram) #27

I love nice breasts. Even from a chicken :slightly_smiling_face:
My GF made her Jalapeno poppers chicken breasts tonight and they were super good :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jacqueline Porter) #28

I think chicken breast needs to be cooked quickly to preserve the juiciness. Any baking or prolonged cooking needs thighs.
Try this, take off the skin, open out and bash the chicken flat and even. Rub with light olive oil and season to your choice - I like a piri piri spice rub. Then get a griddle pan hot, put on the skin to crisp and do the chicken about 2 - 3 mins each side. Leave to rest. Lovely with a salad, crispy panchetta and avocado! Mayo to serve!

(traci simpson) #29

Lol. Good one

(Laura) #30

That is the only part of the chicken I have ever liked. So, more for me? Lol.

Same with turkey. I only like the breast meat.

(Marianne) #31

I agree; if I make chicken breast now, it has to be covered in mayo or some kind of fatty sauce.

(Paul H) #32

I don’t eat as much chicken breast these days. Legs and wings… fatty and skin on of course. I need to learn to de bone my thighs… Ont thing nice about the breast is less working around the bones. As with most food it’s all about how you cook it.


The only way I will eat it now is if my husband grills it. It must be an issue of low quality meat.

(Clare) #34

Made me giggle! :joy::joy:

(Clare) #35

Yes!!! :hugs:


I never enjoyed chicken breast until I tried cooking it in this pan method, it’s simple but follow it to a tee…

If you don’t like that one there’s another one on this site that looks interesting too!


Mmm, salsa and sour cream sounds good.


That looks beautiful and juicy. :heart:

(Marianne) #39

Very appetizing. Love the butter sauce. I think someone said sour cream and salsa - wow, that would be good!

(Bacon is the new bacon) #40

Some men go for legs, some for breasts. . . . :rofl: