Cheap butter


I have one block right now just for the hubby as I find it too expensive to use regularly. I can taste the difference if I eat it alone, but I’m not one to just spoon butter down sans a veggie or something. So, plain cheapo butter for us is the usual. I’ll buy a pack or 2 of KG if it’s on sale, but even I can’t justify 4lbs of regular butter vs 1.5 lbs of KG for the same price (Costco, I’m talking to you). So I let hubby have it cause the placebo effect is strong for him and I just use whatever is available.

(Ken) #62

I recently bought a block of Kerrygold. I really like it, and do find it superior to regular butter. It appears to have a higher fat content. It’s like comparing Brie to American cheese. I can easily eat it cold by itself, or spread on pork rinds. Since it’s pricey, I’ll use it for snacking, and still use regular butter for cooking.


I almost primarily eat cheap butter from ALDI. I’m cheap as hell. Once in a while I’ll spring for the good stuff.

(Pete A) #64

A pat sitting on a square of Lindt 95% is a treat!

(Brandy Fischbach) #65

I do the same exact thing! LOL

(Central Florida Bob ) #66

Oh, yeah…

(Darlene Horsley) #67

I agree! It’s the color it was when I was a kid.

(Erick) #68

Hello everybody,

I am new to the Keto lifestyle. I have been in Keto sus since Wednesday 03/07/2018. I a an energizer ring student a sonmy budget isn’t that great, yet. Anyways, last week I went to the Food Lion (grocery store) across my campus and I purchased Country Crock butter. My question is. Is this real butter or is it mangerine? I have looked on the forum, and I have looked on the net, but I have no luck. Sorry to jump into this trai without a pass.


(Sophie) #69

I think Country Crock is margarine. You’d do better to look for the cheap, store brand butter, which you’ll usually find in stick form. If it’s in a tub, pass it by.

(Erick) #70

Thnak you so much for the quick insight. I was afraid of that. I’ve el been cooking with it for the past week since Tuesday. I do use MyFitness Pal to keep track and it said the my cholesterol was through the roof. I’m very new to this, and you help is very appreciated ma’am.

(jketoscribe) #71

Have you seen Fair Life farming practices? Look it up on their website, they BRAG about it. CAFO comes to dairy cattle. Apparently, the only fresh air and sun they see are the walk from the feeding barns to the milking “parlor” and back.

(Thao Le) #72

Take a look at ingredients list. Real butter should has sweet cream , salt. Fake butter has all sort of bad oil, take a look at the Country Crock ingredients list (Water, egetable Oil Blend (Soybean Oil, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil), Salt…

(Brian) #73

Made a couple of Jucy Lucy burgers with that hamburger just this afternoon. Sous vide stuffed with sharp cheddar. Oh so tender. Good eats. :slight_smile:

Tried to oven bake some jicama fries but didn’t quite get them right. Also made a loaf of keto bread sliced to a bun, not bad. I’ll try them both again.

(Mike Williams) #74

The last few times I have found kerry gold at walmart, it has been $2.88. so i usually buy 2 of them.


My local coop has Amish made butter 3 pounds for $12, great price and a fantastic taste.

(Brian) #76

That sounds about the same as what I pay here. Not a bad price, and definitely not the most expensive on the shelves here. There might be some cheaper but not by a whole lot.

(Not needed) #77

Cheap butter is like cheap tattoos. But, do what you can afford, better than not doing keto.


Best price so far Aldi at $2.45 for Kerrygold

(Katie) #79

Yes, Kerrygold is not necessary for the keto way of eating.I have noticed that most brands of butter add natural flavors to their unsalted butters, so if I am not buying Kerrygold (which does not add to their unsalted butter), I am extra careful to check the label and I usually have to purchase the salted butter to avoid the ntaural flavor (which does not make sense in butter, a very flavorful food! And who knows what the ingredients of those natural flavors are…).

I do notice a difference between Kerrygold and other butters, but I almost always use butter uncooked so the difference is starker. I prefer Kerrygold, but other brands are fine too.

(Mike Williams) #80

I totally forgot that Aldi’s sells Kerrygold too. Thanks for the reminder.