Cheap butter

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It is mostly fat after all, and any fat can be frozen without problem. :+1:


Interesting. Never knew/considered this. If so, it’s apparently small amount. Here’s a more recent article, for what it’s worth.

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My understanding is that the European Union had outlawed all GMO’s. And I know that doesn’t include some backhanded dealers, etc. but that has to be a relatively small amount.


I don’t believe that, especially on canned goods. Monsanto has the ability to creep through the cracks in anything!

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Yes, Monsanto is a bastard! Especially with the world getting smaller by the day.

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Monsanto manufactured PCBs, up until around the time their production was banned in the U.S., 1979. That fact has provided much of my employment for the past 33 years - we get rid of them.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.” --President Eisenhower, 1961.

Within the “industrial” part, pharmaceutical and agribusiness/chemical companies are not on our side. It’s depressing how their influence can come at us from all sides, but at least information about how the individual can take better care of themselves is getting out.

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My husband works at a local rural history museum and one of the perks is that he is able to order Cabot cheese and butter a couple of times a year. It’s great to be able to stick a case of butter in the freezer and not have to worry about grocery shopping for it!!

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I freeze my cheap butter buys too. Every time I see Kerry Gold 2/$5 I get $20-30 bucks worth and hoard it. I’ve even trained my hubby to grab it up if he sees it on sale! :smile:

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Uh, I take it nobody here was raised on a Dairy Farm. Virtually all dairy cattle are “grass fed”. Ya gotta admire creative marketing to boost profit levels. Get a 50% markup with two words. Make sure you look for the pork rinds marked “gluten free” so you get the real healthy ones. I see my local Walmart now carries grass fed hamburger. It looks like a great deal at $6 per pound. I just stocked up with Land’o’ Lakes butter at $1.88 per lb.

I’d rather splurge when Brie and Camenbert goes on sale…


That’s not the case these days unfortunately. Ever driven up the I-5 in Central California? There are vast swaths on both sides of the freeway with feed lot dairy farms with cows only on manure and dirt. It’s very grim and abusive. In addition, they’re loaded with antibiotics and BST hormonal manipulation so their udders are painfully overloaded among other things. The stench of such industrial facilities goes on for miles. A whole other world than the small grassfed family farm where each cow is known by name, and animals are considered part of the fam!!!

I do believe that the quality of a nation is in how it treats non-humans as well as women & children.

On the bright side, Costco’s Kerrygold is a great deal - and Organic Valley family farms butters are often deeply discounted in winter.

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Let’s not get nutty about this. Efficient farming is based on Science.

(Troy) #52

Ok w vital farms
I decided to give this brand a tasting😃
They had sea salt, salted and unsalted

On sale for $2.99, so had to buy!:heart_eyes:


Butter is butter. The keto snobs out there might chastise you for using anything but Kerrygold, but it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Lots of people experience great success doing keto on a budget. Do what works for you, the results won’t lie.

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This. Get your macros right, adhere 90% of the time and the results come, fancy butter or not. Eat better. That’s all.

Full confession: I have two three packs of KG in my fridge.

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I have 4 packs as well of KG
2 in the refrigerator, and 2 in the freezer :smile:

I just wanted to try the above
KG $2.88
VF $2.99

So, this is all “ just my $.11 cents “…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Am I the only Canadian here???

For grass fed butter at the local grocery stores…they want $11.00/lb vs the standard regular butter from 3 legged blind & deaf cows at $2.99/lb on sale.

PS… It’s not going in my cart at that rediculous price!


I buy a lot of Kerrygold, but that’s because it’s cheaper at under $3 than the stuff that’s noticeably better. Smjor and Anchor both taste better to me but their $5+ each. The grass fed butters have the K2 and to me a much smoother butter-ier taste.

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Good to know. Not everyone can afford grass fed.

(GINA ) #59

I like Kerrygold because it tastes and looks more like I remember butter tasting and looking when I ws a kid at my grandma’s house.

(Pete A) #60

I’m a regular consumer of Walmart grass fed hamburger. Bon appetit!