Cheap butter

(Ben Davis) #1

I understand the existence of the religious devotion to grass-fed butter, especially Kerrygold, in the keto community. But I did a test a couple weeks ago. I bought Kerrygold for the first time, Land O’Lakes, and some cheap brand I’ve never heard of that was half the price of the Land O’Lakes - all I remember was that it was $1.99. After going through them all over a week or so, I really could not tell the difference on my eggs, nor my (non-keto) wife on her toast. (Hits the floor in expectation of shots fired for daring to shame the K brand…)

In the same spirit as the “keto doesn’t dictate grass-fed!” discussion and “nitrates aren’t really a big deal!” discussion, am I OK in buying cheap butter as well?


Yea, I can’'t tell the difference*. But, I really didn’t do a side by side taste test. Only used some on some eggs and didn’t notice how it was that much better tasting.

*between kerrygold and not kerrygold. I’m not sure if what we have is from grass fed or grain fed.

(Michelle) #3

The reason I like grass fed (and I use Vital Farms brand) is due to the CLA in grass-fed items (beef, cheese, butter). CLA is a fat that fights fat, and you find way more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) in grass fed cows than grain fed cows.

(Ben Davis) #4

I certainly agree that grass-fed is a better choice, and thank you for that bit of information that I was not aware of. I will certainly keep a look out for sales on grass-fed butter brands! It’s just tough to rationalize when it is three times as expensive as the cheapest butter right next to it. Going from the M word to butter recently, I think I’m golden getting butter period! :smiley:

(G. Andrew Duthie) #5

The issue with grass-fed vs. conventional (i.e. grain fed) dairy is that feeding cows grain tends to lead to higher levels of omega-6 fatty acids in the fat of the cows (both meat and dairy).

So going with cheaper, grain-fed, beef and dairy products may well result in a less optimal omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio.

BUT…given the other benefits that come from eating keto, if budget is an issue, by all means, go with what’s affordable. Trade-offs are a part of life, and it’s much better to be eating butter instead of an awful vegetable oil spread, for example, and better to be eating grain-fed beef than bread or pasta.

So yes, you’re OK buying what fits in the budget, better keto on a budget than no keto at all. But if you find a good sale on Kerrygold… :wink:

(melinda) #6

I normally use the cheap butter & save the kerrygold for my coffee & topping food where I’ll really taste it.

Cheap butter is for cooking, kerrygold is for savoring.

(Michelle) #7

Hear you!!! Main thing is butter :wink: Secondary is all the ‘organics’ and ‘grass fed’ stuff.

(John) #8

Personally I can taste a difference, but that is not why I choose it. I am fortunately not doing this on a shoestring budget though, but my main sources of fat are butter and HWC so I at least try to make those as high quality as i can get. Might be going on an ol’ yard bird but at least the fat is good.
As @melindotty mentions I use the cheap stuff for greasing pans and that sort of thing but where butter is an ingredient I go with the good stuff.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #9

IMO, that’s what bacon nectar is for…we always have a few dishes of it in the fridge. :smiley:

Agree with the principle, though…use the good stuff for where the flavor matters most.


Go with what suits your budget. Personally, I am partial to Lidl’s demi sel. I have noticed that there are more carbs than I had assumed in most butters so I am going to try making ghee this weekend to remedy that. By all accounts it tastes divine so we shall see.

(Dustin Cade) #11

I buy what’s on sale, typically store brand…

(Laura) #12

Did you try to taste the butters by themselves? Take a slice of all three, blind if possible though Kerrygold is darker in color, then come back and tell us if you can taste a difference.

Not everyone can tell a difference , but I do, at least with the butter.

(jketoscribe) #13

We did a family taste test between Kerrygold and Trader Joe’s organic. TJ’s won. It tasted fresher. I’m pretty certain that our region’s TJ’s organic is repackaged Organic Valley from local grassfed dairies. I like not spending on KG.

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(Michael Critchfield) #15

I have done that before…

(Mike W.) #16

I started getting tired on a road trip last night. Took a chomp when we stopped and was wide awake for the next 5 hours! I :heart: Keto.

(Michelle) #17

Love that - ‘took a chomp’ :smile:

(Ben Davis) #18

Here is the $1.98 butter from Walmart I just refilled my fridge for those curious.

(mykittashi) #19

I’m with you on this. KG definitely tastes better in coffee!

(Siobhan) #20

I’m on the same train - “normal” butter for greasing tins/pans, or using it in food where you don’t really taste it, pasture butter for coffee, directly on fish or steak, etc
I’m taking it one day at a time atm, and am not so worried about the Omega-6 right now - plus I believe the issue with omega-6 is the ratio so if you add more omega-3 it will help balance out the extra - no?