Cheap butter

(Mike Williams) #81

I went to Aldi’s this past weekend. Kerry gold was $2.88 each. so I stocked up.


Hmm, that seems like the normal price at the store I shop at. I’ve seen it on sale for $1.99 a couple times.

(Sophie) #83

That’s the normal price at my Walmart here. When our Publix has it on sale 2/$5 I usually get $20-30 worth. That’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it. I keep it in the freezer and No, I am not ashamed to purchase that much in one trip. And now even my hubby, after numerous years of my low carb and keto, is trained to grab up what he sees on sale too! What I see here is Walmart is beginning to offer a few out of the ordinary things like actual Heavy Cream (Not HWC!) and the Kerrygold in an effort to compete with Publix because their prices are within pennies of each other. Walmart being only 2-3 cents less. So much for competition. :roll_eyes:


What size bricks you guys buying? This is about half price of what I see outside of Costco.


All butter is.

(Sophie) #86

I only buy the Salted Kerrygold in the 8oz bricks.

eta: I also only use my vintage butter dishes that will accommodate the whole block, as a hommage to those who Knew WTF was what back in the day!


Haha, I sometimes buy Amish “roll” butter, also 3lbs (must be their thing) not that pricey though, not sure if that’s good or bad.


I’ve seen that, butter never tried it. How do you like it?

(Mike Williams) #89

I will have to start looking for the ads when Publix has their sales on Kerry Gold. Thanks for this tip.

(Mike Williams) #90

Publix had a sale, this week of June 18th, on Kerry Gold butter. it is the two-stick packaging. The sale was 2 for $5.

(Sophie) #91

That’s interesting because mine had the 8oz bricks 2/$5 and you better believe that I bought $20 worth! Now they’re sitting in my freezer just awaiting the day I need them. :smile:

(Auden) #92

If you can’t taste it, that’s okay. For me, I was blown away by the difference. Kerry gold tasted so much better to me! Now I feel like I can’t go back, and it is kind of pricey. You do you!


Ditto from me, Beaverton Garry. From Ontario here where dairy is in the clutching hands of the government dairy/milk boards who set the prices. Kerry Gold is expensive in the US just across the river too, and with the exchange it’s out of sight for us. I buy the ‘good-not best stuff’ when it’s on sale here at home, although at $6.99 a pound it’s not cheap even when on sale. I get the cheap ($3.49) stuff when I feel cheap, but I notice a certain something not quite right about it.

I agree with many here who say do your best and eat clean and all will be well.

(Brenna) #94

I can get super cheap butter for around $2-$3 or so. I have never bought any butter from Costco but I’m going to try it next month if I can and see if its more affordable. I do like Kerrygold but will only try it in my tea or on some food.



(Jenny) #96

it’s fine to use cheap butter :slight_smile: just eat what you enjoy and what fits your budget!

(Jenny) #97

kerrigold comes in a tub where I live. it’s amazing

(Adriana Gutierrez) #98

Speaking of Costco, if you do care about the taste stay away from the Kirkland brand. It has no flavor whatsoever. At a great price. Very surprising given Costco’s usual commitment to quality. Never again.