Cheap butter


Yes. That’s correct. It’s not about avoiding omega6 entirely. It’s about improving the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.

(Shauna Williams) #22

is the kerrygold butter gluten free?

(G. Andrew Duthie) #23

I think so. Are there butters that contain gluten? Never heard of such a thing.

Just checked mine. The only ingredients listed are Pasteurized Cream, and Salt. So I think that’s a no, no additives, so no possibility of gluten.


Glutten is in grains… no grains in butter.

(Ellie Baum) #25

I buy kerrygold, but make sure you buy it at the cheapest places. Trader Joe’s has the cheapest unsalted where I live, whereas salted you can buy at Costco in three packs. I went to a regular grocery store and it was a dollar more per container!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #26

Have you seen any variation in the consistency of the Kerrygold butter?

I bought a half-dozen 3-packs when it was on sale at Costco, and they were all fairly consistent. After that supply ran out, I bought another 3-pack from the same Costco, and it was so soft I thought the fridge was broken. More like the consistency of spread, or not-quite room temp butter.

Not really causing me issues, but it seemed odd.


Yes, I’ve seen the same variations in consistency of the Kerrygold butter, but can’t determine a pattern yet.

I do know that some foods are changed by a cycle of freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw and maybe that’s a factor in the shipping and storage.


@devhammer and @BillJay

I buy the grass fed butter in local area, and it is obvious how much change there is as it follows the season. Richest butter (brightest yellow colour) when cows eat spring grass.

(Ellie Baum) #29

I haven’t seen a difference in consistency, but if I did, it wouldn’t make me too nervous. I guess I would expect that from a more natural product than I would from a processed food.

(KetoCowboy) #30

I’ve been using KerryGold butter since I started keto in February.

But yesterday I discovered Vital Farms grass-fed butter at Sam’s. I couldn’t believe the price–less than regular butter at HEB (the major grocery store chain in Austin).

The package indicated the Vital Farms butter wasn’t only grass-fed, but local to the Austin area. It sounded too good to be true, but I still grabbed 3 pounds of it.

I’ve seen a lot of Austinites in these forums. Do any of you have any special insights into the Vital Farms operation?


Kerrygold contains GMO’s?

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #32


I’ve never heard that before!

(Susan) #33

You took the words right out of my mouth!

(Thao Le) #34

From their website:
Is Alfresco Butter grass-fed?Yes. Grass foraged from pasture is the primary component of our cows’ diet. While they are free to graze as much as they like, due to seasonality and weather, some of our farmers choose at times to supplement their diet with other feedstuffs including some grain (much of which is non-gmo)

(Sophie) #35

I’ve been buying Kerrygold for over 6yrs. I sought a high quality butter after my first trip to Germany/Austria, because I was totally spoiled by availability of so many different types of dairy and the high quality. Totally felt like I had been cheated for a lifetime here! And you know what they say… “Can’t keep 'em on the Farm once they’ve seen gay Paree” I even went so far as to make my own butter for a while, but it does get to be a pain in the ass. So now I buy it on sale and stock pile it. It freezes beautifully and I always have a source of relatively cheap butter at hand. I do still test different butters and use them in recipes where taste doesn’t make a huge difference.

The Stock Pile…


$3.26 in Winn Dixie

(Sophie) #37

Don’t know if you have a Publix near you but it goes on sale here for 2/$5…I get about $30 worth at a clip and no, I am not embarrassed to check out! :laughing:


Will look out for a sale!


I’m so jealous, the Kerry Gold is about $4 here :frowning:

(Susan) #40

Butter can be frozen?! You just changed my world for the better, love my Kerrygold and now will feel free to stock up, thank you so much.