today is simple as usual.
first meal ribeye steak. second meal 1/2 of a roaster chicken. hubby requested a whole roaster for dinner tonight so I will just eat 1/2 and call it a day.

in such cold weather I never mind turning on the oven :slight_smile: Brrrrr

(Geoffrey) #123

Had four scrambled eggs with some ribeye fat bites and some shredded venison roast mixed it. I’m pretty satisfied right now.

(Karen) #124

@Fangs i am just the same, it is not cold enough for heatingto be on… back to hot water bottle and layers since the minus weather has passed albeit briefly i suspect. …so it is rather nice with the oven on.

I am feeling tired today after going out with an ex ladt night… he took me to a dance down in Northants, Moulton in the back of beyond, so it turned out to be a late night by the time we arrived back at his house in Leicester to then have to drive home to Nottingham. Dance was so so and i missed Raymond as it would have been more fun and better dancing but it made a change.

Was up early to feed Sians kittycats as she was away the night. Didn’t sleep too well either last night possibly because i was a bit hank marvin when i got home after midnight and finished off some bacon and pork mince from my dinner!

Have cooked and eaten 4 chicken thighs for brunch and just cooking up so pork chops. Will have buffalo chicken wings later.

Ate the pork chops and also the buffalo wings. Feel quite satisfied now.

(Karen) #125

The girls birdie watching :grinning:

(Judy Thompson) #126

Oh my, the days slipping by! My dental should be finished today, the gig is Friday, and we can leave Virginia Saturday or Sunday.
Hopefully we’ll get to the commissary today and get another tenderloin roast to take the remainder of on the trip and skip the icky hot dogs! Then teaching in the evening.
ZC is going along fine. We’re sort of camping out here with no real kitchen but the sous vide and little electric skillet, egg steamer, air fryer, and microwave for cooking hubby’s veggies - I’m more than well supplied.
Next step on this house is total rewiring, we will contract that tomorrow. I figure the kitchen installation (IKEA kitchen is in boxes in the basement) for a year from now if we can spare the time away.
Mostly there has been gf burger, tenderloin, chicken, and lastnight I ordered smoked salmon at our fave restaurant and it was so yummy, warm goat cheese on the side and some Dijon cream. Not enough food but yummy. I had 2 eggs and bacon when we got home :rofl:

This was some of the tenderloin, yesterday.


you party hound you K, lol.
you know I had to go look up this slang you typed :slight_smile: means you were starving, so cool! your cat pic is so cute!!

Glad your dental is handled!

Are ya heading back to Texas now?

eggs and bacon :crazy_face: as a fail safe~love it!

-----------simple zc going very well.
I feel very very settled and not jumbled in any way eating very mono with beef and pork as my every day.

defrosting ribeye steak first meal. bought big ones which are very tasty.
2nd meal I got 2 thick cut pork chops to eat up. I know this is zc boring food I repeat over and over again but this is my usual life now so…I am on rinse and repeat mostly :slight_smile:


Oh my, Cockney… At least it’s just one step, “what’s the lemon” is two (I watched some interesting videos in the last year… always loved languages but Cockney slang is CRAZY…).

I got bored of meat and went off for the weekend, I wasn’t very motivated about January anyway… But what can I eat if not my normal, mostly carni food? :frowning: It’s hard there at this point of my life when I have changed so much. Last night I couldn’t get satiated until I ate some meat. At 1am. We had stew, that had meat, of course I eat meat every day just not very much when I am kind of bored of it. (Just like I ate only 6 eggs a day when I had a strong egg aversion years ago. Now I eat less on a normal day but I have changed and I can eat more meat now. Just not every day. Sometimes I still get bored but if I had a proper variety and I would have prepare enough, I don’t think that could happen.)

So I am back but I don’t want food. I just want to be satiated without food. I have such phases when I envy snakes (the big ones who rarely need food). I rarely envy snakes, they can’t even enjoy their food when they eat… (I envy bears eating fresh salmon more. And I am not even into salmon anymore but it’s so much better raw so I probably would enjoy that… Pretty too…) But sometimes eating (and cooking) is such a chore! I cooked for Alvaro, I baked and I barely have something for myself at this point (the pork chuck is defrosted but I needed all the induction cookers for other things. I have a new batch of sponge cake muffins though. I don’t have much to eat it with, we desperately need supplies).

I made my soup into a chicken/fish soup (it saw a little pork too but it is not apparent). It is totally valid for hungry me. I like this fish soup paste, the old one wasn’t smooth but grainy in the bottom, yuck. Quite tasty too. I put a hake fish into my soup (and an egg. it got a tad too hard when I got out. still good but I prefer it really soft. next time).
And cooked some of my usual lean pork. In soup this time (before the fish things) but in its own pan. I will add lard and/or sour cream or whatever later (and cook/borderline fry for some more) so it becomes some lovely thing with sauce. At least that is the plan. I had enough of cooking at this point, very much. Thankfully I made lunch for Alvaro for 4-5 days - except the protein part (other people may consider legumes the protein part, well, not him) but I like baking and frying up some sausages is fine too. He accepts eggs and meat as his protein (even seitan or some fried veggie thing as the latter has eggs but they aren’t among the usual options I offer nowadays). He can’t eat eggs every day or meat every day but egg or meat every day works. It’s 2 sunny side ups today, cheesy fried fluff for tomorrow. He doesn’t like pork chuck anyway, too fatty for him. And my lean pork is tiny.

Why am I writing about such normal/boring things?

We badly need supplies, even for the cats so weekend surely will contain some serious city shopping. So I will be all set for February when I actually plan to do carnivore. Ish, at least but I try the real thing for a while, without my teeny-tiny fun extras. I think it’s time to visit the hypermarket again, it has some impressive selection compared to other places. I would like some ruminant meat already, I originally planned eating a little of it every month and well, it just doesn’t happen… I didn’t even see a sale since ages.


you went off.

you are best on carnivore.

you have to see this for the reality it is for you S.
boredom hits every single one of us transitioning into this way of lifestyle but in the end if you do not go off, this goes away.

Hope your shopping trip goes well and you hit some good buys of meats :slight_smile:

your typing out your ‘normal boring things’ to chat about is a great way to find yourself. where you are heading and why you are making differences in your life that suit you best. I enjoy reading your posts~~I chatted out SO much thru the yrs on my zc eating change and it helped me tons. I think your chats about you are what is changing you even more and more but also be sure to learn from what you are saying :slight_smile: good post

(Karen) #130

A little bit of cockney slang keeps ot light and airy when we repeat ourselves so much as we do when we tell each other what we have eaten. As @Fangs says ‘we rinse and repeat’ :grinning: i can’t say i ever get bored with it but then i could be quite rigid prior to eating this way!

Out t9 Nottingham and the Asian shop for more … yes i did say that…more braiding. We have a valentines dance coming up in Feb so i suggested i tart up Raymonds Red shirt that he tends to keep for xmas and valentines and when i picked him up he had 4 more shirts for me to look at with a view to tart up! I certainly have my work cut out for me :neutral_face: so we had brunch in Asda at Hyson Green before popping rpund the corner to the Asian shop. I get so excited going there because i know my eyes will be everywhere. Fortunately they are so patient :rofl::rofl::rofl:

We then popped over to Carlton to do a couple of charity shops and i bought a lovely faux leather jacket with a detachable fur collar in beigy/brown and so newborn baby gro’s…have to stop buying baby things now until it’s born and we know gender!

Returned home and cooked chicken mince for dinner …needed to get it used up out of freezer … back to steaks tomorrow because mince is very boring lol

Needed something else afterwards so made scrambled eggs with sardines.

The new braids lol


Maybe but if I am hungry, I WILL eat. At least until today.

Today I was starving a bit, didn’t want my meat so I skipped dinner. Hunger went away and I had an undereating day. Even with my horrible guessing, I can be sure of it today.
I won’t do that all the time, though. I mean, rather being hungry. But I am changing, it will see what will be the easiest/more tempting to do. I definitely will choose that.

So, today I had lunch as food sounded nice at 3pm, I started to get properly hungry and had food!
I had a little soup (one egg, tiny chicken, tiny fish), some sponge cakes with sour cream and lard, a piece of old leftover pork chuck roast and half a small sausage.
And several creamy coffees.

Later I finished cooking my pork dish (it became some soft, nice spicy thing with sour cream) but I couldn’t stomach any meat at that point so had my creamy coffees and some milk too as I was so hungry but couldn’t imagine even eating eggs at that point (just a single sponge cake muffin) let alone meat. And I have some serious lack of dairy items. And I waited and the hunger went away. It wasn’t too bad anyway, I just never get very hungry these days, no matter my diet.
I did taste the pork, it is good, I just have a meat/food aversion at the moment. Only strong hunger could help.
I will be properly hungry tomorrow, I am sure :slight_smile:

Oh I had a tiny ice cream too at the end of my lunch. Just the usual size, about 35g? A very decent sized portion for me. Alvaro visited the supermarket but didn’t buy me some deli meat or something… I nearly always can eat some nice processed stuff with sponge cake… I don’t even have fried liver in the fridge! By the way, I don’t buy liver anymore. I think a phase ended. I will buy some if I see some great sale, I am not against it, merely lost the desire to eat it multiple times per month. Along with any interest so I won’t go out of my way to get some. My butter phase ended too, it seems.

Sometimes it’s surprisingly hard… But eventually the lessons sink in :upside_down_face: It’s complicated, I need to remember things, need not to eat up the meat I cook, some should be left for emergencies… There are mental things and whatnots… (And my love towards fruits is a bigger problem sometimes than other times.)

But it’s so great we have lots of sunshine… The end of winter (it’s not quite here yet but I get bored of winter early…) is a problematic time anyway but if it’s too much gloom, it’s worse. I probably want more “fresh” juicy things then. Off season or not. It probably will change though. If the problem is too rich or spicy or boring meat dish, sour cream usually helps, another reason to keep some at home at all times. We have little now so I told Alvaro not to go near the rest as I need it. He doesn’t but he finds the situation worrisome so we will buy more very soon. He brought 50 eggs so at least I don’t need to held back there, good.

Tart up, that was new to me. Lol, what an expression, tart up :smiley: Though I am sure I could find some funny ones in Hungarian too if I thought about it… Live languages are like that, doing funny things. Homo ludens and whatnot.

You bring a very bright color into these threads :smiley: Especially nowadays with these braids… Fun!

(Judy Thompson) #132

@Karen18 What beautiful braids! No wonder they’re so addicting!
Congrats again on the grandchild on the way! How do you not buy every baby thing you see?

Went to the dentist, put on he removable molar bridge, it’s actually comfortable! We went to lunch right after and I had a little plate of wings… They were edible! So the teeth work, happy to look forward to trying a streak.
We went then to the army post and got another tenderloin roast and a chicken. Those will get me through to Texas!


Yay for teeth! I know how important those are, would know anyway but I have experiences from the time when my bridge came off and I hadn’t a dentist at the moment due to moving and it lasted for way too long… It went back to place for show but I couldn’t eat with it. Still could have been better, I could have had PAIN during eating… I even had more teeth to use… I learned to appreciate small mercies. And I have read very many horrible things happening to people too. So I have a perspective. Still hate even the smallest pain…

And I vaguely tracked. Some mixing with today happens for the sake of simplicity, doesn’t matter when it comes to average and that is what matters most but vaguely, well, I ate enough. Guesstimation says 120g protein and 140g fat… Even with the inaccuracy, fat was over 100g I am sure. I forgot how little dairy and eggs seem and feel and how super quickly the fat adds up… And pork chuck is very dense too, no matter I only ate one slice… So it was an okay day eating wise. Would have been better if I didn’t get most of my calories from eggs and dairy (they all seemed so, so little though). I did eat some more bites at night. Couldn’t much but an egg here, 1-2 little meat cubes there, creamy coffee always… I don’t like that, eating just 1-2 proper meals suit me way better. But sometimes this snacking is the best I can do due to my daily eating that I can’t help. If I have a negative appetite, I am unable to eat.

But I think way less about food now, that’s nice. And we have a sunny day again. I probably need my workout, I feel so very low energy since days at least. And earlier bedtime, quite possibly. And creating various things, that is actually an important need for me.

I should drop my coffee consumption and this is the fancy expensive instant one. Not even my fav version as that was out… I go for no coffee starting… Maybe this evening. I have no more cream anyway and I don’t want to open a new box right when the precious one run out. Bad form. (Now I have milk but made egg milk with butter and milk to use in my coffees.)

I feel myself super boring. And I am too down since days. Very unhealthy for a hedonist.

(Karen) #134

How much better will you feel @JJFiddle with your teeth done! I know i already feel great and smiling big teethy smiles once again. Quite funny but having spent years doing closed mouth smiles it was very odd smiling properly again… almost fake smiling but i am getting better at this smiling malarkey :grin:

We have just had storm Isha and now today Jocelyn has rushed up from the south so i have stayed in today organising those new braids and choosing which ones for which shirts :smiley:

I had a salmon fillet for brunch about 11am then about 4pm had some swedish meatballs and chinese style pork ribs followed by a sirloin steak about 6pm.


@Karen18: Pretty food! :smiley:

Today I had some appetite challenges again… maybe it’s good as I still went way over a pound of meat, several eggs, 150g protein and 110g fat, very inaccurate guesstimation says…
The pork chuck definitely helped though it’s quite fatty, more than usual, I will fry the leftover raw pieces cut into tiny cubes instead of slices. I really like them in slices but it’s just way too fatty (still good, I don’t say it isn’t… :wink: ) especially eaten cold.
I did eat some lean pork too. It is quite soft, nice and tasty but it doesn’t mean I have any desire or willingness to eat it. But I had enough to eat some of it.

We have zero cheese now, even Alvaro’s cheesy fluff contained little but it worked. My quiche was cheeseless this time. We really need shopping. Tomorrow is car day for poor Alvaro who had a tiny bicycle accident (sleet is dangerous and there were metal bars on the road at some point, at the gate of the wildlife park. 1. it’s even more slippery 2. it is painful to fall on them) and hit his arm and leg. He is limping a bit now. I already planned some shopping but this way I only need to walk 5km or so, through the forest.

I start to miss cheese, for the variety only. I don’t specifically want cheese just something different from meat and egg and milk (but I run out of milk too. no problem, we buy more tomorrow, Alvaro really loves it nowadays, it’s not just me)!


I wanted food at night again… And now I tracked… Ouch. Maybe it’s because I ate lowish meat the previous days…? Was it that low…?

832g pork, 218g protein (some may have eaten - please insert proper tense here, I can’t. I am glad if someone tells me how it is right, I always like to better my English though I pretty much gave up on complicated tenses, my language has one past tense only. and no gendered pronouns, how cool is that…? - the previous days but not much).
Sigh. Hopefully it will be the right tiny final push to make me skip lunch in the future (I already know since very long I should do that, I just couldn’t). Even when I have appetite problems, I eat way too much (or just at maintenance but it means I stay fat just the same, it’s just cheaper).

Even the weather is ugly. And I keep waking up way too late, I hate that.

(KM) #137

“some” is a tricky word. It means an amount more than one, but refers to different things depending on where it is in the sentence. The way you’re using it here, it’s short for “some people” - like you could say ‘I brought a roast and some (people) may have eaten it.’ If you were to say “I may have eaten some”, it would mean you weren’t really sure if you ate any (roast, not people) or not. :crazy_face: I think what you were saying is, “I may have eaten some the previous days but not much”. The may-have part is spot on!

Edit: I think I see where I got confused - you had it almost right to begin with. “some may have been eaten on the previous days”. Verbs are a nightmare sometimes.

Our weather is awful too, it’s supposed to rain pretty much constantly til Saturday.


May have been eaten, that’s it! Thanks. It’s so very complicated. Though I suppose our single word but very complicated verbs are a nightmare for many people :smiley: It’s one of the reason Hungarian is considered a hard language. And it IS a hard language, few Hungarians master it…

I did my shopping, yay!!! We bought quite much for a local shopping (most of our items are from the bigger and better supermarket chains) but there were some nice sales and my supplies were horribly depleted.
I got 2 different cheeses (I have read the ingredient list, it’s not so bad, it’s from proper cheeses, mostly… 4 different emulsifiers and something I have no idea what it is… we never buy such things normally but things got desperate here), one simple and one smoked! Proper smoked cheeses got very expensive so we ignore them (I prefer other kinds anyway but they suit Alvaro’s bread sticks better. but most cheeses got out of them so it’s a tricky business to find a good one. we usually buy some better grill cheese for it. I mean, one that is mostly cheese and flour isn’t involved. I still don’t eat it but works for Alvaro). Well this one just tastes like the liquid smoke it contains. I never liked that stuff. Oh well.
So, the cheeses (even if I don’t normally call those things cheeses… IDK why the local supermarket has no cheese at all, basically. maybe 1-2 kinds of horribly overpriced sliced cheeses in small packages and the worst kind of “proper” cheese in block. and these mixed things with emulsifiers. and they cost way more than our usual Gouda. except this thing we bought now, it’s a good sale. it’s just like the fancier ones. no way I pay proper Masdaam-not-on-sale prices for such a low level thing. I think twice before I buy Masdaam itself and it’s my fav. I patiently wait for a good sale. I don’t need to eat cheese to begin with)… Oh my I can’t make a list.

So, I bought the cheeses, deli meat (meh. won’t again. the brand makes great sausages, cheap too, often goes on sale… but this is meh), my nice favorite pâté with various organs (this one isn’t as great as the first one I ate… still fine if I am bored of normal meat. Alvaro says it’s ugly but he strongly disliked the first, really wonderful one too that I couldn’t stop eating), 2 liters of milk, a small… cup? of sour cream, 2 tiny slabs of green ham (they do this again… I got the 2 biggest ones, around 1kg each) and they had “scrap meat” again, yay! So I got both lean and fatty pork as I really needed.
We have found a super cheap head of lettuce for Alvaro too ($0.17. one can’t buy anything for that. except certain vegs sometimes, apparently :smiley: you can’t get those… IDK, maybe 5g mini chocolates for this little! and it’s fresh and green and crunchy. still not my cup of tea - that requires tea leaves :upside_down_face: maybe mint but very rarely - but good for him! and even I could see its beauty and juiciness). But almost all vegs are quite expensive in winter. Even the frozen ones. I checked it out as I wasn’t sure I saw right last time but yes. Frozen green peas are as expensive as my meat (depending on the brand, it goes from green ham to ruminant meat on a good sale)… I am really glad I don’t need to spend money on vegs, it would cost a lot.

Another thread made me wonder about breakfast cereals in that tiny supermarket and now I checked it out (in the 12+ years living here I never noticed they had any). And they have them. None of the big ones, only 4 small shelves of small boxes and other packages (muesli included. is that different? well it’s not fluffy but both are grains for breakfast with sugar, right? they are the same “who on earth can consider it food?” to me), it’s 4 meters long in total. But if they have this space, why they don’t have just ONE passable, proper block cheese?! Okay, they need fridges for that but they don’t need to keep all the deli and emulsified cheeses mixes then. Priorities, they aren’t right in that shop. BUT they have a decent dairy fridge (without any cheese but the milk and sour cream variety is great, the quark one is passable) and a decent albeit very tiny meat fridge so it’s not so bad. I used to never shop there, for a reason… But carnivore changed everything (I can’t buy enough meat to last me for a month using this tiny freezer) and the supermarket chain started to have decent sales too.

So we have things, we mostly need Proper Cheese from the city now. And some furniture to mitigate the problems made by Alvaro’s computer hardware hoarding tendencies. I gave him another big drawer but that didn’t make a dent… Stepping into his room is a hazard. Sharp metal parts aren’t healthy for my soft extremities. And hardware parts don’t like when I accidentally kick them either but I never ruined any.
I collect smaller things. Mostly art stuff. And rocks but they are either art to begin with or I paint them so they are totally art too :slight_smile:

I had a small lunch, I had to check out the new stuff. But I expect a modest day after yesterday.


rinse and repeat, lol, so US ya know :slight_smile: for some like me it is the best way to live life on some issues, in that ‘dieting’ and eating was a friggin’ mess, now life is so simple :slight_smile:

ohhhh it was for me too but at some point our real truths must be heard and then we must accept…well it worked that way for me, you got a great journey going down S, embrace all the good you do see about yourself and ya find the best path forward :sunny:

------------woke up this morn with 0 appetite, 0 want of any food whatsoever, omg I love these days LOL

it is about 1:30 in the afternoon and I put in this:

got country pork ribs on slow cook in oven.
don’t care when they are done, will take hrs to get super soft as I want

probably no second meal, will be eat this and done deal.

zc, loving the lifestyle to the max :slight_smile:

(Karen) #140

Food today brunch of 2 thin pork chops very tender and tasty. Dinner 1 sirloin steak with bacon bits followed by 4 smal chicken thighs, skins lovely and crispy. Did a bit of charity shopping today so came home with 1 or 2 bits and pieces, a couple of pretty fans (for dancing) a wooden carved owl, a sparkly crochet cardigan and a jumpsuit… didn’t think it would fit as size 8 and I usually wear size 10 because of my wide back but it did fit and looked ok… big surprise when you think of the amount of food i eat :joy: goes to show if you stick to this woe you don’t ever have to go hungry to lose a pound or two or a few inches!


I always wake up with less than zero appetite and being fully satiated :smiley: It’s hard to be me without being not like that in the morning!

Nowadays it’s great as I am still not particularly hungry at 3pm - but I am very rarely satiated at that time… I used to get properly hungry at 2-3pm, sometimes earlier but it’s no more the case. Convenient.

I didn’t think I ate much today… I will track tomorrow when it’s sure I won’t eat anymore as the day is done. It was low meat (therefore much egg and dairy as I almost never eat really little, no matter my previous day) but the average for the last 2 days is still decently meaty, a tiny bit above a pound I guess. That is good for me.
I will really try to respect my smart, good rules more… Like starting with a pound of meat and little else if possible. That is a nice big step towards satiation, without eating too much (as it easily can happen if I jump eggs and dairy and only eat a lot of meat later).

I still have leftovers for tomorrow but maybe not enough and anyway, my freezer don’t have ready to eat lean meat so I better make some to put away. Lean meat is useful when I am hungry but need protein more or when I want lean meat as a basic ingredient for a mixed dish. I use it in my peasant’s breakfast, for example (and I wrote pheasant first despite it’s what a lucky peasant may eat, not the peasant themselves. though I prefer pork. or beef. even turkey. never tried guineafowl, some supermarkets sometimes have it but I never was curious enough, it’s just a pricy fowl… peasant is so famous about its great taste and it was pretty meh to me. makes great soup though, just like guineafowl - never tried but heard and sounds believable as all fowl that isn’t tasteless chicken makes good soup. even common, cheap, totally not home-raised hen. of course home-raised chickens are really good).

I feel very boring again but nothing exciting happens to me these days and my food is pretty normal too. I wonder if I could make something pretty on carnivore… I like to be a bit artistic with my food now and then. It’s easy with bread but with other things…? I made pretty bacon covered meat but that’s quite simple, the beauty comes from the baked bacon, it’s not really something I did. Well my mummy hand came out nice for Halloween… :thinking: Maybe I should google ‘meat cake’ and get ideas. And I have been planning ice cream cake since years… I even have lactose free whipping cream and a heavily changed sweet perception so it will be sweet… (I never had ice cream cake and I left behind most cakes ages ago so I don’t even have a strong preconception. It surely will be tasty to me. Even Alvaro will need only teeny tiny additions as he likes my ice cream if he gets a very yolky tiny almost sponge cake along with it.) And if I put more gelatin into my jellied fluff, it may come out of my skull mold prettier… But my complicated dessert mood pretty much disappears on carnivore. I don’t even want ice cream ever, I just make it to use up yolks or have something in a pinch. I always am ready to eat some yolky cake though, see my sponge cake baking all the time (it’s typically for savory purposes but sometimes I put some cream into them and they come out dessert-like).

I am sure I can come up with new things. Like braided pancakes or whatever. It sounds unnecessary though…