(Karen) #102

I am so glad o hear that his anxiety is lower at the moment … power of prayer! Xx

(Robin) #103

Just lovely


It seems I wasn’t hungry yesterday (I didn’t even notice, that’s why I need tracking if I don’t want to be in the dark. I remember frying up lots of lean pork, the fattiest parts as usual - and then not eating any for dinner. I probably just drank coffee but I don’t remember. I usually remember my last meal, oh well), I had a bad headache though, ALL evening, the usual painkiller didn’t help (it is hit and miss with it but I don’t have a better one and I actually never want to take any…), I am glad I could fall asleep somehow. I don’t remember even doing it before that, falling asleep with a serious headache as it’s very distracting but it happened now. And I talk way too much about it. I woke up with my headache but it’s smaller and I drank coffee and took a pill and it’s even better.

So, yesterday. About 90g protein and fat. I am very satiated now. I guess it’s due the previous very meaty day, what else? :smiley: Yesterday was eggy with 180g meat.

I barely have variety now compared to normal. The fridge is almost empty. It’s fine for now, I still have a few different cuts of meat (even different animals. but only the pork is nice, the chicken frame is mostly for the cats and I rarely want fish) and sausages.

Do I have a photo of my sponge cake…? My memories is unusually bad right now, I hope it passes. I don’t forget about my last meal or my last photo normally!!!

No, I don’t have it. It deflated and I was hungry as I vaguely remember… Well not really hungry, I just welcomed some food. It’s very chill now eating wise. I like my food enough, I don’t get very hungry… And don’t try to skip lunch even though I probably could… And I don’t get hungry in 1-3 hours…

Today is a rare day when I don’t really need to cook. I make eggs in purgatory for Alvaro (he LOVES it, it’s a bona fide lunch for him, his main, most proper meal of the day, eaten at home in peace… (Dinner/supper is the same but way smaller and often cold, not cooked food. I have watched another video from the fun history cooking channel yesterday and dinner was used where I use lunch… Maybe I should use supper for the evening meal? I am supposed to be able to change my ways even if we learned dinner for it at school…) Just 10 minutes, almost zero work, I have learned about this dish on this forum some years ago, instant hit! makes my life easier) and I have plenty of pork for me. I probably won’t eat 7.5 eggs today like yesterday :smiley: But it will be interesting to see what other kind of carnivore days I will have without much dairy… I did have a lot of cream yesterday… Due to my coffee drinking and its whippedness… But I run out.

I will ask Alvaro if he is fine with bratwurst tomorrow… It’s Hungarian sausage, of course but I use it for the type. It’s my fav and most complicated one as I need to fry it for a while :slight_smile: And it must be done in one go (I mean, I eat the other sausages a little at a time, they are fine in the freezer) so I make it when we both want it.

Gloomy day. I am supposed to be fine as I had so much sunshine lately but I miss it…

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Yesterdays food

Cooked turkey and streaky bacon sauted in butter and bacon fat, 2 pork chops, sirloin steak cooked in pork juices followed by streaky bacon unsmoked and smoked.


That last pic… I get hungry looking at it! How lovely it looks!
Yep, after a very low-meat day I am quite ready for a meatier one!

(Geoffrey) #107

Pork shoulder wraps with butter and a touch of Tabasco sauce.

(Karen) #108

Food today… couple of fried eggs and bacon at the Sally Army Charity shop no pic

Dinner 1 pork chop, 1 sirloin steak cooked in pork juices again, cooked turkey and bacon sauted in butter… again and just had some more smoked bacon pan fried with tinned tuna, very nice and tasty :yum:


Today had some tomato but it’s so nice and harmless to me… I still plan to be strict in February but I am pretty content with my food now.

I had lunch, dinner and a snack later, I am sure my fat intake was too low, that’s why… As I enjoyed my lean pork today and didn’t have chuck. My egg intake was moderate and I barely have dairy now due to the fact I don’t have much (until I open my last 500ml cream :smiley: that’s such a huge amount so I need to be ready to use it for everything).
Lunch was plenty of fried pork and my leftover sponge cake with cream cheese spread on it. Yum. I wasn’t fully satiated as I ate little fat but I wasn’t hungry.
I don’t remember my dinner… Oh, some more pork and coffee with egg milk. And later some yolks (and coffee).
I STILL have a slight headache, I hope this is the last day. It’s really minuscule but even that level bothers me when it lasts for very long. I am bad with pain.

Things go so smooth now eating wise. No problem with my food, I never struggle with hunger, satiation arrives some time after my meals and when I go down to the kitchen at night, I just drink, eating doesn’t even cross my mind and I have this without stuffing myself during the day or eating a ton. Wonderful.
I do know pork is VERY effective… I am so glad I managed to reduce my dairy and egg intake, it made a very big difference.

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No gigs this week but teaching. I got to spend the day with my daughter Sunday which was lovely! We exchanged gifts, all the ones she got me were art supplies! So we spent the day painting and drawing, hit a BBQ joint for lunch for some dry brisket and overcooked salmon. I didn’t care. I get my best food at home as always. My daughter is so brilliant, studying Cantonese!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, teaching and also the Toastmasters meeting today. Great to see the students in person.
The tenderloin roast is wonderful. I also sous vided a whole chicken so now I have both.

Searing the tenderloin

Same lunch both yesterday and today.
@Karen18 prayers for your daughter’s healthy pregnancy!
@Geezy56 Yup TX is cold this week! Not surprised your smoker isn’t up to snuff in it. We have smart heaters in the pump shed and the house. At 12° we’re toggling those heaters on and off by phone on the hour!
Va is snowy. Icy. The little dog is not amused.


WOW there are some fab pics of great meat plates posted on the thread.
not much zc chat from me here in that I am on auto pilot. had beef tenderloin steaks first meal, big yum, had leftover chicken from a roaster as 2nd meal last night. thought I was gonna eat a tad diff. but this is how the food went down.

did get hungry tho later in night and had some tuna and mayo and some chunk cheese. I even surprised myself I was eating that, lol. hadn’t done tuna and mayo in a very long time now and haven’t relied on any cheese in my days. huh. I think the tenderloin was too lean of a cut and the chicken just didn’t have enough ummpff to it. I felt like I under ate in a way.

oh well, today is start day with NY strip steak and second meal will be a mess of fatty country pork ribs. good ol’ standby meals that work best for me.

zc on strong all


Yesterday I ate simple enough to attempt tracking without notes for the day… I did have the necessary info for my meat from the previous day when I fried my lean pork.

147g protein, 77g fat. 495g lean pork (well, the fattiest parts, mostly, it was quite nice) and almost no dairy does this. I had a tiny meal after midnight as I wasn’t fully satiated (tiny pork and a boiled egg did the trick).
Wow, a low-fat day in my world… Not super low as while I run out of cream, I did eat several yolks :wink: It’s as low as I can go. (And it’s probably a bit more fat as the lean pork wasn’t THAT lean. But I can never know the fattiness of my meat. Whatever, good day.)

Today I fried fish, made soup (3 chicken frames? they were frozen together so I just put the 1200g thing into the big pot along with some pork belly bone, water and salt. we don’t have green peas now so there is no way it would ever become a soup for both of us, all is mine. and the cats as far as the chicken frames are concerned), peasant’s breakfast (smoked pork hock, a sausage, 3 eggs, little but very flavorful hard cheese… and 2g onion powder this time) and I still have fried pork chuck as well.
I may take a photo later but the day is very gloomy.

The tomcat still pops in now and then. He got some fishbone with meat on it. Just a little bit, he isn’t our cat and there wasn’t much to begin with. But he comes so hopefully so when every cats get something and there is leftover, he gets some too. With 3 chicken frames, it will be good for a while now… And I easily can make soup every week, I do love soup. I just don’t badly need it often unlike in the past. I was too used to soup 2 times a day but of course, soup is a mandatory part of a proper Hungarian lunch and we always made as much as possible so I ate it for dinner/supper too.
I searched for it, supper isn’t for a big evening meal, it said…? What should I say then, evening meal? As English apparently doesn’t have a word for just that because dinner is used for lunch? :frowning: It’s so confusing.
Oh well, I say dinner and you all should know it’s evening meal for me, always :slight_smile: For Alvaro, it’s his 3rd meal. Even at 2pm. And he never has more.


The 100mm lense isn’t ideal but I did what I could… I am not displeased :slight_smile:

The bowl has my peasant’s breakfast, I missed the sour cream :frowning: Only ate some. There is something with me, I felt most food of mine too salty.

We got sunshine in the end, after all those gloomy, darkish hours! With fog, it looked unusual! (Couldn’t decide which photo to show.) And I like my curtain on my window looking southwest…

(Robin) #114

These are great!

(Geoffrey) #115

Makin bacon day.
Cured for 10 days then off to the smoker.

After a two hour smoke it’s time to cool.

Ten pounds of bacon sliced Abe ready to package. The end pieces are cooking for my reward for all the work I put it. :yum:

Then for some desert a little homemade yogurt. Thick and creamy made with heavy cream.


That yogurt looks so, so nice… And I am here with no creamy dairy whatsoever… :frowning: I can’t really live without sour cream :frowning: (Some fatty yogurt would work too, I just prefer sour cream, some dishes work way better with it too.) I go shopping tomorrow. Just the local supermarket so no cheese, probably (except some lower-level, processed cheese but we get desperate here… I make some pizza-like thing tomorrow and it will pretty much use up all our cheese, well Alvaro’s cheese, if I make some even less pizza-like thing for myself, that won’t have much at all…).

Today I got bored of my meat so I didn’t eat much (as I eat much every second day, I can handle these lower-meat ones somehow), IDK what the near future will come but some dairy will help I guess. Maybe we need to buy 90 eggs again (that’s the amount that easily fits my bicycle basket. our backpacks only can hold 50), we are low again as we ate eggy meals lately. I still have a baking phase, it’s good I don’t need much carbs for that. Doing it carnivore is a bit tricky but I get my old notes about it. And make new recipes as it is my wont…

I tasted the soup. Too much chicken, too little pork. The cats were elated though. 4 cats next to each other eagerly, loudly lapping it up :smiley: They were cute. I had my own with fish soup paste mixed in, it is nicer that way. After a while I will put more pork into it and probably make it into a ragout soup with cream.

(Michael) #117

Nice pics everyone.

It is supposed to go down to -26 C tomorrow, which is about the same in F. Going to suck, or more correctly freeze :cold_face:

I made a video for YouTube, but here is a pic of dinner tonight. 3 eggs, 3 slices of Jarlsberg, one sheep fry and some snails a bit later (not shown). I made testicle chips on the side to show a few ways to cook fry up.

(Robin) #118

You are a very handy man in the kitchen, on the range, at the grill, etc. admirable


I bet that is something one doesn’t say out in public too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

---------------same old same old
first meal defrosting top sirloin steak
second meal will be thick cut pork chops
kitchen life can’t get any easier than this for me :100:

(Karen) #120

@JJFiddle wow your daughter is a clever girl, cantonese is a hard language to learn!

@Shinita loving your photos… we have been hetting the sunshine too…3 days on the trot and there was a fabulous purple and pinky red sky on the way back from Lichfield today … would have loved to have been able to stop and take a photo! Still flipping freezing even with the sunshine!

Food yesterday and today

Yesterday we went dancing in the afternoon and i didn’t have time to eat before leaving the house so i was starving when i got back home after 6pm. The 80% eaten fish was sea bass which was lovely followed by pork chop, sirloin steak and curry spiced cooked turkey pan fried in bacon fat. Today i had srambled egg with sardines before going dancing at Lichfield and dinner was pork chops sirloin steak and cooked turkey which i think was the last portion out of freezer from xmas shop. Still peckish so had a tin of tuna.
Enjoyed both afternoons dancing and have been getting some stair running in too.


We have that several days ago… My clouds are never nearly as great in a photo so I didn’t even try… But it was spectacular and good to see :slight_smile:

I ate fish (leftover hake and tinned herring), pork, very tiny chicken, some eggs (I was very low after yesterday’s several… I started to get bored of meat and anyway, eggs are great) and finally, sour cream galore! Milk too. I missed my dairy. Theoretically a human is able to live without it but it would be super hard for me…

I still track but I start to question it again… I seem to eat just right protein wise and I don’t overdo fat either.

Today I managed to get hungry but it happens when I am walking home after 3pm, the uphill tends to be a struggle (the walk is fine, I just feel especially hungry then. it’s the same with cycling)…
I walked over 2 hours and while my foot is still not fully healthy, I see the light in the end of the tunnel :smiley: I can’t run more than a tiny bit yet.
I had my first meal at 4pm as we took so much time shopping and walking home. I got hungry maybe 1 hour after I finished it but it was time for dinner at that point anyway and Alvaro wanted to eat too :slight_smile: He always have a very little time between lunch and dinner on workdays as he has dinner in his usual time even if his lunch is 4 hours late compared to the ideal. Interesting. In my case, the size and content of my meal decides when I will get hungry again (it’s not the only factor but the biggest one I think). Our hunger, appetite and satiation works in very different ways.