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Me? Holding steady… on cruise control. What’s better than that?


Erm my thoughts wandered in plant-y directions, I will try to be more careful, not like I can help it, I compare things and wonder what could I do if I couldn’t eat as I do… But I will try to keep it to myself a bit more.

@JJFiddle: Of course I will fry in it. It’s this or giving it to the cats.
I don’t do cod liver oil, never did. I eat cod liver, that delicious soft thing!
And dislike wasting edible items (well the cats would eat it for sure… somehow… I wouldn’t put the 50g oil in front of them. so it would involve brainstorming and extra work, noooo). As only frying fish in it works, I will do that. I have a whole package of hake fish (900g), I promised some not edible for me parts for the new tomcat anyway… And probably won’t buy cod liver for a loooooooong time.
Downstairs had a fishy smell for more than a day… Not soooo bad but it’s better without.

But I admit I didn’t try to eat it. If it’s not tasty, I won’t, I am not that type of person. I eat tasty food for my vitamins and other nutrients…

@Fangs: Yeah, I didn’t want to go to buy a new phone due to this reason, I miss my music a bit too but it’s no big deal :slight_smile: I really needed a new one (just postponed it as it still worked… just like poor, poor fridge still works with all the rust and other tiny problems. we really need a new one in 2024 but we need so many things and it’s such a chore… and we never find what we want and we think we aren’t too choosy…).
And it’s good I walk without music now. I can listen to Nature songs better. Like the big pond, it has a lot of broken ice now and the waves make “music” with them :smiley: It was lovely during my walk. I can think about important things better without music too.

And I still am curious and will track or figure out my vague macros somehow (if I could just eat 500g meat and little else every day…) on some days… Not now yet. I do it when it will be super simple. For a while. Or not. We will see.

I got hungry for lunch. Ooooh I KNEW there is a thing as carnivore-ish “peasant’s breakfast”!!! I LOVE that thing (just because I almost never eat it, I do) but it has potatoes and sometimes cucchini (or mine did). But the main part is the eggs, sausage, smoked stuff, cheese, sour cream (at least in my version. a vital ingredient on top after the rest is fried) and the potato is just there to make it less dense and varied, I don’t need the unique flavor and I even less need starches. So I swapped the potato cubes to already lightly fried (so it’s soft and not too brown :slight_smile: ) green ham. It was a huge success! :smiley: I will do it again. Oh yep it’s a Hungarian savory dish and a peasant one at that so I couldn’t skip the onion (it’s just like the stews, onion is mandatory) but it doesn’t need to be much. So it’s only carnivore-ish but it suits me and I am very happy with it. Alas, I run out of the ham now (it was glorious if a bit too salty alone or with cream cheese). That was the smoked stuff that isn’t sausage. I was in a hurry and my smoked pork hock was hidden somewhere in the freezer.

Alvaro ate his usual cheesy fluffs with his legumes and grains and I got the ones with sausage slices instead of the flavorful cheese cube in the middle (it is a very hard, dry cheese so it wasn’t a cube this time but fragments) and with yolk too. So nice when I can bake 12 easy to grab carnivore things in my muffin mold and we both eat some even though 2 different kinds… Both are cheesy as the whipped egg whites has grated cheese. His is cheesier, mine is meatier and yolky. Each to their own, baked in one go (even the “dough” was made once, just got a yolk for the last 2. and as it was too big, I used some leftover for my peasant’s breakfast).

I looked at prices at the supermarket. I know it’s a village and of course things are way pricier (not everything, chicken thighs are cheap and my fav sausage is fine too, I bought a package) and it’s winter anyway but the vegetables… I am so thankful I don’t think I need them (or don’t need them for real anymore). Most of them are more expensive than meat, even for weight, not value (nutrition, satiation etc.). And while 1kg vegetable is often barely anything and easy to eat in minutes in some circumstances and it feels I ate nothing (or a bit less than nothing), 1kg meat is PLENTY and I very very rarely eat that much in a day and definitely don’t need nearly as much.
Maybe I never will move on. It’s so weird to think about it.

Raw vegs are very different, much joy and important role (for some people. probably many. most?) in little weight. Alvaro needs them, he bought 10 big green onions for $0.35 if I make the conversion :slight_smile: Okay, that is cheap and he can eat them for days… (I thought one can’t buy anything for that little… But since a disappeared greengrocery’s reappeared, the two have a very serious rivalry that drives the prices down, at least for some items. They existed almost next to each other before too without the same effect but the reappearance is new and they do this now. We like it.)
And cabbages are dirt cheap too. Only most vegs and fruits are very expensive. Especially compared to proper, nutritious food.
It’s not the first time I think poor people should focus on meat. (Or if they are even more poor, some cheap dry legumes. Nothing beats their value/price in normal circumstances. There is super cheap meat but I rather eat split peas then chicken frames and chicken necks, chicken can’t satiate me anyway. Of course, one can choose both. I don’t want to eat any of these. Maybe a tiny chicken neck in my soup. Just a bit.) If they are fine with that. Our taste (and principles or whatnot) matters a lot, after all. And we are a bit lucky if we can follow that.
It’s mostly for Hungary, IDK about prices all over the world.
And it matters what satiates us. For Alvaro, the cheapest still not miserable diet is omnivore. For me, probably the same but with very low carb and maybe not obviously but much animal products. (I could plan a very planty very low-carb diet - not super low-carb just like my carbier carnivore days - but I wouldn’t be willing to eat it and it would lack nutrients. And joy. While it would give me way too high protein. If I could stomach it but nope.)
Carnivore with “much” meat (just as much as needed for a meat heavy diet, in my case it’s not really much if you ask me, it’s insanely much if you ask some people…) is the simplest. Meat is easy to eat (when I am not bored of it due to low-fat :smiley: but I have ways even then if I am determined) and the macros and nutrients are fine (unless I eat fatty meat galore but I may have a reason for it). As I add plants (beyond a tiny amount or occasionally more but still little), things get more complicated and worse. But I have plans for a mostly meatless apocalypse. I just won’t eat like that by my own will (for more than once a year. I do have various desires, for food and experiments and there are other factors).

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Damn @Fangs lol went to lidl this evening and all the way roumd i was sure there was something else i wanted!!! SHRIMP!!!

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Went dancing this afternoon in Lichfield and had a super afternoon, what a crowd, absolutely fantastic.

Brunch was tuna scrambled eggs (3eggs)

Dinner was cooked turkey sauted in butter followed by beef ribs. Not as good as the lovely big beef short ribs that you get from the butchers then had some streaku bacon… too salty

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Happy carniversary to me! 2 years, and y’all have been with me all the way! I’ve learned so much on this thread… So far :wink: Here’s to the next 30 for all of us!

We finally went to the commissary and bought food yesterday. With only the big van with us in VA I’m dependent on him for errands as I don’t drive it :crazy_face: Meat on the E Coast is much more expensive than in Texas and with fancier packaging. And it’s gone up. The tenderloin roast was $33 2 years ago and is now $48! Grassfed burger is up to $7 in TX but here it’s almost $9! But I still got plenty.
Today we went to the mall, I had a bacon cheeseburger without a bun as always.

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I had a double bacon cheeseburger for dinner too!
Great minds eat alike!

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Two hamburger patties and three over easy eggs for my first meal that later some pork butt I had slow cooing all day.


Yay! I will be off a lot in the near future but I definitely won’t be able to go too far too long. And I see the changes in me. Carnivore feels more and more natural.
Happy carniversary to you!

I am fine with my food now but another topic reminded me I STILL dream about eating lots of fat and I can’t do that since I went low-carb 13-14 years ago :cry: (And I shouldn’t ever, probably. Maybe I will change but I never did during those years so I don’t believe in that.)
Carnivore is WAY better than keto and low-carb regarding this as I am content with less food (not always but usually) but I had to train myself out of eating much dairy and many eggs and being mostly okay with quite lean meat (for me. but green ham is really lean even if there is worse).
I missed fat so much during my low-carb and keto times, not so much on carnivore, I just want fattier pork there. It’s okay with my current focus on meat (I mean, if I don’t get a ton of fat from eggs and dairy, I can afford a lot in my meat… and it’s not like I want super fatty meats, I like the middle ground) but there is the problem of prices and availability… Mostly the latter as both pork shoulder and pork belly and scrap/sausage meat has a similar price. But I can get green ham anywhere. And it’s lean so safer (I don’t focus and why I would, it’s tiresome and bam, I semi-accidentally ate 100g fat again, without much protein)… I still shouldn’t neglect the better stuff. IDK why I do sometimes. But last time I was unlucky and my pork chuck lost too much fat… (I already used up that lard for frying. I start to regret I didn’t buy the huge pork belly slab when I bought other meats. it felt excessive and I wish for an emptier freezer, it’s time to defrost…).

I am fine, I am still not bored of fried green ham if I have enough meals and hunger… (I was but it disappeared quickly.) But I am looking forward to eat something nicer soon.
I eat fat separately, like butter… But it’s not the same. Even adding lard to lean pork doesn’t make it a different kind, I don’t enjoy it much more. But it’s fine for now.
I think my inner hedonist doesn’t see that so clearly. Easily eating my food when hungry doesn’t mean I get my level of satisfaction I want. I am too greedy. I eat okay food, there is some joy involved… Nope, I want more.

Not a very sunny day but warmer and a bit sunny, here and there… Alvaro wants a walk (I don’t, I did a >2 hour one yesterday but fine) and to hear the concert of the waves and broken ice! So we will do the usual pond tour soon. Sunset comes so very early.


girl you need to be eating that shrimp LOL I have a Lidl but it is a farther drive, never go there yet, but I do want to hit that store some day. Are you finding your prices pretty good there? Our Aldi has decent prices but they never stock the same stuff kinda, even meats can be relied on to be there when I shop that store. Great food pics!!

@JJFiddle, :100::partying_face:, super congrats hitting year 2!
Ahhh on the prices being high, real sticker shock to the wallet, feel ya on that! In TX you are alot closer to the beef in the pasture too, lol.


------------repeat chat :slight_smile: simple zc day. defrosting a nice big Tbone steak first meal. second meal I got 2 thick cut pork chops. done deal.

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I didn’t sleep too well friday night, i had RLS which i think was brought on by the cheap bacon… there must have been too many additives in it!

Met my daughter for lunch yesterday. Did i tell you all that she fell pregnant after a few attempts at IVF! She is just shy of 6 months and doing well… there is still the risk of her not reaching full term with the problems associated with PCOS but she is remaining positive and enjoying the pregnancy. :smiley:

I ate a shredded chicken omelette but it wasn’t as nice as the previous one in that cafe, the chicken was quite dry. Didn’t take a pic… forgot again!

I had a snooze for an hour in the afternoon before getting ready to dance in the evening. Dinner at 4pm was a small sirloin, no pic … again and a pork chop.
Had a great evening dancing, dollied up in long cream dress and my new charity shop red military style jacket which looked really great together. Raymond wore the cream shirt i embellished and i could start a business embellishing shirts by the amount of guys who wanted me to embellish their shirts … and they were very serious lol, one was the barman which surprised me … the saying ‘never judge a book by the cover’ springs to mind :wink:

Got home at half midnight feeling a bit hank marvin so had to have a bite to eat. Had tandoori style chicken thighs and all 5 went down very well and i was actually able to drop off to sleep pretty quickly afterwards!

Feel very weary this morning so just having a complete rest day. Brunch was partridge rubbed with mild tandoori spice and it was tender and delish. I have a sirloin steak out resting on work surface for this evenings meal.


Oh, great! We were rooting for her! 6 months is serious, hopefully things stay okay! I don’t see problems with being born below 9 months (I had 7 and it’s was enough for me, no special care was needed), I know 6 months may be enough with care (and luck I suppose? I know little about this) but that’s a bit too little so let’s hope everything will be okay and if the baby will born early, it will be a case as mine, small but no particular problem! :heart:

Alvaro roasted his pork loin yesterday… Well, I did, he put garlic slices on it, mostly (even that couldn’t ruin it and it is his and he likes it with garlic)…
And it became FABULOUS… (Making a photo didn’t cross my mind though.) A big part is lean but it has some fat too, it roasted beautifully, it’s soft and moist… I like it better than my fried pork chuck (the one that lost way too much fat for some reason) - if I can choose the pieces and if it’s little and I can eat the fatty jelly with it and that is just what I did.
There is this surprise factor when it comes to cooking meat :slight_smile:

My weekend wasn’t fully carnivore, I just can’t be that serious about January, February will be better but it’s fine for me now. I eat okay, not too much focus on food, I have pork and eggs and not very much dairy right now as we run out of it pretty much. I still have cream, butter and I can open a package of cream cheese but that’s it.
I ate up the weird sour-ish (due to the spices, apparently) sausage, my meaty quiche muffins and almost all my leftover pork. I will fry 2 big chicken thighs tomorrow, it should be enough with my leftover fried pork chuck and some eggs.

The weather is still nice and cold but less cold, forecast says warmth is coming!

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I was going to smoke some bacon today but at 11° it was just too cold to try and maintain temperature on my smoker so I made 2 pounds of liverwurst from beef liver.

Then I seared a couple of lamb cops and a couple of venison roasts the put them in the crockpot to slow cook in some bone broth.


Poor lens lost the ability to focus. It is noisy since some time but it’s really over. I didn’t bother with changing it to the macro lense (the only alternative… it would be quite funny to use the 300mm one… I would need a bigger space and Alvaro to watch the meat, Ginger is very quick), I was already hungry. But the cloud bread is okay and your memories can help with the chicken thigh (the usual inflated one that contains certain organs, maybe some vertebrae and half a pelvis…):

It was nothing to my hunger, not surprisingly. I ate 5 pieces of cloud bread (the cream cheese does little, I stick to my usual sponge cakes) with cream cheese (I only had that, okay? :smiley: but the last one I ate with butter and coffee), the leftover pork loin (so, so nice!!! Alvaro had 3 big slices, it was enough for him and he just gave the rest to me… if I was mine, I only would have parted with a little slice out of my love towards him, I can be nice like that… while I nibbled on his loin from the beginning, I ate the first and the last bites… Yum. It was a highly successful one, we surely will do this again, hoping for another nicely fatty slab! maybe the part with the bone is fattier…?), a small sausage, a coffee with cream and another coffee with cream and a whole egg… I am not satiated but possibly I will. And when I get hungry 1-2 hours later, I will fry my pork chuck too. It was the plan but the chicken took a long time. It was still quicker in a pan… Below an hour. It’s quite possible it was fine before but I wanted a little color… The bottom got more of it as the top is tend to stick to the pan and it had some spice so that was up towards the end. Normal chicken, not super flavorful but tender, easy to eat and a little bit useful for hunger along with everything else.
I like that I can stop eating while kind of hungry still, the chicken is protein rich (and so fatty after the lean pork! :smiley: even though it left a lot of fat in the pan) so when my body will count the protein grams at 10pm or at midnight as its wont, it will be content…

I eat simple and will track again, I don’t like being in the dark for long. It was chill and everything but I ended up eating second dinners and maybe that wasn’t so great. IDK as I have no idea how much I ate for my first 2 meals. But I will track later :stuck_out_tongue:

(Karen) #95

Sorry @Shinita i didn’t mean that it may be born premature … i meant that with the problems associated with PCOS she could still lose it. I am praying for her every day.

How is Alvaro ? … i am keeping him in my prayers xx

(Karen) #96

Yesterdays food was picking at stuff which i think was down to being so weary after the late night…! Pigged out some goats cheese … frst cheese since the twixmis damce trip 20240114_164450|374x500

Food today … 2 eggs 2 bacon 2 sausage and 2 black pudding for lunch at cafe… very nice but forgot to photo again!
This evening i had 2 pork chops followed by 1 sirloin steak and some cooked turkey sauted in butter


@Karen18: I am very much not knowledgeable about PCOS but thought it is harder to lose a baby if it’s already big enough to live outside…? Whatever, I wish them the best, primarily the best possible health!
Alvaro is sleeping as usual and doesn’t seem to be very anxious, thankfully… He was so very negative when came home with the potentially bad news but he seems to handle it better than he expected. Thank you for your prayers, he needs every help he gets! And it’s very heartwarming that someone else thinks of him, his social life is very tiny nowadays…

My day is done and tracked, it was easy (and inaccurate as usual).

I wrote about timing too. Alvaro came home after 3pm today and as I was already hungry (soft lovely hunger, the kind I like, it tells me food is welcome but it’s not annoying, it can wait!), I ate with him.
He got hungry at 5pm, it seems his body gets hungry according to his usual mealtimes. Vaguely. He has dinner somewhere around 5-7pm, normally. Still, eating his normal sized lunch (IDK, 1000 kcal? not very small for someone with 3 meals… it would be a quite small lunch for me!) and 1-1.5 hours later he is hungry? :smiley:
When I have lunch with him at 3pm, I usually can’t eat properly at dinnertime, it’s too soon. I usually get hungry 3 hours after my lunch but it’s more varied on carnivore. I was very satiated at dinnertime and that’s nice considering I was hungry after my (about 1350 kcal) lunch. I blame the chicken and I am probably right.
I got hungry after 7pm and I had my lovely pork chuck slices! Yes, this method worked well, it released some fat so I have a little lard again but it stayed so, so fatty! I quite enjoyed it. I was still hungry after I ate half (I appreciate it more if I eat it for 2 meals, it could use a tad more frying as well… not like it wasn’t great this way) so I had another sausage and a boiled egg. And creamy coffees.

Very good day. Guesstimation says 130g fat (or not, who knows?) and 150g protein. Could be lower for a sedentary day but it can’t be helped when I eat chicken (and anyway, we aren’t robots, sometimes my body wants more meat and fat!). Nice meaty day, 667g. I am quite content now and the other chicken leg will be perfect for Alvaro so I only need to boil his grains for tomorrow’s lunch… It will be not much cooking even with my sponge cake. I think I lost the patience to put the “dough” into 12 molds again, I try to make one big thing and tear down parts… I can make a bigger one that way too, whipped egg white has so much air, I eat up my 12 sponge cake muffins too quickly…
I will make my muffin buns in the future, it’s very handy for sandwiches, cuter too. But I feel I want as much as possible now and I don’t care about the shape or looks. It will be a fluffy loveliness anyway.

(Geoffrey) #98

Pork butt taco and venison taco made with Egglife Wraps.


Poor responses from me in the chat. Back at work today. Feel tired straight away. But we are also in a 41’C (105.8F) summer heat wave. Out of my home zone. My food controlled ‘happy place’. Back in the city. Real food is hard to find. Need to be better prepared when the real work starts. When I have to be in the city for most of the week. Need to prepare foods and bring them with me. Fasting would seem logical. But the hunger and cravings come from stress, not just normal hunger. It’s powerful, wearing and wearying. Antithesis to being on plan and powering along with good health.

These are a few ‘postcard’ images of holidays that were like a Beatles song… Yesterday.

Driving back to the countryside tomorrow.


and I took my kiddo back to Uni yesterday and it was snowing like a motherf…lol…she freaked out seeing the forecast in the mountains and didnt wanna drive it so me and hubby took her back and yes, it was snowing like crazy…ugh…froze my butt off LOL Yes I want your summer heat here please :slight_smile:

so get you with your work, out of your normal comfort zone for your preferred eating routine. sucks right but don’t fast if you dont have to do that, we do best eating zc then not eating it :slight_smile: hope all goes ok for ya and fab pics posted. love seeing them from you!!

@Karen18, super super happy to hear your DD is far along and doing so well. sending prayers definitely to you guys and what a great grandma you will be…giving your grand kiddo their first big ol’ rib to chew on HAHA

@Shinita, yea hoping that work issue for A goes ok in the longer term.
scary when stuff gets so personal for our existence and can definitely add tons of stress to our lives.

------------holding normal ol’ zc.
store has chuck roasts on good sale. gonna go out and buy a few for freezer. chuck in oven first meal, second meal I am thinking just shrimp again maybe since I know, know, know, know I AM gonna hound down alot of that chuck meat LOL might just be an all chuck roast day here.


Nice pics, @FrankoBear! Yeah, sometimes bringing our food is the only good option. Alvaro is so far from buying normal people food that if he forgets about his breakfast, he just fasts. It’s not nice and he has great stress but he is that type, he can do it. I am so very heartbroken when it happens, working and everything without food!!! I don’t need food during his working hours but he does. Thankfully it’s very rare. Normally we have good food.

I totally forget to keep ready to eat meat at hand though, hence some of my troubles… Today I don’t have lean meat and it’s a great start for hungry me and for many dishes. I could have used some for my peasant’s breakfast (with just a tiny onion leaves this time, that’s way less carby and sweet and we have it now) but I just cut a really little bit of chicken thigh, Alvaro can handle the minuscule loss just fine… Maybe he can’t even eat a full chicken leg… Probably sometimes he can, sometimes he can’t (or doesn’t want, I can’t imagine such a little food is a serious opponent for him, merely not needed).

So I have peasant’s breakfast, pork chuck slices and a beautiful sponge cake! I used the sylicone pie mold I got for Xmas. So much easier than putting it into 12 small molds. And it looked impressive while baking, IDK if it deflated since…

Sunny day, again. We probably had 9 all day sunny days in the last 10 days :smiley: And even the morning wasn’t too frosty! Very nice weather. The big pond is still half ice with the ducks at the edge (except the swimmers). I saw very many coots too, again. And some gulls I suppose, there was some whitish in the distance and the calls were gull-like. I try to get knowledgeable about our birds but it doesn’t go that very quickly. But they are probably gulls. We have black-headed gulls, eurasian coots and mallards. Some other ducks too, sometimes but I can’t tell them apart from the distance.
I plan to make a photo but keep forgetting to bring the camera. It probably won’t be as great in a photo anyway.