Wow! I like the black one (great contrast, everyone in the room must notice it :D) and the last one the most. Shiny metal turquise leaves, I never saw anything like that and even the fabric is nicely patterned…

I went and thought about my failed yesterday again, probably nothing interesting for you but I don’t want to delete it. I really need to get my stuff together, the last weeks were so bad regarding my mental and even physical strength, I don’t feel I can do anything… I should get over it asap.

I realized I MUST have some ready to eat FATTIER meat on hand at all times. I was hungry and couldn’t stomach my boring lean meat anymore… I ate up my pork jowl and had sausage and ham and cream cheese but that couldn’t cut it. Didn’t want the rabbit either. Yeah, really lean pork (fried in lard but that’s not enough) and (fatty for a rabbit but still lean) rabbit, that’s not a good combo. I know, it just happened. I trusted my processed meat and other items too much, again.
I will try to behave today and tomorrow I will fry some pork chuck, I have a decent sized slab in the freezer.
As I have lean pork and no pork jowl anymore, I think I will eat my wonderful cod liver, the can is in the cupboard since way too long ago :wink: And the lean pork will be quite nice and substantial when I make it into a very complete dish with eggs and cream/sour cream. I will make both version I suppose… Always liked variety. I had my “quark quiche” yesterday too, not even a little, egg white milks as well so I think I had protein and some fat, it should have worked but my satiation isn’t like that, apparently.

But maybe it’s the too many meals. I ate 3 times as I got hungry for the 3rd time in about 7 hours, really hungry. As far as I can tell, my meals were small because I didn’t like my meat much. As I never got satiated with my carni food. It’s fine I am not satiated at the end of a meal, probably good practice, may be useful - but I got hungry again and again. If I eat a substantial meaty meal, I usually get satiated but if not, it’s very temporal, satiation arrives in 1-2 hours and all is well.
I know how much meat and other things gives me satiation for the day, why don’t I use it? I was clueless yesterday as I didn’t track, though… (Took notes so maybe later.) But it wasn’t much meat. It could be a pound but it’s not enough if half of it is rabbit and processed stuff and I barely eat eggs.

Maybe I should just start with 500g pork every day… But it was super lean pork this time, I wanted to use it up and was too optimistic having all the other items… And maybe using all my options still could save the day if I made better decision when still hungry… I have a problem with freely using my resources too and it’s understandable I don’t want to eat something special and fatty (cod liver) late in the evening when I wouldn’t even enjoy it. I was hungry, I just ate and ate with minimal joy. It’s a waste of lovely food. And I didn’t want my not lovely one.

I will make plans with macros again. Just vague ones. When my brain works better as hungry Gremlin me isn’t good at saving the day at all. The weather doesn’t help my brain now, it’s cold and gloomy. I woke up and my room was 16.3C! Still toasty when I am wearing my very old, still super soft and thick pullover. It’s a miracle. I used to use it instead of a winter coat when the winter was just normally cold (light frost and no precipice as it’s a pullover, it would get soaked easily). I am a bit too warm in it but nope, I won’t change :slight_smile:

(Karen) #63

Food today… dinner this evening…

lovely big ribeye rare as and 2 fried eggs easy over. Followed by some black pudding.

Brunch was 2 sea bass fillets pan fried in butter fotgot the piccie ooops

And another shirt doctored for Raymond…


I bought a lovely red velvet military style jacket in charity shop yesterday… got it reduced due to it missing a button and would you believe it i had one single button amongst all my grans old buttons that was just perfect… saves me re buttoning about 20 plus buttons!
So just about the whole day has been spent sewing! :smiley:

(Robin) #64

Sewing and embellishing must be your happy place!


Nice, Raymond is so lucky to have you, @Karen18! Not just because of the shirts :slight_smile:

Today I had: little rabbit, scrambled eggs with ham, meaty quiche muffins, tiny lean pork (I managed to eat it using cream cheese. and gave some to the cats. all 5 of them as the tomcat appeared again and it’s very cold and my heart is way too soft. it was a teeny tiny treat but hopefully he appreciated it :wink: SnugglePie got multiple pieces as she was inside when I was eating. she is beautiful, very enthusiastic and I mentioned my heart… and I really am done with this lean pork), cod liver. I still find cod liver wonderful (but I eat it up in no time and ends up with a lot of oil) and Alvaro (who forgot and tasted it again) still find it meh.
I had creamy egg milks too (with coffee as I choose my battles wisely).

I didn’t really get satiated in the end of my only proper meal but some time later it was quite fine. No photos (maybe tomorrow if we get sunshine. the meaty quiche muffins are pretty but they were done when it was already dark).

I definitely feel more stable today. And my inflammed foot is pretty fine since several days! I am curious if I can handle 2 hour walks now. I only went out for a tiny walk and my face almost froze off, it was painful! Alvaro came home with rosy cheeks too… It’s not super cold, frosty but not very much, not much wind when I went out either so I don’t know why it was so unpleasant. But we had sunshine! :smiley: Not very much but 1-2 hours a day is precious too! I did my walk in sunshine :slight_smile:

(Geoffrey) #66

Eggs and venison breakfast sausage tacos using Egglife wraps.

(Judy Thompson) #67

@Geezy56 those are lovely!
@Shinita Sorry to hear that foot is still bugging you after all this time. Hope it gets better and stronger before long!
@Karen18 what phenomenal work you do! I imagine if you ever quit the dance you’d miss the sewing at least as much as the dancing! Food pics are wonderful too.
I’m still not stocked with food, I have taught lessons both of the days we’ve been here. We made a quick grocery stop following the dentist yesterday but tomorrow will be a little skinny, then Thursday we can go to the Army post for food. The quality is so good there. Ft. Myer is the post where the Chief of Staff and all the top generals live, and of course where their chefs shop! Everything is fresher and higher quality, so I always hold out for the commissary on post. The eggs I got at the local grocery seemed a little less than optimum… And I didn’t buy meat, since there was some in our freezer from last time. So today, chaffleburgers. Tonight a couple more chaffles with cheese.
As I’m between dental visits my teeth aren’t meeting right and it’s hard to eat. I ordered a removable bridge for the upper right molars, she said I’d be able to chew a steak on those teeth.

Crazy how much one spends on teeth in one’s lifetime!


Enjoying the carbs very much is the nightmare Shinita. :laughing:



I can see a few jalapenos in the egg mix. How is that food test going? Any reactions on reintroduction.

When I read Dr. Sean O’Meara’s work he has mentioned eating beef in Korea in local restaurants, and the local female chefs insisting that they eat a small amount of Kim Chi (fermented veg with chilli) before eating the beef. I’m not sure of the reason. But instinctively they seem to go together in a dirty carnivore way.


I have found that place. The one on work holidays. Where eating is on plan. Bacon and egg breakfasts with 30g of Jarlsberg cheese to floomf the omelette. The omelettes are usually cooked in the rendered fat from the previous evening’s meal. Today it was a mix of duck fat and lamb fat. Like @Fangs I chose a different protein in the mix, and I will always go duck meat over chicken meat, which I don’t really trust.

Floomfing, cooking it under a pan lid, seems to bring the fat into the matrix of the eggs, as there is not much free fat in the pan after serving. I weighed the cheese as we got some kitchen scales for measuring Billie the Labrador’s food as she recovers from knee surgery. Then in the evening just before sunset (7:30pm) I usually have a lamb or beef (steak) dinner. Sometimes with pan-fried haloumi or added fried eggs. I am still enjoying the mental boost of coffee and do have a tiny fear of withdrawals, if I force a coffee fast - addiction proven.

The photo is my closest local beach. That is 4pm on a Sunday holiday-time weekend. I still get annoyed if there are other people. I’m am too spoiled. Part of the ‘place’ found, that nice place where time is my own to spend, is that my base nutrition ZC eating has kicked me into physical activity.

It has done this by providing a feeling of inspired energy from the blood (and brain) ketones. This morning fasting blood glucose 5.8mmol/L and blood ketones 0.2 mmol/L. So, I am eating the carnivore way in a ketogenic way. I like this way best. There have been times when I eat ZC but do not find the reward of ketosis due to stress hormones overriding glucagon and ketone production.

So, I feel like moving and doing physical stuff. I get out in the sunshine and bucket carry (gym people call it the ‘farmer’s carry’ exercise) water to the woodland and forest I am building. But, back to the photo, I’m back in the ocean. the part of the beach you see there has quite a long and tricky hiking trail to get you there. I head out at about 4pm watching out for deadly snakes sunning on the trail and walk down the decline and rock ridge steps to the white sand beach.

The exciting thing is that that part of the bay catches the ocean swell and is wonderfully dangerous. If nobody is around, I strip down naked and jump into the cold water. If there are other people I cover up a bit wearing my surfing boardshorts. At this stage I body surf for about an hour. There are moments when large waves come in and I get scared, then dive deep under them grabbing the sea floor, opening my eyes and watching the sea foam and sand press down on me. Sometimes my reading is off and I get caught in the impact zone and get taught a lesson, being thrown about by the power released in the breaking waves. It’s a great work out and I get back my ocean reading instincts for surfing as I reconcile my abilities against my fitness level. This is all preparation to be ready for surfing again, I hope. Then, exhausted, there is the wonderful thigh burning hike back up the trail to the car and 1.5L of rain water to rehydrate.


@JJFiddle: It was quite horrible for several months (could have been worse, I know most people are more sick all their life with way more pain but even Alvaro bemoaned my inability to walk for more than 2 hours and the second one was painful along with the rest of the day) but now it’s almost nothing! I am very happy with this, it’s really nothing compared to the case before! And as a very optimistic person, I am sure I will completely heal real soon now.
I have read that very cold water is anti-inflammatory so I focused on my right feet when I had my “from cold to lukewarm” showers. We have about 5 Celsius water now, it’s super cold and I noticed my foot LOVED the temperature. I even put a cold pack on it when I had a bad day maybe a week ago. As I have worse and better days.
I am sitting in front of my computer and only my right foot is on the floor! It bears weight now just fine! I am sooooooo relieved.

Not to me. Excessively it is a problem, yes. Or regularly. But I like enjoying food with various textures and as I don’t even live alone, I can get worn down… I don’t do it fully right yet (for my own standards and plans) but hopefully I will. Carnivore is good because I don’t get the problem where I can’t stop. But carnivore all year round? I don’t think I would want that. Carni winters sound good. Carnivore-ish, probably but that’s good enough for me.

I wonder why… I find some nice meat alone (or with eggs) quite fine… :thinking:
But if I want vegs with it, I eat them at the same time. I never saw any irl who ate things separately. Well, except me, maybe as I tend to eat things alone but if I feel the need for something when I have meat, I want them together. Otherwise I am fine with 500g meat alone and probably the same amount of sauerkraut alone too but I don’t need the latter so I never do it nowadays. Just because I go off, I keep my attitude and if I can avoid eating a lot of plants, I avoid it.

Oh that beach… It’s almost as bad as seeing a waterfall… Or lovely montains with snowy tops… We lack them all and they are wonderful. Those are some very nice photos! They remind me of Greece, the only place where I went into a sea. I did saw it in Slovenia too. But we will go to Croatia this summer, most probably. Enough of enough, I want sea and Alvaro couldn’t swim since years as they ruined the little beach here.

I still appreciate we have tiny mountains, lots of water, even a nearby big pond, river in ravine with lovely sounds here and there, forests galore… I do appreciate these all. I just like sea and big mountains and big waterfalls too… But sea isn’t so far from here! I could live in the middle of Mongolia…

I have tracked :smiley: It had rabbit stew so it must be somewhat off but as I eat a significant amount of meat, my tracking never will be right and it’s fine. I just wish to see things very very vaguely. 2-300 kcal off isn’t such a big deal in my world.

I knew a carni OMAD day (not countring some coffees with cream and egg… and rabbit stew jelly! :D) where I wasn’t into my too lean meat will be quite modest and indeed.
1300 kcal (or 1400, who knows), less than 130g protein (wow. how could I pull it off? oh, OMAD, sure, that sometimes helps) and almost low-fat! Around 90g. And now I have too much cod liver oil, I will fry some hake fish in it soon.

I wasn’t satiated after my quite small OMAD meal but I wasn’t hungry so it was fine to stop eating. But I probably would have eaten more if I had some fattier meat…
Today I used my knowledge and I have about 3kg meat defrosting, half green ham (still good in moderation when hungry… or for mixed stuff like meatballs and meaty quiche), half pork chuck. I will focus on fattier meat for a while…

The tomcat is still around and we don’t have plenty of things he would eat. He is in good shape, I wonder if he lost his main food source and this will change…? There are cat lovers around here who may feed him but they already have plenty of cats… And he wants some food like food, not dry pebbles. He is a strong one, he will survive the cold times and then there will be voles everywhere… There aren’t only fields everywhere around here but the farmer often keeps some of the crops standing, it’s the sorghum now, the birds love that place too, no wonder, zillion seeds to eat!

It’s very cold now, some parts of the country had -14 Celsius. We have even colder weather sometimes but it’s quite rare, not happens every winter.
But the small river in the forest is still flowing… On the path for people (it’s very low and close to the river so it happens after much precipitation) so they made another… It’s a short one as the river mostly flows in a ravine, it’s an exceptional little area.

We need a very long very cold time for the river and the big pond to freeze over. The small pond does it surprisingly easily, it doesn’t even need frosty days, just mornings, apparently.

I was quite sedentary lately, well except my walks. I did just an upper body workout and I have so very sore muscles now… I am not used to this level… Ouch.
But I am glad, I restarted, finally! :slight_smile:
I have a resistance band but just a cheap one from LIDL, I am not sure it is very useful but maybe better than nothing when I just don’t feel ready for my weights…


Problems with satiation (apparently I don’t like ANY of my food including fried chuck now… I should make sponge cakes as I do like ham and cream cheese but those are super salty) but I don’t wanna whine about it, I ate lots of things (as I couldn’t stomach much of any including rabbit stew jelly) and I am fine now. I was very hungry right after my lunch (I got hungry, of course, after my low-cal yesterday so I had lunch) but it is quickly improving! :wink: Still hungry but less so.

I just popped in to show my photos. Sunshine, pretty food, problematic camera and even more problematic photographer, oh well. These are my meaty quiche muffins (the sour cream ones but the cream ones looks the same). A bit too dry ones but I will be happy with them, just not today.

Alvaro got horrible news about his workplace so I try to calm his mind somehow. It won’t work at night (he suppose his bad sleep will become no sleep) but I do what I can…? He suppose he won’t be able to sleep. I already felt so sorry about his sleep problems. Sigh.

(Geoffrey) #73

So far so good. These are pickled and not raw so that may make a difference, I don’t know but I’ve used them several times now and haven’t noticed any problems.


I fried some more meat but in the end I just ate a little hake fish with cream cheese and drank some milk (with coffee, I had a slight headache and I already had coffee today, I am bad at stopping and I didn’t even particularly wanted to). I could enjoy that.

Maybe I will eat some meat later if I get hungry. It’s 9pm and I am okay. Not very satiated but not hungry at all.

I ate a little bit more, now I am at 130g protein and borderline low-fat. Okay.

I have plenty of pork for tomorrow, I even made the usual very lean slices for Alvaro. I had some for today but he had rabbit and I ate them up without a problem. Not a huge joy but very much edible.

(Karen) #75

@robintemplin i have to admit, Robin, i enjoy seeing Raymonds eyes light up when i have finished them more than i do sewing them… they can be so fiddly and most of it it by hand. He just loves the attention he gets and all the compliments :grinning:

@Shinita Raymond is always saying his appreciation about the help and encouragement i give him … It keeps him motivated to get back on his feet x the past couple of days or so have been very cold here too, we have an easterly wind albeit not a strong wind but certainly bitterly cold.
I will keep Alvaro in my prayers regarding his work, nothing worse than worrying and not being able to sleep … it becomes such a vicious cycle.

@JJFiddle thank you … just don’t look to close :joy::joy: it is nice to feel up to sewing again after such a long time. Hope you managed to pick up some good food at the commisary. It took me a bit of time adjusting to one of my 2 new crowns and i still keep biting my tongue every now and then and thats the crown that got replaced after the root canal treatment… the other root canal was done on an uncrowned molar and the new crown is fine with no tongue biting… you would think it would be the other way round… so costly though isn’t it. I am 3 weeks in to the whitening treatment and i wish i had done it years ago! It is making such a difference… i am now sporting pearly whites after many many years and what a difference its made to my confidence with smiling…i am now constantly smiling with mouth wide and pearlies on show :grin:

@FrankoBear those pics of your beach make me want to sit there watcing the waves and i would like to be there alone too.

Been shopping again today… went back to the Asian fabric shop for more braiding… kid in a candy shop … my eyes are started braiding Raymonds waitcoat to match it with the black shirt. Will get back to it in the morning when not too tired. Another fiddley one. Had brunch in Asda just the usual 2 eggs 2 small sausages 2 bacon and a weak black tea through a straw.

Dinner big rare ribeye steak followed by 2 beef burgers and then some cooked turkey sautèd in butter and drinks other than the weak tea earlier have been mugs of hot water some of which flavoured with some chilli seeds just for the kick.


@Karen18: Thank you very much. Alvaro needs every help he can get. If he just could sleep better and be calmer…
Oh it’s great, I have heard and it made sense that feeling thankful make us happier :slight_smile: I like feeling thankful, it’s such a nice, calming feeling. I fear Alvaro doesn’t feel he can be thankful. And I get it, good health and many other important things still aren’t enough to cheer someone up… The fact others have it worse isn’t a cheerful thought. But getting help and connecting with people, feeling thankful… It is noticeably heartwarming and calming to me. Even if it’s “just” towards some great artist making art I find great joy in! But I have Oti, Alvaro’s Mom too. She is very helpful and nice and it feels good especially that I have no close blood relatives anymore :cry: She wrote “Mum” (just in Hungarian, of course" on his Christmas card to me :wink: And yep, she is that to me. We say “Mother instead of my mother”, I am tired and can’t translate well but it should be close… It’s partially a very selfish thing I want her to be okay for a long time more. I don’t say healthy as she never will be truly healthy but she doesn’t have huge problems yet. I hope she never will. She will start living with a female friend of her soon, her other son moved out too and they are best friends being lonely in their own apartments despite the guinea pig and the old doggie companion… Well when they are apart as they spend a lot of time together since ages. Holidays in Italy, spring, summer and autumn days in a small house with a big garden… But then they go home to an empty house with their animals, the tv is always on… It’s better to live with someone else - as long as there is harmony. But they pretty much tested it in the small house and Oti is so very stable and calm…

Congrats! :smiley:


so sorry to read that. our work is so important, I can only hope his company can be ok and Alvaro can not worry so much! sending good vibes to you guys~

@Karen18, wow on your dancing costumes! You posted some pretty dance outfits on this site :slight_smile:

----------------simple zc day
first meal will be Tbone steak. had sale, got a few in freezer now.
second meal will be shrimp. at least a lb. or maybe 2 lbs, we shall see. for some reason I WANT A TON of shrimp and if that is what I want, oh yea baby that is what I get, lol


I abadoned tracking again.
And I have no phone (it was time to change it and I have the cards so all is well, mostly) due to an accident (it fell out of my pocket in the bicycle. I have my bicycle back, yay!), next time in the city I get a new one. Well probably a slightly used one but I really don’t care, hopefully it will have an interface designed by some sane person…
Sadly it will be a smartphone again, Alvaro still can get away without one as he wants a strong phone with a strong light while I want one with touchscreen… I rather handle the frequent charging while he enjoys that he doesn’t need to do it more than once a week or something.

There was pork loin and chuck on sale, I bought both and decided not buying pork belly this time. I have lots of meat. But not pork belly… Oh well, I can wait for some days :wink: And I will make sure my next pork chuck won’t be this lean and boring. It was so fatty but 800g meat released maybe 60g fat (normally it’s very little) so my fried pork is much leaner than usual. Sigh. Still better and probably fattier than the green ham but nothing like the wonderful item I wanted. Pork chuck is hit and miss, I noticed it already. It looked pretty raw though, nice fatty, I kept a few slices, they should keep the fat inside much better!

The cod liver oil is strong. I fried an egg on some without a better idea right now and absent-mindedly immediately fried some pork in the pan afterwards (with some lard). The meat became VERY fishy.
I cleaned the pan, put back to the induction cooker… And it had such a super fishy smell as it warmed that I immediately put back to some Very Serious Cleaning…
I am fine with egg and fish oil (unlike Alvaro) but pork and fish oil (just trace amounts??? Nope I mixed my pork with some leftover rabbit stew jelly and it was still fishy… It’s like stevia. I may mix it with 10000 times as much other stuff, it still tastes horrid. Fish oil is better than stevia, though… :stuck_out_tongue: Lucky as I would feed the pork to the cats otherwise… They would be happy… But they got all the gristle and the cooked meat liquid (the thing that gets released when I defrost a slab of meat. ew, I say, yum, the cats say and there is plenty for them. not nearly as much as they wanted, of course).
By the way, chicken neck was on sale too, I just saw it at the exit. I go to the same supermarket chain tomorrow as well, I may buy some if I see it. Too tiny for me (turkey neck? that is substantial and tastier too, I consider that food for myself) so I wouldn’t bother with it but I can put some into my next soup (along with the pork loin bone!), I can easily eat a tiny meat off and the rest becomes some pretty cheap and welcomed cat food… Sometimes I wonder about buying chicken frames but I dislike when my soup gets full with super tiny chicken bones (but I couldn’t resist and would make soup with any meaty bones or bony meats I get. I love soups). Vertebrae is better.

Cloud (Caroline but it’s winter so she is Cloud now) still catches voles. Cold weather can’t stop her. She was as chubby as Ginger one morning. They look half fur but there is substantial cat body there too! And all of them are so pretty, I am a bit envious. Cats (in a wide sense) are good at aesthetics.

I ate my usual things, nothing interesting there.

We had a sunny weather ALL DAY today just like yesterday. Wonderful. Quite cold, though. :sun_with_face:

(Karen) #79

@Shinita lack of sleep is what was hindering Raymond from healing. He is now getting more sleep and he has really perked up. I think we spend half our life feeling that stress and worry are the main reasons we’re not sleeping and then we retire and still can’t sleep. I have stopped using my phone in bed and find and am dropping off so much more quickly, still get up for 2 or 3 wee trips but even that has dropped from 4 or 5! If i wake and can’t drop off again straight away i pray hard and 9 out of 10 times find myself dropping off again… the power of prayer :pray::slightly_smiling_face: i am certainly not heading downstairs to watch boring tv as often… maybe once in past month!

@Fangs shrimp sounds a good call …made me want some so will maybe pick some up tomorrow :smiley:

Today after some stair running and reading got on with Raymaonds waistcoat and finished it off this evening

Went to a group meeting with U3a this afternoon about online security run by the Police Action Fraud. Would have been okay but the girl opened it up to the floor when she was discussing Whatsapp and that finished it for me… get this picture…25 senior citizens all needing help with their mobile phones! They were supposed to open it up to the floor during the tea break :roll_eyes: that just finished it for me and the lady i was sitting next to lol everytime i looked at her she was blowing air and raising her eyebrows. When tea was being offered i said i was off and did she want to escape with me… yes please she said hahahh so i returned home and finished the waistcoat.

Beunch was 2 beef burgers and finished off the black pudding. Dinner was 2 cod loins wrapped in bacon followed by cooked turkey sautéd in butter.

(Judy Thompson) #80

Shinita… You’re not supposed to cook in it, just pour a spoonful of it and swallow that. Like a vitamin. So sorry if I led you down the wrong path with that :joy:


Super glad ya dumped tracking :slight_smile:
but sad ya had a phone issue like that. New phone coming your way!

ahh, Raymond’s vest is so dashing! You 2 kill me and I love reading your posts and the great times you guys have!!
Nice food pics!!! Hope you do get some shrimp sooner than later!

-----------simple zc day again
first meal is ribeye steak. had sale so got some but ya know, I been avoiding ribeye. taste ain’t like it used to be for me, HUH, cause I lived on those cuts for years, literally years LOL but hey, good ol’ beef is just that and I will enjoy it, fatty and all :slight_smile: 2nd meal, hmm, I think I will just do 2 cheeseburger patties. Yup something I gave up mostly is burger, not a fan, but I haven’t had it in a while with just a naked cheeseburger I am gonna prob. just eat that.
I don’t know, no zc food right now is on my mind, which is a good thing too :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is doing carnivore well and strong~!!