(Geoffrey) #41

I’m looking forward to what’s in store. Every time I think I’ve hit my peak I’ll see another change for the good. It’s just amazing how much this WOE heals. Proves just how important diet is to our health.


ohhh I like that statement for sure Alec! great way of putting it. I think our entire life/well being is connected literally for each of us and as we change our daily life thru the years we find so much more is happening thru our zc journey. longer on plan we find out so much about ourselves, at least I am experiencing that and it sounds like you are right in that path too! cool

love it! nice thing is you came into carnivore giving it your all ya know. you in a short time are finding out real change and real truths that suit you positively. so many come into this lifestyle and still cheat thru it, those are the ones that ‘never get us hardcore’ people on plan. keeping the plant carbs in any form one just won’t experience what being a true carnivore change and they just never get it…you are trucking along in good form!! Problem being unless ya experience it, you can never just tell anyone how it truly feels :wink:

I say it over and over to others, you must be on plan to ‘get the benefits’ as those on plan describe :100:

-----------simple zc day. putting a 3 lb chuck roast into oven soon. be ready for me to hound down a big ol’ hunk of meat when I want it.
second meal, eh, I am thinking some shrimp and leftover chuck. making family bacon wrapped grilled shrimp so I will tuck into some of that also.

I hate planning meals for them and meals for me LOL still do! but it gets easier each year, well hell by yr 7 it still gets on my nerves feeding ‘them carby people’ HA

kiddo leaves Jan 11 back to Uni…omgosh the ease in kitchen will be such a relief I know :sunny:

(Karen) #43

Happy New Year everyone… finally stepping in lol can’t remember where i was up to in December thread so i am sorry if i repeat myself.

We have been away to Bournemouth and home again. Had a lovely dance break. Things are starting to feel like they were pre-covid where our dancing is concerned. Taken a long time to get here but it wasn’t that long ago i was unsure it would ever return to how it was. Starting to feel really good on the dancefloor again, balance has finally returned and Raymonds memory is returning. I started to notice a strong correlation between his severe leg cramps and sugar intake so suggested he cut the sugar out of his diet and voila … virually no leg cramps and he is finally sleeping through the night. He was getting 5 bouts of cramp an hour and dropping to sleep on and off throughout the day… sometimes during the middle of conversation. If he carries on without the cramp he’ll be able to come off the cramp meds that were making no difference at all!

Food has been the usual, though i did buy from The Company Shop 3 big bird roasts… cheap cheap pf course… one duck, one turkey and a 2 bird roast. I have eaten the duck, sliced the turkey and freezed and just in process of eating the 2 bird roast… i may put some of that it freezer. I have had to cut the instructed cooking time by 20 minutes on the 3rd roast. I cut the time by 10 minutes for the first 2 but it wasn’t quite enough!

My intention this year is to take more pics again… i have got in to a bad habit of forgetting to take them … and forgetting to even post altogether but i have been busy, i have doctored 4 of Raymonds shirts with beautiful braids and he has been overwhelmed by the compliments he has received on them! He has been ordered not to buy any more boring shirts lol. I will have to stop being so good at it cos he is now passing me his waistcoats to embellish! Most have been hand sown so they take a while to do but it has been worth it.

I have no weight issues it has always been for health benefits with this woe but the fact that i don’t really have to worry about my weight for once in my life has been an added benefit. I need to improve my fitness again, it was seriously hit by getting Covid in May and then the viral infection in July. I only felt like i was truly getting over the infection in December! I don’t want to overdo things but have started stair running again this morning, just 27 flights but i will increase gradually and then get back to CrossFit. I am dancing a lot more now though and have diary full of future dance dates. Hoping to get 3 plus dances in per week.

I have wall climbing in the diary for end of month with the U3a so the days are getting a little more busy.

Food pics recently… when i have remembered

@JJFiddle you are looking good girl! Well done you :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

(KM) #45

Happy New Year! I hope this isn’t rude to ask. I enjoy your posts very much but from the beginning of reading here I’ve wondered, who is Raymond? It’s like a game of 20 questions played from one side! :grin:

(Robin) #46

Hooray for you, dancing, and for Raymond getting over his cramping. Curious what meds he took for that.

(Geoffrey) #47

Salmon salad chaffwiches. Mighty tasty.


@Karen18, happy you had such a wonderful trip K!

for what you have gone thru last yr just for yourself, you have recovered SO SO fine and I am very happy you are doing this great K. It was scary what you went thru but am glad you are on this thread and still chatting with us!!

Super happy to hear Raymond is on the improve. You watching him and noticing things and giving corrective advice, wowza he is so lucky you guys are so tight to help each other this much!!! You know ‘we know Raymond’ well thru you :slight_smile: so tell him we wish him a healthy and happy new year too from the carnivore crowd :wink:

still loving the daisy plates as always!
enjoyed reading your post!


It’s nice to read such nice news! :heart: No cramps must be a huge motivation and it’s great he could do it, cutting out the sugar, I mean, not everyone can take that step, sadly. You made a great suggestion and he took it, sweet! And it worked :slight_smile: So his diet will be better from now on, at least regarding this (quite important) point? Sweet!

You should if you talk about beautiful braided shirts, I want to see them! :smiley:


Your presence in Raymond’s life is so very beneficial in so many levels!


Exactly. He doesn’t even know I exist but I really wish him many more nice years dancing and getting compliments and feeling good physically!
These carnivore threads are really wonderful. We have so many thing here beyond woe related things (and that’s already a lot as what we eat impacts so many things).


I wrote a short story (linked). Using writing as a tool to stay on plan.

The other night I had an interesting evening meal. It was dark meat duck breast and locally caught white fish. It was a break from ruminants. Since then I have been back on to eating lamb chops and steak. Mrs. Bear and I miscommunicated on shopping and we had both been to the butcher. So I have been eating an Australian breakfast popular a century ago, lamb chops and eggs. Still addicted to coffee (it helps me create stories - there, I empower the addiction). The sun is shining and the birds are singing. The sky is blue with interesting clouds to ponder.

Short story:

(Judy Thompson) #52

A great piece that perfectly describes the horrible NEED of sugar addiction. Would it be OK to post it to another ZC group on fb? Those people are so lost.

(Karen) #53

He is my dance partner and friend :grin:

(Karen) #54

He’s been on alsorts tbh … the only one i can remember name of is quinnine which he was on for years until the hospital consultant took him off it on one of his very many hospital stays! Then his doctor put him back on it but it never really alleviated the symptoms x

(Karen) #55

I will pass that on and thank you … bery thoughtful @Fangs xxx

Yes you are so right @Shinita he took the advice because he was so tired of not getting any sleep through the painful cramps and he is doing well and cleared out all his sugary products! He did have a smidgen of cramp this morning though not sure what it was attributed to but he can handle the smaller episodes all the time he manages to sleep through the night :slightly_smiling_face:

(Judy Thompson) #56

Good morning, back in Virginia now after the 3 day drive and settled in with Mimsy, the now 7 year old yorkie poo on my tummy where she usually sleeps at night. She’s such a good little traveler, 8 or 10 hours a day on my lap in the passenger seat of the Transit utility van, then tucked between us at night. Her raw food has to be carefully chilled to last the trip, frozen if possible in the room at night - unloading the cooler, it looked like her food made the trip okay.
Food on the road is so much less than optimum but still ZC all the way on hot dogs and one day a tiny half chicken with icky spices…one night mozzarella sticks with pepperoni that didn’t sit well. Next time I’ll precook a roast to take. I keep threatening.
Today, hitting the ground running with that long awaited dental appointment to install molar crowns! Then to the grocery and lunch and later, teaching in person a few hours till 9pm.


RIGHT!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@FrankoBear, ohhh so get a carb horror story! I was in a carb nightmare for many years so I feel all that misery too, so many of us did!!
I hope Billie has improved alot and can go to the beach with you! You are enjoying your fine summer weather and hope you are tackling some surfing you love also!

@JJFiddle, glad you had a safe trip back to VA.
dentist, AHHHH feel for ya :wink: but hope all goes smooth and fast.

--------------keeping it zc simple. got a nice sirloin steak defrosted for first meal today. You know, I am finding I am not as much of a fan of the taste of this steak anymore…hmmmm. Not sure why but I find me eating less and less of this cut but darn they had a sale so I had to beef up any way I could, lol. Will enjoy it tho and second meal I got 4 thin pork chops to fry up. beef and pork. standard day in my daily life.

all going zc well


I rarely had carb nightmares, I enjoyed my carbs very much, that is the problem, actually… Less and less as time passes, sure but I still can fall into pits and I can handle carbs way better after carni times so I don’t necessarily immediately climb out of it… Though I am a hedonist enough to want the best, usually… December is still problematic. Or whenever I get compulsion or some super temptation.

I knew I was not determined enough yet but my last week was okayish enough, not carnivore but pleasantly close… Then I baked something wonderful and carby. But I am fine now. I came back to carnivore-ISH - as I have some fancy condiment that will be very great with my “boring” lean pork and Alvaro doesn’t eat it. It’s so spicy the amount won’t be much. Anyway, it’s condiment, of course I don’t eat much of it but the spiciness still helps with that. Otherwise I have wonderful items, Alvaro made rabbit stew (oh yes, that’s another reason I can’t do pure carni. he used a pretty small onion for the whole rabbit and he will eat most of it but still), I fried pork (the “boring one”. it’s nice though, no problem as long as I don’t try to focus mostly on it. as I have rabbit now, I just eat as much of it as I like, I don’t need to eat it due to hunger even without enjoyment. but I have ideas anyway, I make some meaty quiche again soon), I have an opened packet of wonderful, thin, soft ham (normally it’s chewy - nothing wrong with that -, now it’s very soft… oh well, it’s tasty and I like soft too) and many other things. Quark quiche muffins too. It’s lovely, the cream made it dessert like, good thing I didn’t use salt or dill or something. Just egg, quark, cream.

The rabbit stew has plenty of jelly. Alvaro managed to burn it a tiny bit last time (for the first time, IDK what happened), the burn wasn’t a problem but the complete lack of liquid/jelly? Tragic. But now we have a lot and considering a whole tasty, fatty, young home-raised rabbit was used, the taste is good and not watery! Yay!

So I focus on carnivore this week. Not IF, I already feel I will get really hungry for lunch… And while I try to keep myself from coffee, I can’t have my tiny willingness to try things hard wasted on that. I have more important things.
I do want and probably will get IF automatically but I won’t push lunch skipping. That is the end goal, it makes things so much easier (unless I get hungry early but then I eat, it can’t be helped unless I am super determined and still feel okay) but now lunch and dinner sounds good. I thought about making my lunch a small, liquid+fat thing… That may help with hunger and I can have a single proper meal later. Whenever I have a proper lunch together with Alvaro, I don’t get hungry when he has dinner and then I eat a tiny bit and get hungry later (in my Gremlin time when I am hungrier and wilder. carnivore mitigates the problem though)… Not ideal.

But now I want rabbit, I barely tasted it yesterday!

Weather got cold, I need to put out warm water for the cats multiple times a day. There is a very tame big tomcat here today, in good shape, good as 4 cats are already too many for us. I petted him. My self-discipline and willingness to train it (when it comes to mostly innocent and enjoyable things, at least) is minimal, I couldn’t resist.
We got some sunshine, that’s good, we regularly get some so I don’t get miserable and super low-energy due to lack of it.

(Karen) #59

@Shinita He does know you exist because i have spoken quite often about everyone on here and some of you lovely stories

@JJFiddle hope your dental appt went well… i have just had all my teeth fixed… just a couple more sometime soon. Had 2 root canals and then crowns plus other work. Just having them qhitened now and wow can’t believe the difference…they’re becoming nice snd white and i can feel myself smiling a proper smile after years of smiling qith a closed mouth, confidence is soaring! :grin:


I actually wondered about that possibility… After all, Alvaro hears about quite a few of you folks but even the doggies here… :slight_smile: He still remembers Bolt.

(Karen) #61

Raymond was quite taken by everyones kind thoughts.

Food last night 500g mince beef

Food today other than my brunch which…yes I forgot to photo… was 2 eggs 2 bacon 2 sausage. Tonight i had burnt ends (beef) and because i was disappointed with the amount so i followed it with some pork ribs.

The shirts photos… they look better on than in photo and he just got so many compliments on them.