@Fangs: Oh, I wish your family to get better! You too, one never can feel too good :smiley: I surely coulduse more energy and it’s above the average of the last weeks, not like that is a high bar…

I almost had some cute TMAD but the fried pork belly was too tempting in my just normally but not perfectly satiated state… Oh well. I only ate a bit but it felt really nice!

That’s why I wish not to get hungry until sunset. If I have a lunch, I probably won’t be satiated enough to be unable to eat second dinner… So leftover meat could tempt me. But I can blame the dairy and egg too, I ate first when I had little meat and meat works best for satiation… I will be careful in the future! (I had pâté and sausage but that’s not good enough, just a tiny addition.)

Tomorrow is city visit, I bring my leftover meat and a boiled egg as Alvaro’s Mom may or may not have some proper food for me. (But I expect a chicken leg as that is the norm. Maybe some light soup where I get all the bony pork.)

IDK why I have thought I can get away without eating up the pound of pork belly (I STILL find my meat slabs being just that amount quite often…) today… I had other proper meat but not much so no wonder I ate it all. It was very nice. I love pork.
And no wonder this cream is such a good dessert, it’s lactose free, even sweeter than normal cream… I love sweet stuff, probably always will. Savory and sour is better but sweet has its role.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #22

Wow! As a wise man once said, “It’s better to look good than to feel good, and dolling, joo look marbelous!” :+1: :grin:


Accidentally OMADing. It’s summer, so warm weather, I find reduces hunger. I have had two days of midday breakfasts of bacon, eggs, cheese (just enough to melt), and coffee. In the evening Mrs.Bear kicks off dinner time with pan frying some chorizo. And after a few discs of that, I’m good. As in, not hungry.

A few hot days coming up and extreme bushfire risks. I’ve been out watering the trees with our grey water. It is a nice 2-hour moving meditation in the sunshine.

The sky is so blue. Amazing to think that until we had a word for blue (thanks ancient Egyptians) that humans could not see it. Being forest animals we were good at seeing green, and the sky, when we saw it was just another version of green. I’m fascinated about the psychology of it all, language and colour.

Fasting blood glucose: 5.5 mmol/L, blood ketones = 0.3 mmol/L.

I was outside bringing in the rubbish bins last night, looking down my driveway on to the paddock, and out to the west where the ocean lies restless. I was looking at the sunset thinking, There are a lot more colours in that scattering of light waves than I have words for. So, I started to make up names for colours. To my delight, the sunset became more colourful. Or, so the story goes.

My eyesight has improved on keto and carnivore, as has my imagination (inner sight). :nerd_face:

(Michael) #24

Happy New Year Carnivores. Great posts, here is my simple breakfast earlier.


very smart S! best we can do is prepare ourselves for what we want and how we wanna roll so you are doing just that!

hey while in the city are you doing any shopping or anything else or just a visit to his mom?

Hey me too for just yesterday tho LOL
I rarely eat 1 meal but yesterday I said ‘am I really hungry’ and answer was nope so I skipped meal 1 and just ate well at meal 2.

FB I am So happy you changed thru your eating habits to find more zc well being! love reading that, I also see a big diff. in me too, it is wonderful isn’t it? :slight_smile: I can read in your posts how well you are doing!

@Naghite, as usual from you a fab carnivore meal pic :100:
I am still checking our your vids, liking what I see so far :slight_smile: again, thanks for showing me that since I missed it!! You are also looking fine in your vids N!

------------------so yesterday I was gonna hound down a big thick pork chop first meal but I had my second pork rib meal in the oven going low and slow and around 11-12 I said am I hungry? Nope. The smell of the pork cooking made me want that and to wait for it.

so OMAD day yesterday which is a rarity for me.

then my ribs. OMG the fatty goodness and I ate alot of them. still have a few for meal 1 today so that is good.

freezin’ my buns off here, makes me sluggy. hate to even go out in this cold weather. I bought me a nice supp. portable oil heater for my master bath LOL I tell ya it is SO cold taking a friggin’ shower :slight_smile: Yes I crank that on HI and bath heats up and it is alot better…yes said but true. I can’t stand being cold anymore! COME on summer, hey FB, send me back summer please!!!

today first meal eat up rest of pork ribs.
second meal, for some reason I got crab legs in mind, cause for christmas hubby bought me 10 lbs of delish crab legs :slight_smile: So now I gotta start attacking them…only issue, is cooking them. They are a pain to cook and a pain to crack to eat but omg I love them but SO MUCH work…sad right? I truly hate having to ‘work’ for a meal anymore HA
but yea I think it is a crab leg night for me.

keep on trucking everyone, Jan starts us off, we got another 11 mos to go before the next new year!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::star_struck:

(Robin) #26

Nice ruminations! New color names reminds me of back when Crayola would bring out new crayons with new names. That would be fun job! You should apply. Probably a lot less stress! Lol.
Happy New Year, Mister bear.


We always do some shopping. Except when we go to Christmas dinner.
But we have bought so much food in December that it was a tiny shopping today. Cream cheese, cream, milk, green ham… Vegs and fruits for Alvaro… His Mom will buy some turkey and smoked hock for us later… Meat is something we always need to buy as the freezer is pretty small for my meat consumption.

I ate up the meat last night… But the fare was good, I got nearly all the chicken with my soup and there was “Stefánia” (like Scotch eggs just as a loaf) and even some forgettable Vienna sausages (I dislike the artificial intestine, IDK what is the term in English. they are way too thick and chewy for me. real intestine is loads better). And we got some aspic to bring home and it has only one piece of meat and much more skin so it’s all mine.
(I still went off due to fruits and the soup was already not quite carnivore - but close enough if I just skip the carby parts and it’s so tasty and innocent that way that I won’t say no to it - but I am not very committed yet. I will get there soon. It’s easier at home but when I will have momentum, I will be good even when we visit. Probably.)

I decided I still hate tracking so I don’t resume it yet. I took notes for 2 days but nope. I know I ate a lot anyway, too much cream and cheese with my okay amount of meat and some eggs…

Tomorrow is bream day, finally! And I fry up some green ham, obviously… Today I just ate whatever I could for dinner, it wasn’t so easy without proper meat but I had egg, dairy, processed meat and even tried some beef liver from the freezer, nope, I don’t like it. I should keep some fried pork in the freezer again, I can never know when I will need it. Sometimes only proper meat works, eggs, dairy and processed stuff just don’t cut it and eating a little proper meat isn’t enough, I often need 450-600g for the day, no way around it. Maybe one day I will learn. But if I don’t mind eating too much fat, I eventually can get satiated with my less superb items as well (as long as I still have meat albeit little).
I still can’t wrap my head around this newish meat need, I have lived for so many years without meat and it was fine and now a single day is problematic. A single day with LITTLE meat, not NONE! And I don’t even need carnivore for this, I usually need this amount of meat in my off times. It takes something not exactly healthy to get away with little meat (it’s not as good but I don’t feel starving…) but that can’t last long either. 1-2 days pass and I just need to fry up a decent amount of meat again… (I rarely roast nowadays. Fried meat is quick and lovely.)

And I don’t just don’t need much eggs now, I really feel an aversion to it. I try to replace meat with eggs and dairy sometimes when I get hungry before I cooked my meat and it doesn’t work so well. Maybe if it’s early, I can get away with a small meal but without meat, it’s just not as effective. Some eggs with bacon and cheese, nope, not really a meal to my body. But maybe it is if I had lots of meat previously…? I will try to figure it out. I would like some simple experiments. More like observation? But I do try to eat simpler. It’s my plan since long but I am not particularly good at it. Even if I eat 600g pork, I STILL manage to eat zillion other things as well :frowning:

I didn’t want to do a brain dump here but I am me so no wonder.

So, tomorrow I want some simple and superb carnivore day with less coffee than today… It’s a very low bar (the latter thing I mean) but I had a slight headache and cream to use up… I didn’t even try to keep myself from drinking lots of coffee. It’s fine occasionally but maybe not to this extent… Coffee and me, it will be a long, hard fight.

(Judy Thompson) #28

@robintemplin Congrats, you do look phenomenal, and 138! And no regaining ever, on this fantastic woe where your body leads the way. And yes - that hair!

We left this morning around 11 headed for the Arkansas border which is the first leg of the 3 day trip, and 2 hours in I remembered what I forgot and we turned around and came home again! But then it was close to 3 so I took out frozen hot dogs my brother had sent through Omaha Steaks, I air fried 4 jumbo hot dogs. Sliced mine and melted cheddar atop them, squirted a tsp of Grey Poupon on the side. These were not very good! But they filled the tummy and didn’t dirty any pans.

So we will be back on the road tomorrow and home Saturday night to VA. Dentist on Monday hopefully. In person violin students. Walkin the hood with the puppy. Always pleasant, hubby looking forward to cable TV lol.

@Fangs speaking of hubby, hope yours is better soon, DD also and hope it’s not covid and or can be solved quickly if it is! Your ribs sound amazing!

(Geoffrey) #29

Venison chorizo & egg tacos. The tortilla is actually an Egglife Wrap. Makes a pretty decent tortilla.
Topped with cheddar cheese, Tabasco sauce and jalapeño’s.
Yes I said jalapeño’s. This is going to be an experiment. I love hot peppers. The hotter the better. I haven’t had any since starting this WOE and since carnivore is an elimination diet and I’m at a comfortable weight where I can start introducing things back in. If these don’t cause me any issues over the next 3-5 days then I think I’m good. If not then they’ll be out of
my life forever…or till the next experiment.:wink:

(Robin) #30

@JJFiddle @gingersmommy
I take no credit whatsoever for my hair. My dad passed it on. Even having the gray come in via the front streak is also a blessing from him.

I know I am lucky.

(Michael) #31

Everybody likes to hear that! Thanks @Fangs, very nice to see you back around the forums, your positivity is always inspiring.

(Alec) #32

Anybody else get some carnivore related presents?

I got a decent mincer! We had a manual mincer before, but it was very hard to use, and therefore it didn’t get used. New one is a lovely electric model, and works like a charm… already made some excellent lamb mince (turned into lamb meatballs) and chicken mince (made into chicken burgers).

I added quite a bit of bacon fat into the chicken burgers as it was breast meat (yuk! :joy::joy::joy:). Really easy, except cleaning the thing of course… cleaning always hard! More :joy::joy::joy:


@JJFiddle, ohhhh on having to turn around on that trip. good you are traveling before the snows fly soon too!! safe journey tomorrow!
omaha steaks and not great hot dogs, huh.

@Alecmcq, AHH sweet sweet present for you A! Bet you are gonna use that up. Seems like a very nice model! No gadget for me, I got 10 lbs of crab legs for the freezer LOL

@Geezy56, while we know veg/peppers etc are not on carnivore, there is that ‘small window’ in relaxed carnivore that allows some condiments, like literally a small amt of minced pepper is not ‘a meal’ and is considered a spice/herb condiment to our meat meals. If one can handle a bit of it and do fine, it is sure fine to use on carnivore because when your food tastes the way you love it and feel good on it, it also keeps one on the lifestyle. sounds like you are doing well.

how long carnivore again for you? I had to drop all spicy. tears up my tummy. I have to eat TUMS immediately if I look at spicy stuff now LOL
hope you do ok on them.

--------------get this. kiddos car in body shop repair from when she got hit. car about ready and whammo, a driver hit her car in the parking lot of the repair shop. COME ON ya know LOL they will fix for free, either fix dent or might need to order a new back panel…again, come on, ugh

today is hubby’s birthday. hitting store for a big sirloin steak for him which is his fav and me and kiddo are gonna get very big NY Strip steaks. done deal.

first meal for me will be burgers. not a fan anymore but I have to do some errands on the road and a darn burger is fast to make and fast to eat.

so beef day for this ol’ gal

(Robin) #34

Very hard core cool, McQueen, Alec McQueen.

(Judy Thompson) #35

This morning we decided to drive a day behind the weather so leaching tomorrow for our cross country trek. Nice thing is, there is always meat! I opened cans and improvised him some chili with beans I got for free, old chili seasonings and pizza sauce that’s been in the cabinet for over 2 years, he ate 2 bowls lol! I was way happy with hamburger and shrimp.
@Fangs can’t believe double indemnity on that car! Good they will fix it. Happy birthday hubby, and you get the prezzie with that great steak!

Alex a mincer! Very cool. Beautiful stuff you made.


@Alecmcq: Congrats!
When I was a kid, everyone had a meat mincer but I was a vegetarian when I moved out and I never had. Now I use the multipurpose kitchen machine for it, it more like makes a sticky mush but it works well enough in the rare cases I need mincemeat. I definitely can see the advantages of proper mince. But my kitchen is full so I am not envious at all :smiley: Not my style anyway but sometimes happens. Like when someone has a waterfall nearby…

Alvaro’s Mom gave us some canned tuna salad expired in 2022 :slight_smile: It was still quite fine as canned stuff should. We get various stuff as in the worst case the cats can eat it. She isn’t like us, we eat up everything, we don’t have leftover problems. She packs the leftovers of our meal there for us too, that’s nice. We enjoy (good) leftovers as it means we don’t need to cook again. For Alvaro. I need my pork but that’s easy and the carnivore part still helps me out a bit.

We finally did something with the bream (but my photo isn’t pretty enough to show)… We were very clueless and did whatever felt right (oven then pan), the fish stuck to everything and the skin didn’t become crispy but the meat was nice! And only mine fell apart a little! We only ate half of our respective gild-head bream.
I ate my usual food apart from that, I just got bored of giving a list at this point. Really just the usual apart from the bream - and half of the aspic, the other half only has skin and I need some meat with it…
My actual green ham is too lean, I fried it in lard and it’s okay and very good for hungry me just not nearly as nice as a fattier meat would be. I think I have some pork chuck in my freezer still…
See? Just the usual. And I keep eating my usual cuts as they are good. I just need to pair up lean pork with fatty pork. And put some ready to eat meat into the freezer already…

By the way, today I did it again. Eating lunch before frying my pork… So I ate everything else I could and didn’t get satiated but wasn’t hungry in the end. It may be a useful training… I will almost completely stop eating cheese as we don’t have very much (the LIDL simply had none of the good kind. rare when it’s not even on a great sale but apparently it can happen) and Alvaro needs it way more than I do. I will ask him if cream cheese is an option for him when he has bread (I bake one tomorrow). I don’t think he ever ate any but I have a lot now and when to try it if not now?

I should be asleep already.

(Geoffrey) #37

7 months.


IDK why I get hungry so early lately… I expect this to change when Alvaro won’t be on holiday anymore but it wasn’t his lunchtime, I actually ate earlier than him! Scrambled eggs and other things (mostly meat), it was very, very enjoyable.
Sometimes I eat a bite of my leftover bream (it’s the star of my dinner so I was careful… Alvaro just unceremoniously ate it for breakfast but I want it on our candlelight dinner :slight_smile: once I got a candle holder little jar with decoration as a gift from the nursery school we sang, it’s so very cute, sheet music with German, little red ribbon with cinnamon sticks glued on, heart shaped, somewhat clumsy cutout… I love it and we have so many candles we never do anything with so we have candlelight dinners until dinnertime is way after sunset!) and it’s such a lovely fish! it doesn’t need tricks. I will need to figure out what sauce suits the hake fish I normally buy. Or just buy good fish, rarely. It’s not like I often want fish to begin with… Trout isn’t even so much more expensive and better… But I imagine hake is quite nice if I can soak it in some tasty thing. Once we made fish curry with it and it was good, it’s far from carnivore though and it’s hard to get Alvaro’s usual main veg for the dish, it’s way too expensive and we could buy meat with that money… I try to influence him to mix meat and vegs in a more meaty way, it’s only successful when we eat stew as that is almost exclusively meat even according to his taste… Oh well, we don’t need to eat the same things. But it’s no good if he grabs the fish or our super rare ruminant meat and makes a dish I don’t want to eat :frowning: At least I don’t care about the fish, I do care about our beef and deer as it’s a lovely variety.

Info came out, this December was the 10th regarding the amount of precipitation since 1901. Almost double of the normal amount. So we DON’T want a rainy January (it can’t be snow as it’s too warm for that). Today was fine, Alvaro cooked over open fire (a plant-based dish as usual, stupid Ginger ate up a tiny spilled up portion… sometimes cats very seriously forget they are supposed to be carnivores. I understand meat mixed with plants but pure plants? even I don’t like that soup…). The cats felt pretty content sunbathing in their basket (only one cat fits so not all the same time… by the way, I saw 2 cats there as they are VERY stubborn and creative if they want something. but it is really only enough for one cat :smiley: maybe 1.5).


be ready for alot more changes maybe thru the years to come :slight_smile: zc surprised me every darn year LOL

-------------simple day. first meal, NY Strip steak. last nights steak was super tender and delish so hope this one is just as great today.
dinner, hmm, I have pork chops to cook but might put big chicken roaster in oven for family so might eat chicken too…eh, who cares on meal 2 :slight_smile: anything zc but first meal being a big ol’ honking steak will set me right for the day

(Alec) #40

This is what I am finding… tastes and body reactions evolve… each year there is something different. Maybe this happens on all types of diet but because we eat no carbs we are able to listen to what’s happening without any “white noise” going on?