Carnivore poop question



So after Sunday/Monday’s diarrhea, on Tuesday I had diarrhea twice that morning with none of my normal bowels. So far after that, no bowel movements yet


We don’t know if they weren’t dropping dead from cancer. But why assume they only “went” once a month? And that’s not the point.

You ask why I’m assuming the waste is toxic. It isn’t the point, either. I can’t prove it is and you can’t prove it isn’t. Most importantly yet: even if it wasn’t for some, you can’t prove it isn’t for the OP who has pain. That’s the point.

Even if the OP had signed up for a study to prove it isn’t toxic and to prove that it’s perfectly alright to have his symptoms (including the pain) and also only “go” once a month, or have diarrhea, the OP would have a full examination prior to the beginning of the study. I even think the OP wouldn’t be accepted as a research subject, because he’s an outlier.

Many times in the forums, we assume everything is going to be alright for everybody, if only we eat the “perfect diet”. That’s dogma, not science. Many also assume it is alright for everyone, because it is alright for them, or because there’s a YouTube video, or blog that says so. Somewhat, the idea a n=1 means the N would have exactly the same response has crept up in the (very-) low carb community. When even researchers with many subjects can’t make that kind of generalization.

We don’t eat the diet of our ancestors. We don’t have the same quality of meat. We don’t do the same amount of exercise, since we aren’t hunting for our food with the means they had at the time. We don’t breathe the same quality of air. We don’t eat raw meat for the most part, either, and they probably did for at least 2.5 million years. We aren’t as exposed to the elements. Most of us have also eaten all sorts of stuff before becoming carnivores.

So many differences!

Anyway, I won’t convince you and you won’t convince me. I just hope the OP will be perfectly alright 10, 20 years from now.

I’d check the condition of my insides. ASAP. And I’d keep an eye on the issue, should it persist after the first exams, because some things take long to develop.

For the record, I have no doubt a very low carb WOE is the way for me, personally. Because I’m convinced I should be controlling my blood sugar and because I think carbs should be kept to a minimum, anyway. I just refuse dogmas and I’m perfectly comfortable to accept that most of my questions have no easy answers and that what suits me may not suit every human being in the planet.

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About six weeks ago, I switched to very low carb (5-10g/day), and only go now about every 3-4 days and not very much at all. It’s somewhat alarming to me. I don’t feel bloated and otherwise very good.


3-4 days doesn’t sound bad to me, you feels right too…
If you went only once a day before, it’s about as big a change in frequency as in my case and the little amount is normal too. When I do only low-carb, it’s multiple times a day and big amounts. It’s about once a day and much less on carnivore. As far as I remember. I don’t know how to memorize these things, it’s just a function I don’t focus on as no need for that, my body automatically does it right (even if the result often has nothing to do with the Bristol chart. oh well, I never wanted to be normal and I apparently am quite fine).

I don’t have longer term experiences though, 2 weeks is my record on carnivore. But these changes happen very soon, not surprisingly.


You are right there, coming our way to zero carb :slight_smile: that is how I did it. Just dropped those darn plant carbs lower and lower and boom I became carnivore LOL

not alarming. normal but no issues so that is good along with it. meat is ‘used up so much’ by the body we have very little waste and your guts are healing more and this is all a natural course coming ‘our way into zc’ :slight_smile:

not saying you are gonna be carnivore! Just as you drop more and more plant carbs you change and so does the amt we need gone from our bodies.

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Thanks for your response. Very reassuming. The body is an amazing thing.

I am virtually no carb now. No plants whatsoever, and I believe the only carbs I am getting may be from cheese, although I try to stay away from that because I know it “may” have carbs (gouda, havarti). Also, someone said here I think, that processed meat (pork, steak, chicken wings), may have some either hidden carbs or bad oils. Not going to change where or what I purchase and eat meat-wise, so like to say I’m under “5g/day,” although maybe it’s less. I do love my husband’s keto pizza (!!!), although we use pizza sauce and bagged shredded cheddar and mozz. I’m staying away from that, too, because of what carbs may be in it and it is so delicious, I can def. overdo on it. Not drinking now, either, although I will on very rare occasions (2xmo. if that). Have lost weight but wish I would lose more and that it would come off faster. Maybe now that the weather is changing, I’ll get out and walk, although I have a social anxiety problem around walking around the neighborhood. :grimacing::roll_eyes:


No changes to my bowel movement activities yet. But what I’m super curious about is, tracking my calories: when I was on SAD, I was eating much less than I am on pure carnivore (in terms of caloric count), yet I was going almost every day. I’m eating more on carnivore yet it’s causing me to go less frequently, even though the volume/amount of stool is approximately the same when I go as it was when I was on SAD?

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You can digest more of the meat, and there is less residue. Therefore you don’t need to eliminate it as rapidly. Depending on what you were eating before, you probably had more residue.

Fat is fully metabolisable, and it contains twice as many calories as carbohydrate, so you only need half as much to get the same amount of energy. Your protein intake is probably twice on carnivore what it was on keto or high-carb, but still, very little of it is waste. You may be eating more calories than before, but it’s probably less bulky. And you’re not eating fibre on a carnivore diet, either, which greatly reduces bulk.

That probably accounts for what you are experiencing, I would guess.


think of it as ‘garbage carbs’ in and ‘garbage carb waste’ has to come out :slight_smile: protein in, used by your body almost fully, alot less gonna come out :slight_smile:

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You are speaking my language these days


remember, NO animal protein carbs count.
so that little ya get from eggs, liver, shrimp or even dairy mean nothing…but dairy in its whole truth means ALOT TO EACH of us zc people. We either do ok on dairy/cheese/whatever product or we suffer on it. Dairy while has animal protein carbs is a MANmade product and not ‘real carnivore’ in a way but darn if some of us can get away ok in our bodies with it we want it :slight_smile:

anything made by man for your dinner plate is suspect a bit. No one is out hunting cheese. No one is out hunting heavy cream. No one is out hunting salami or deli turkey or, or, or…so while some do well on this and we do eat it obvy, it is key you know you and how big fresh meat/seafood/fowl or fish does for you :slight_smile:

So this is a ‘to thine own self be truth’ issue in that if dairy is good and ok in your life and ‘doesn’t bother you in any way’ it is ok to condiment it in your meals…if you know you got dairy issues, then face them :slight_smile

Don’t force that weight issue ever. Carnivore is not about that and you must put full faith in ‘healing the internal body’ WILL give you the body you need in future to shed lbs easily. Yea, hard thoughts to hold onto when we want it gone fast! I know but you hold strong. ZC delivers benefits if you hold on and eat well. Don’t tweak/change/limit/guess what you need, if your body says eat you do just that. You don’t want it you do just that and let the body truly drag ya by the nose into what it needs for healing!


So then technically, should we not be cooking our meat either and just consuming them raw, ideally? But it’s not realistic to be able to today due to bacteria and stuff or what?

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Didn’t know that - thank you!

Loved your last paragraph. Very helpful. :blush:

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Just popped into the carnivore group for a little look see, and this is the first thing I saw. Nice common sense info, thanks! :grinning:

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How are your, eh… digestive waste products moving along at this point?


no changes since. still about the same

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Did you end up having the pain and discomfort investigated? Or has that part settled down?


i went to a GI specialist and he said it was most likely an issue with my nervous system so i went to a neurologist and he said the types of pain i’m experiencing are almost impossible to identify with our current advancement in medicine so my only option is really to just deal with it until it becomes something more serious then they can treat it when they can identify what the issue and it becomes more obvious

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That sounds really ■■■■ :disappointed: I hope it gets better


ahh darn I hate any darn non-definitive diagnosis like that…ugh.

keep letting the guts heal of course. Carnivore can surely help on that.

but darn D! what a bunch of BS for ya and all…sorry you are going thru that but the Dr. said it is possibly your nervous system?? wow. Feel for you and sending all the healing vibes I can at you!!