Carnivore poop question


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@daigo1 Not sure where the right lumbar abdominal region would be…? I don’t know your age. Have you ever had a colonoscopy? The reason I ask… I have diverticulitis. When I have a flair up, it is a very severe and location specific sharp pain. There are 2 diff antibiotics that can clear it up pretty quickly. Anyway… a colonoscopy was able to confirm the diverticulitis. And after keto, I was able to identify what foods were NO-NOs. For me, specific veggies and nuts. Two of my fave things. But happy to give them up to get rid of the pain.
So… if your pain is very localized and in your abdomen, I would think about diverticulitis.
Like I said… this may not be your issue. But I think when doctors know our keto or carnivore diets, it can influence their assessment.


I am 28. Never had a colonoscopy before, but the doctor did not suggest it after my ultrasound and CT scan since both of those tests did not show anything abnormal. I only eat just pure beef and nothing else and water so there is nothing more to eliminate from my diet unfortunately. But I don’t think I ever mentioned my diet to the doctor. When I complained about the pain, he immediately ordered the testing the same day just to rule anything out and then wanted to talk about my diet if it might be the cause, but the tests didn’t show anything so diet never came up in our discussions and how he made the conclusion that it’s most likely my nervous system and nothing to do with my digestive organs

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I read or heard something once about the gallbladder. When we eat low fat, the gallbladder doesn’t get used as much and the bile that is stored in it can get sludgey. When we become keto and probably carnivore, too; we put our gallbladders to use. All the sludge that built up from lack of use needs to get cleared out causing discomfort or pain in our gallbladders.

Do you have any nausea when you have the pain?

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Ah, well I’m glad. But also know you must be terribly frustrated with no answers. Keep us up to date of you have news.


Sometimes, but not very often. At least not often enough to associate it with the pain, anyway. But sonograms/CT scans would reveal any sort of gallbladder residue, and mine was completely clean of any build-up of sludge or stones.

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That’s when I started Keto (the doctors couldn’t figure out my gut pain). All the pain resolved in 3 months. KCKO.


If I remember right? I think you mentioned some injuries from your sporting competitions back in the day. It truly might be a back/nerve type issue and I would also think that would be one of the hardest things to nail down in a way. Any of those nerves are pinched or ?? or out of whack all kind of crazy can surely happen to us. Sometimes it does take a person alot longer to hit that exact diagnosis and get some issues handled.

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I hope I’m not repeating what someone else has already said, but do you get enough electrolytes, particularly in your case, Magnesium? I’ve heard many times that a huge percentage of people are Magnesium deficient. I now take 500 mg of it, in Citrate form. I started with just 100 mg though to be careful not to get the “runs”. I am not carnivore, just Keto, but I have plenty of meats, every day.